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Forty days of mourning

by Ibtisam Brarakat

The Arab World in Children's Books: Finding Palestine

by Elsa Marston

A Chat with Ibtisam Barakat

by Elsa Marston with Ibtisam Barakat

Children of Palestine Tell their Stories

by Jehan Helou

Face to Face: Self and other in Israeli children's literature

by Celina Maschiach

Charles Perraults' "Le Petit Poucet" and its possible Arabic Influences

by Ahmed K. Al-Rawi

Fantasy as Philosophy in Children's Literature: The Multicultural Landscape of The Clockwork Forest

By Kate McNally

Memories of Meeting Worlds or Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind

The 2009 Dorothy Briley Lecture given by Carmen Diana Dearden

Profile of Ted van Lieshout

by Toin Duijx

Focus IBBY

·  International Children's Book Day 2010

·  IBBY-Yamada Fund 2010

·  IBBY: How it all began. Part 1 of a series of the history of IBBY

·  In memoriam: Sergei Mikhalkov, 1913-2009

·  32nd IBBY Congress, Santiago de Compostela 8-12 September 2010

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Poem: Palestine by Ibtisam Barakat