Bookbird contents 1 / 2011

Bookbird contents 1 / 2011


South Africa in Dutch children's literature,

1899-1901; The U-Huhu stories of Nynke van Hichtum

by Helma van Lierop-Debrauwer

Breaking new ground with Reviva Schermbrucker: South African writer and illustrator

by Ruth Stone and Barbara A. Lehman

The proof is in the puddin': The German translation

of Norman Lindsay's The Magic Pudding

by Leah Gerber

Childhood in a multicultural society? Globalization, childhood, and cultural diversity in Norwegian children's literature

by Åse Marie Ommundsen

The world as presented to U.S. children: Building bridges or confiming expectations?

by Christina M. Desai

Identifying key components of successful school libraries 

by Wayne Mills

Where kids come first: “Gurigura” Project puts life into libraries

by Momo Yuriko

Books on Books

Compiled and edited by Christiane Raabe

Focus IBBY:

  • International Children's Book Day 2011
  • IBBY Congress 2010 in Santiago de Compostela
  • Executive Committee 20120-2012

Poem: All Our Children / Vsi Nasi Otroccci

by Tone Pavček