Bookbird contents 1 / 2012

Bookbird contents 1 / 2012


Featured Articles

Surviving the Storm: Trauma and Recovery in Children's Books about Natural Disaters

by Paula T. Connolly

Pathways' End: The Space of Trauma in Patrick Ness's Chaos Walking

by Adrienne Kertzer

Hearing the Voices of “Comfort Women”: Comforting Historical Trauma in Korean Children's Literature

by Yoo Kyung Sung

Representations of Trauma and Recovery in Contemporary North American and Australian Teen Fiction

by Kate Norbury

Resistant Rituals: Self-Mutilation and the Female Adolescent Body in Fairy Tales and Young Adult Fiction

by Cheryl Cowdy

Death Row Everyman: Stanislas Gros's Image-Based Interpretations of Victor Hugo's The Last Day of a Condemed Man

by Amelia Fedo

Children and Their Books

Journal Writing about Literature: A Journey towards Selfhood

by Meg Fargher

Cheering Ourselves Up through Children's Books:  Bookbird Helps Quake-hit North Japan

by Kimiko Matsui

Reviews on Secondary Literature


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