Bookbird contents 4 / 2011

Bookbird contents 4 / 2011


The accidental graphic novelist

by Shaun Tan

The artist as narrator: Shaun Tan's wonderous worlds

by Linnet Hunter

Not all that's modern is post: Shaun Tan's grand narrative

by Lien Devos

Striving to survive: Comic strips in Iran

by Sahar Tarhandeh

The graphic novel in India: East transforms West

by Dipavali Debroy

Educational graphic novels: Korean children's favorite now

by Yeo-Joo Lim

Raymond Briggs: Controversially blurring boundries

by Janet Evans

Dave McKean's art: Transcending limitations of the graphic novel genre

by Petros Panaou and frixos Michaelides

Picture books as graphic novels and vice versa: The Australian experience

by John Foster

Robot Dreams and the language of sound effects

by Colleen AF Venable

Books on Books

Compiled and edited by Christiane Raabe

Focus IBBY

  • Hans Christian Andersen Illustrator Acceptance Speech by Jutta Bauer
  • IBBY World Congress London, 2012
  • ALMA, the hand of Astrid Lindgren
  • Early Childhood reader: Preparing for tomorrow


Poem: Imagination - An Infringement of health and Safety Regulations

by Andrew Fusek Peters