Travelling exhibitions are available from IBBY. They are collections of books, usually with an annotated catalogue. The collection can be borrowed for a fixed fee of CHF 100.00 per location. Five copies of the appropriate catalogue are included in the fixed fee. The prices for bulk copies of the catalogues is available on request. The shipping of the books to and from the IBBY Secretariat has to be paid for by the exhibitor.


Exhibitions available at present:


IBBY Honour List

The exhibition comprises the complete collection of the most recent selection: approximately 150 titles. Every two years a new selection of outstanding titles is made by the National Sections and is first shown during the IBBY Congress. Subsequently the collection is shown at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the Basel Book Fair and travels throughout Japan. In recent years other locations have regularly included the Moscow International Book Fair, the Tehran Book Fair, the USBBY Regional Conferences, and at events in Switzerland, Ireland, Britain, Philippines and Germany.


Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities.

This regular selection of titles that are suitable for young people with disabilities is a smaller collection than the Honour List: approximately 40 titles per selection. Each selection is first shown at the IBBY stand at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair and then is available as a travelling exhibition. In recent years the collections have been shown in Japan, Iran, Germany and India.


Please contact the IBBY Secretariat for more details and the availability of the exhibitions.


HCA and HL 2006 Exhibition in Japan at the ILCL

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