Bookbird contents 3 / 2007


Exclusions and Inclusions. Multiculturalism in Contemporary Taiwanese and Australian Picturebooks, by Clare Bradford y Hui-Ling Huang

A Time of Changes. Dutch Children’s Literature after 1945, by Helma van Lierop-Debrauwer

A Voice from the Margins. Homeric Myth in Two Contemporary Greek Comics, by Ioanna Kaliakatsou

‘Surreal’ Picturebooks. Binette Schroeder and Anthony Browne, by Evelyn Arizpe

Children’s Literature Studies Around the World. 10: Where Children Meet Books: International Library of Children’s Literature, Tokyo, by Takao Murayama

Children’s Literature Awards Around the World. 8: The Ena Noel Award for Encouragement (Australia), by John Foster

Postcards from around the World,

compiled by Glenna Sloan

Books on Books

Edited and compliled by Barbara Scharioth, translated by Nikola von Merveldt

Focus IBBY

Edited and compiled by Elizabeth Page

Cover illustration: from Guji Guji by Chih-Yuan Chen.