IBBY Collection of Books for Young People with Disabilities

Many young people with disabilities cannot read or enjoy a regular book, or they cannot find a suitable book among the many publications available. Therefore they need specially produced books or selected regular books of literary and artistic quality that meet their special needs regarding design, language, plot structure and pictures. 

IBBY Collection

The IBBY Collection located at the Toronto Public Library features a large international selection of books for and about young people with disabilities. The books are chosen by the IBBY National Sections, as well as by independent experts and publishers.

Highlights of the Collection include:

  • books in over 40 languages
  • special formats such as Blissymbolics, PCS, Braille, sign language, tactile and textile books
  • fiction books that portray children and teens with disabilities as characters in stories and novels
  •  books for adults with developmental delays, language disabilities or reading difficulties

The Collection offers:

  • a variety of books for hands-on experiences in the library
  • research opportunities in the development and evolution of children’s and young adult's literature in this specialized field
  • inspiring examples of book design and construction in unique formats
  • ideas and booklists for teachers, parents, caregivers and librarians
  • outstanding books in the field for authors and illustrators to study

Online access to the IBBY Collection can be made through www.torontopubliclibrary.ca  and is searchable by title, author, subject, format, keyword and language.

The North York Branch of the Toronto Public Library, where the IBBY Collection is hosted, has been undergoing extensive renovations.  These renovations are now completed and the library is fully functioning again. Well-known Canadian comedian, TV presenter and writer Rick Mercer, spent a day at the library to find out what is going on. Our own Leigh Turina the children’s librarian and project leader for the IBBY Collection features in this small clip: A Day in the Life at TPL with Rick Mercer 

IBBY Selection: Outstanding Books

Every two years the IBBY National Sections nominate books for young people with disabilities to be added to the Collection. A selection of Outstanding Books (approximately 50) is then made and this selection is summarized in a catalogue. Print copies of the annotated catalogues, past and present, can be ordered from the IBBY Secretariat. The catalogue of Outstanding Books for Young People With Disabilities 2019 is available online (PDF 1.9MB). Earlier catalogues can be found in the Archives and online at the IBBY Archives at ALO.



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