IBBY-Yamada Fund

The Child’s Right to Become a Reader

In 2005, IBBY launched a campaign to draw attention to the right of every child to become a reader. With the generous funding of the Yamada Bee Farm, that had funded several IBBY projects in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami, the IBBY-Yamada Fund was established to provide funds for IBBY projects that help develop a book culture for children in all regions of the world. 

Each year projects are developed by IBBY Members and presented to the Executive Committee. Funding is available for ten to eleven projects of about USD 5,000 per project. Most projects have matching funding from other sources. The projects selected thus far have included reading promotion programs, establishing libraries in schools and community centres, training teachers and parents in maintaining libraries and storytelling as well as workshops for writers, illustrators and editors of children's books.

IBBY-Yamada Fund Projects by Type

IBBY-Yamada Fund Projects 2021

IBBY-Yamada Fund 2021

IBBY Argentina: Los Favoritos de los Lectores - workshops on using books in schools.

IBBY Armenia: Our big corner of the world - workshops for young adults in 5 regions of Armenia.

IBBY Cameroon: Imagine my book, my universe - the challenge of developing a children’s book culture in Cameroon.

IBBY Dominican Republic: Development of a children’s library in the rural community of Hatillo.

IBBY Ecuador: I love to Read: - library extension in indigenous communities in Tungurahua.

IBBY Ghana: Capacity building in basic library management and reading promotion skills for primary school teachers.

IBBY Italy: Mamma Lingua - introductory workshop on how to use books in many languages to foster a culture of mutual comprehension in families with preschoolers.

IBBY Nepal: Stories for children after Covid-19 for the new normal - collection of children’s experiences for picture books and books for parents.

IBBY Sri Lanka: Let’s make books and reading fun! - series of workshops on illustrating, storytelling techniques, bibliotherapy and mentoring.

IBBY UkraineGreen wave of eco-reading - events and workshops to promote environmental reading for everyone with no limits.

IBBY Zimbabwe: Stories to mitigate the Covid-19 social distancing requirements, recorded on CDs and circulated to schools for children and young people.

IBBY-Yamada Fund Projects 2020

IBBY-Yamada Fund 2020

IBBY Argentina: Books for children at hospital - The world is health: stories and tales in hospital

IBBY Armenia: Reading promotion in rural regions of Armenia.

IBBY Bolivia: Creating a children's library in a remote village - The challenge of reading where there are no books

IBBY Costa Rica: Promoting gender equality through books - Los libros violetas

IBBY El Salvador: Habits of reading and communicating - Leer es Maravillosa

IBBY Indonesia: Trauma healing for children affected by flooding and earthquakes in Indonesia

IBBY Lebanon: Reading promotion for children with special needs.

IBBY Nepal: Developing wordless picture books for Nepalese children.

IBBY Peru: Storytelling and workshops for children by the sea - Vengan los niños y niñas a pescar historias en el mar de Chorillos - Children come and fish up stories at the sea in Chorillos

IBBY South Africa: Creating new African children’s books - Pan-African Book Dash 

IBBY Sri Lanka​​​​​​​: Activities and training to revive the art of storytelling in pre-schools 

IBBY-Yamada Fund Projects 2019

Information about the IBBY-Yamada projects from 2006 to 2018 can be found in the Archives.