IBBY-Yamada 2020: Peru

IBBY Peru: Storytelling and workshops for children by the sea – Vengan los niños y niñas a pescar historias en el mar de Chorillos – Children, come and fish up stories at the sea in Chorrillos

Chorrillos is a district in the Lima region that is directly on the coast and the beaches and fisherman are an essential part of its history. This project seeks to emphasise this setting while introducing pre-school children to stories and encouraging them to tell their own stories. Workshops and visits to the fishing villages and the local wildlife swamp were planned. However, because of the pandemic, the children are not physically attending school this year and the classes are taking place virtually. For this reason, the two workshops could not take place. Instead, a documentary film was be made of the fishing villages and wildlife swamp. In this way, the children can discover and learn about the beauty and richness of the sea and its surroundings, the flora and fauna, and the many activities that take place along their coast.

To read about the project (in Spanish) including links to videos, go to: Vengan los niños y niñas a pescar historias en el mar de Chorrillos, Informe No.1