IBBY-Yamada 2020: Sri Lanka

IBBY Sri Lanka – Activities and training to revive the art of storytelling in pre-schools

Kathandara Kadalla – Story Nest is a project to promote storytelling and reading in pre-schools in Sri Lanka. The state education system in Sri Lanka has no provision for storybooks and book-related activities. However, in order to create a reading culture, children have to be interested in books at a young age. The project seeks to promote storytelling and book-related activities in 5 pre-schools in each of the 9 provinces of Sri Lanka during 2020 under the lead of the NGO, Room to Read. The training will be in the form of workshops for approximately 80 pre-school teachers in reading aloud, storytelling with animation and conducting story-related activities. The team also hopes to reach approximately 1,000 parents/guardians of pre-school students on the importance of storytelling and reading, both at pre-school and at home and they will be given guidance to acquire a small collection of books for use at home. The first trainings were held in January.