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Ik Ken Jou, Jij Kent Mij<br>Knowing You, Knowing Me<br>Ek ken Jou, Jy Ken My<br>Yazi Mna, Ndazi Wena

Illustrated by Vian Oelofsen, Claudia Verheist, Gerd Stoop. Photographs: Fabienne Debontridder, Sue Kramer. Belgium: Bakermat, 2005. 192 p. ISBN 90 5461 389 0.
Ages 10 and up.

A multilingual book for children. The back cover states: “This is no ordinary book. It is filled with stories and information about Belgium and South Africa, interwoven among the real life concerns of a group of children from Brussels and Cape Town. South African and Belgian writers and illustrators have worked together with the children to produce this extraordinary multilingual and intercultural text.” The book lives up to its intention. It is a “dip in” book of stories and pictures, information and fun – all with multilingual texts. All the stories and pictures and facts come from six children (in the two countries) with extra comments from a roaming ostrich! Despite the plentiful use of colour and varied layout, it would require a fairly intelligent reader at the upper primary range to reap full value from the clever contents.
This book is an example of co-operation between educational foundations in different countries, working for the joint benefit of young readers.

This book grew out of a collaboration between the Regional Integration Centre Foyer Brussels (Belgium), the University of Antwerp and the Project for the Study of Alternative Education in South Africa, University of Cape Town (PRAESA).