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Rakotoanosy, Marie Michèle

Maria, Vakansy any Alaotra

Maria, Holidays in Alaotra

Antananarivo: Editions Jeunes Malgaches. 8 p. Ages 6 and up.

The story is told in a simple but efficient style. It is about Maria going back to her parents’ home during school holidays. Her parents live near Lake Alaotra, which is a rice producing region. While she is there with her sisters, Maria plays and is very happy; the surroundings are beautiful and she has many friends. Finally it is time to go back to school in Antananarivo, but she knows she will come back soon.

This is the first of three books about Maria, written in Malgache and taking place in Madagascar. Besides telling the story of Maria’s holidays, the books also depict Antananarivo and Alaotra, using realistic images. It is a good book for beginning readers.

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