2021 ICBD - United States

The music of words


When we read, our minds grow wings.

When we write, our fingers sing.


Words are drumbeats and flutes on the page,

soaring songbirds and trumpeting elephants,

rivers that flow, waterfalls tumbling,

butterflies that twirl

high in the sky!


Words invite us to dance---rhythms, rhymes, heartbeats,

hoofbeats, and wingbeats, old tales and new ones,

fantasies and true ones.


Whether you are cozy at home

or racing across borders toward a new land

and a strange language, stories and poems

belong to you.


When we share words, our voices

become the music of the future,

peace, joy and friendship,

a melody

of hope.


Written by Margarita Engle

Poster illustrated by Roger Mello 

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