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Immaculate, Uwimana, reteller


Mythical Birds

Illustrated by Masengo Jean Yves. Kigali, Rwanda: Editions Bakame, 2004. 28 p. Ages 3-8.

In this tale mischievous little birds challenge grownups, and only children are able to solve the mystery. It is the story of a king who has a big millet field, but many strange looking and unknown small birds appear and start to eat the millet. Three times the king sends servants to ask the birds their names and number in order to put a curse on them. However, the servants forget what the birds have told them. To solve this mystery, the queen advises the king to send children, because they are reputed to have better memories. The four children who are entrusted with this task devise a way to remember what the birds tell them, and are thus able to deliver the message. The king curses the birds, who leave his field, and the remaining millet is harvested. The king is very happy, and he rewards the children with a beautiful calf each.

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