Iranian Section of IBBY

Children's Book Council of Iran

P.O. Box 13145-133


Tel. [int. +98] 21 6640 8074

Fax [int. +98] 21 6641 5878

E-mail: cbcirangmail.LÖ


Secretary General

Ms Noushin Ansari

Tel. [int. +98] 21 8801 2094

E-mail: noushinansari1839yahoo.LÖ

(address of the section)


Liaison Officer and Bookbird Correspondent

Ms Sahar Tarhandeh

Tel [int. +98] 91 9950 3067

E-mail: sahar.tarhandehgmail.LÖ


The Children’s Book Council/CBC (Iranian National Section of the International Board on Books for Young People/IBBY) was established as a not-for-profit organization in 1962.  CBC’s main focus is on children’s literature. It has more than 700 members who serve on a voluntary basis. All activities are carried out under the supervision of the Executive Committee elected by the General Assembly every two years. The Secretary General and the Secretariat coordinate all the ongoing work.

The objectives of CBC are as follows:

  • To support the growth and development of indigenous quality literature
  • To promote fiction, nonfiction and quality translation
  • To create the infrastructure for the compilation of the Encyclopedia for Young People (EYP)
  • To find ways of better distribution of books and other media
  • To encourage creators and publishers to produce quality works
  • To enhance knowledge about Children’s literature
  • To advise professionals, students, young readers, teachers, parents and librarians
  • To extend relations both at the national and international level
  • To collect resources and to extend library services

CBC owns its premises; it is funded by membership dues, donations and EYP royalties and projects.

CBC is made up of three main sections: Children and Young People’s Literature, Encyclopedia for Young People and House of Librarians and the Promotion of Reading.

Children and Young People’s Literature

The Administrative and Planning Council, created in 2009, coordinates the work of the following eight committees: evaluation, research and criticism, research library, training and promotion, awards and recognitions, games and toys, library services for children with special needs, international relations and publications and website.        

The Encyclopedia for Children and Young People

EYP is a unique reference book compiled for children between the ages of 10 and 16 The project started in 1979 and the first volume was published in 1992 It is projected that EYP will be completed in 25 volumes; to date 14 volumes have been published. More than 250 scholars and researchers in 31 specialized groups contribute to this monumental work on a voluntary basis. An Important feature of EYP is its focus on the geography, history and culture of Iran. The interesting entries and beautiful language are enhanced by a large number of pictures, maps and charts turning EYP into a family reference book.

House of Librarians and the Promotion of Reading 

The third and youngest section of CBC was founded in 2004, donated by a benevolent family. HLPR runs three libraries for children, young people and families. Located in the central part of Tehran, the main activities of this community-based public library include the following:

  • Provision of library services to its three collections
  • Carrying out a wide range of reading promotion programs
  • Working with school libraries
  • Doing workshops in children’s librarianship
  • Organizing a nationwide outreach program
  • Provision of recommended books, CDs and toys