Swiss Section of IBBY

c/o Schweizerisches Institut für

Kinder- und Jugendmedien SIKJM

Georgengasse 6

8006 Zürich

Tel. [int. +41] 43 268 39 00

Fax [int. +41] 43 268 39 09

E-mail: infosikjm.LÖSCHEN.ch


Facebook: @sikjm


Liaison Officer

Ms Anita Müller

E-mail: anita.muellersikjm.LÖSCHEN.ch

(address of the section in Zürich)

French-Swiss Branch of IBBY

Institut suisse Jeunesse et Médias –

Bureau romand

Rue Saint-Etienne 4

1005 Lausanne 4

Tel./Fax [int. +41] 21 311 52 20

E-mail: infoisjm.LÖSCHEN.ch


Liaison Officer

Ms Loreto Nuñez

E-mail: loreto.nunezisjm.LÖSCHEN.ch

(address of the section in Lausanne)

Italian-Swiss Branch of IBBY

Instituto svizzero Media e Ragazzi

Piazza R. Simen 7

6500 Bellinzona

Tel [int. +4191] 225 62 22

E-mail: infoismr.LÖSCHEN.ch



Liaison Officer

Ms Fosca Garattini

E-mail fosca.garattiniismr.LÖSCHEN.ch


Bookbird Correspondent

Ms Elisabeth Eggenberger

E-mail: elisabeth.eggenbergersikjm.LÖSCHEN.ch

(address of the section in Zurich)


The Swiss Institute for Child and Youth Media

The main activities of the Swiss Institute for Children’s and Youth Media SIKJM are research and documentation in the field of children’s and youth media and reading promotion. SIKJM was established in January 2002, created through the merger of the Schweizerisches Jugendbuch-Institut (SJI, established in 1968) and the Schweizerischer Bund für Jugendliteratur (SBJ, established in 1954).

The Johanna Spyri Foundation is the body responsible for SIKJM, and the Johanna Spyri Archive is incorporated into the Johanna Spyri Foundation. Headquartered in Zürich, SIKJM also has branches in the French-speaking and Italian-speaking regions of Switzerland. It is supported by grants from the Swiss Federal Office of Culture.

Reading Promotion

SIKJM develops projects for promoting reading and implements them throughout Switzerland with the help of cantonal and regional organisations. At the moment, reading promotion focuses especially on preschool projects.


SIKJM’s research projects are concerned with historical research including the life and works of Johanna Spyri, and, among other things, new media, fantasy literature and the first steps taken by young children in the reading process. The results of research projects and conferences are published as reports.


SIKJM has a library containing approximately 45,000 items, including the international children’s book collections of Elisabeth Waldmann and Bettina Hürlimann. It is the only institution in Switzerland that collects and catalogues children’s literature. It has a special focus on Swiss children’s literature, but it also collects and catalogues books from neighbouring countries such as Germany and Austria, and the works of international authors and illustrators which are nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen award.  


The range of services provided includes consultations, book and media recommendations, seminars as well as basic and advanced training courses for teachers, librarians and anyone else with a general interest in educational, teaching and cultural matters.


Specialist magazines written in an engaging journalistic style in French, German and Italian present background reports and the latest developments in the field of child and youth literature. The results of research projects and seminars are published as reports. Catalogues documenting our exhibitions are also available.

Cultural activities

The Swiss Institute for Child and Youth Media organises exhibitions on outstanding personalities in the field of child and youth literature together with their work as well as on historical, current and artistic trends. The Institute also helps national and international committees to find specialists for their juries and awards prizes, such as the Swiss Child and Youth Media Prize.

The Swiss Institute for Children’s and Youth Media (SIKJM) works with cantonal and regional organisations in Switzerland. It is an Associate Institute of the University of Zürich and the Swiss section of IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People). It cooperates with similar institutions in other European countries.