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Dear colleagues from the European sections of IBBY,

We are launching a new column in our Newsletter: "3 questions to...". In each issue of this Newsletter we will address 3 questions to a member of a European IBBY section to get to know that person and the activities of his or her National Section. In this issue, we invite you to meet Eva Devos from IBBY Belgium - Flanders section! Do you have a name to suggest for the next issue? Send us a mail!

Our European Facebook group has been active since April 2011. In this Newsletter, you will find a step-by-step guide :
IBBY Europe on Facebook: how to use it
. So please join us!

Are you still wondering whether or not to attend the IBBY Congress in August 2012? In this issue we are giving you
5 compelling reasons to attend the IBBY Congress in London 2012

Many thanks to all our contributors who sent information about the events in their National Section! And special thanks to David Pintor who has designed yet another fine header for this issue, as well as the avatar for our Facebook group.

Please don't hesitate to send us your comments and requests - we eagerly await your input! Please send your e.mails to the following addresses: wally.de.doncker@telenet.be and hasmig.chahinian@bnf.fr

All the best!

Wally De Doncker and Hasmig Chahinian

Greetings from Antwerp!

In September the Flanders Section of IBBY Belgium hosted the EC September meeting and associated meetings of IBBY International in Antwerp.

  1. Thursday, 8 September: Meeting of the Projects Subcommittee in the Central Public Library of Antwerp, Permeke. Meeting of the Bookbird Inc Board, Stichting Lezen (Flemish Reading Foundation) offices. This is the home of IBBY Flanders
  2. Friday, 9 September and Saturday, 10 September: EC meeting at Elzenveld. The Elzenveld is a medieval hospital/monastery.
  3. Sunday, 11 September: IBBY-Asahi 2012 Jury meeting. Stichting Lezen offices.

Social events and dinners took place in the evenings. Everything was perfectly organized, making it a pleasure to work!
A very heartfelt "thank you" to IBBY Flanders - especially to Eva Devos!

The IBBY EC in Antwerp (Belgium), at the Elzenveld Hotel.
September 9, 2011
© Wally De Doncker

IBBY International was invited to the City Hall by the City Council of Antwerp (Belgium). September 9, 2011 © Wally De Doncker

3 questions to... Eva Devos

© P. Ceulemans
In this new column we will address 3 questions to a member of a European Section of IBBY. In this issue, meet Eva Devos, from IBBY Belgium - Flanders section!

Do you have a name to suggest for the next issue? Send us a mail!
1. The Stichting Lezen (Flemish Reading Foundation) has a series of campaigns to promote reading. Which one is your favourite? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Picking one of my favourites is not that easy… I quite like one of our newest reading campaigns, called The Challenge ('De Weddenschap'). To people that either have reading difficulties, or simply prefer other interests and hobbies to reading, reading a book can seem quite a challenge. And that is exactly the idea that this reader-centred reading programme is based on. We challenge young people of 15 years and older in vocational and technical colleges to read 3 books within 6 months and share their reading experience on the special website (www.deweddenschap.be). We support them in finding a book that suits them best, and then stimulate them to fulfill the challenge via incentives and prizes. And – maybe the most important element – by making use of celebrity patrons such as TV-soap actors and sports personnalities who read along with the participants of The Challenge to keep the participants motivated. It's a success: more than 6,000 reluctant readers have participated in The Challenge during the first and second editions. We were happy to work with the Reading Agency (UK) on this programme: their Six Book Challenge (operating since 2008) formed the basis for 'our' Challenge (initiated in 2009). And the good news is that we've shared our experiences with the Reading Foundation in the Netherlands as well - as a result they launched their first edition of The Challenge this month!
www.readingagency.org.uk / www.sixbookchallenge.org.uk
www.lezen.nl / www.deweddenschap.nl
www.stichtinglezen.be / www.deweddenschap.be
Majo de Saedeleer. © Koen Broos.

2. The King Boudewijn Foundation instituted the Prijs Filson Steers Mariman, or the Prize for Education in Flanders this year. Can you tell us what it is all about? Who was it presented to?

The Prijs Filson Steers Mariman, or the Prize for Education in Flanders is worth 60.000 euros and is awarded to a person from the Flemish community with special focus on the education of children and young adults. The Prize is given to someone who has dedicated his/her personal and/or professional life to education. The first laureate of this Prize is Majo de Saedeleer, director of Stichting Lezen (the Reading Association). She was one of the founding members of the National Centre for Children's Literature in Flanders and, according to the jury, she has been pivotal in the way the landscape of Flemish children's literature has developed. Her search for qualitative children's literature, her love for literature and illustration, and her nonstop emphasis on the importance of reading in a child's life make her a very worthy laureate. Majo de Saedeleer (°1949) has also worked as an editor for a widely-read children's magazine, in a children's theatre company, for Flemish television and for several literary organizations. At the moment, she is also president of the Flemish branch of IBBY-Belgium.

3. What is your favourite spot in Antwerp, the one you would recommend all our readers to go to?

Belgians are said to live a Bourgondian life. I must be a real Belgian then. Whether at home or in the city, I enjoy being in the company of friends, with plenty of good food, and a nice drink to go along with it. So, for someone like me, the ideal Saturday afternoon goes like this: first, a raid on some book stores: Fnac, In den Olifant, 't Stad Leest; then it's time for a coffee, or a fancy homemade lemonade in my current favourite coffee bar Lojola (Hendrik Conscienceplein 14, Antwerp). This tiny bar is located in the very centre of the city, right behind the corner of the beautiful baroque church Carolus Borromeus. Owner Joline is a young woman who bakes her delicious cakes, cheesecakes and pies herself. I usually try to convince my friends to each choose a different cake or pie – so that I can have a little taste of everything. We talk, read our newest purchases, or just sit back and do some people watching. And when we've finally tasted every divine type of pastry Joline has to offer, we go home – often after a little walk along the river quay, to ease our stomachs. Next time you're in Antwerp, do go to Lojola. And invite me!

© P. Baert

Echoes from the European sections
From Portugal...

IBBY welcomes IBBY Portugal!

The Portuguese National Section shares the vision and philosophy of IBBY: bringing children and high quality books together. The members of the section organize, either individually or collectively, events that promote that mission.

A number of events take place in Portugal, annually or biennially: The Gulbenkian Meeting on Children’s Books, Ilustrarte – Biennial International Exhibition on Children’s Books Illustration, Palavras Andarilhas Festival (storytelling festival), etc.

The members of the section are writers, illustrators, researchers, publishers, librarians, journalists, curators, book sellers, etc.

IBBY Meeting, 15 04 2011.
A view of the assembly. ©

IBBY Meeting, 15 04 2011.
José da Ponte, Marilar Aleixandre, Liz Page, Wally De Doncker, Antonio Torrado. © SPAUTORES, Lisbon

From Turkey...

National Symposium on Turkish Children's and Young Adult Literature

Ankara University's Centre for Children's & Young Adult Literature organized a National Symposium on October 5-7, 2011. The Symposium brought together authors, illustrators, academics, publishers and students of children's literature from various parts of Turkey. A great number of parents were also among the audience on the University's campus. Many members of IBBY Turkey contributed to this Symposium by presenting papers and acting as moderators of sessions and/or workshops. The well-known and very popular children's book author Muzaffer Izgu was the Guest of Honour. 178 papers were presented, 55 workshops were realized and many authors had book-signing sessions. In summing up, Professor Sedat Sever, the Manager of the Centre for Children's & Y.A. Literature, who organized the Symposium, said that the past and present conditions of children's literature in Turkey had been analyzed, experiences shared, problems identified and solutions proposed within the framework of today's scientific developments.

IBBY Turkey chooses the best books of 2010

IBBY Turkey selected the best children's and Young Adult books published in 2010 in three categories: best picture book, best novel and the best book design. Five jury members were appointed from among academics for evaluating each category of authors, illustrators and graphic designers. The books for the "Best Book of 2010" were nominated by publishers.

The winning books are as follows:
- The Best Young Adult Novel: Parktaki Gergedanlar [The rhinos in the park] by Mehmet Atilla, published by İş Kultur. A Special Mention was given to Yalancı Şahit [False witness] by Müge İplikçi, published by Günışığı Kitaplığı.

- The Best Book Design: İzmir'de Üç Çocuktuk [We were three kids in Izmir] by Hacer Kılcıoğlu, designed by Huban Korman, published by Günışığı Kitaplığı.

- The Best Picture Book jury could not find any suitable title from amongst the nominated books worthy of the award, but they decided to give a Jury Award to Hayvanları Çoook Seviyorum! [I love animals verrry much!] by Tülin Kozikoğlu, illustrated by Banu Taylan, published by İletişim.

The award ceremony for the "Best Book of the Year 2010" will be held during the annual Istanbul Book Fair in November 2011.

The 2011 Istanbul Book Fair

This year's Istanbul Book Fair will be held from 12-20 November. Among the many activities planned by IBBY Turkey during the 2011 book fair, is the visit of the French author Oscar Brenifier. Oscar Brenifier is known in Turkey, as in many other countries, for his books on philosophy for children. A set of his books were translated into Turkish under the general title "The Child Philosopher" and published by Tudem Publications. On a previous visit to Turkey Brenifier organized workshops for Turkish students in various schools and also shared ideas with the teachers of those schools on how to teach effectively. He believes that with philosophy we all can lead a better life and think in a more logical way. His aim is to bring philosophy into everyone's lives instead of considering it only as a part of the school curriculum.

From Germany...

Translator's Workshop Kein Kinderspiel! – No Child's Play!
28th August to 2nd September 2011 in Hamburg

This summer the Arbeitskreis für Jugendliteratur (IBBY Germany) with financial sponsor the Robert Bosch Foundation, organized a second workshop focusing on translation of literature for young readers and the role of the translator. Regina Pantos, current president of IBBY Germany, conducted the workshop.

This workshop offer is a unique event as there are no comparable workshops for translators of children's books. For the 2010 and 2011 workshops IBBY Germany received 160 applications from all over the world, which shows that this kind of support and exchange is much needed by professional translators.

Author Isabel Abedi (2nd from left), Regina Pantos (4th from left) and translator Tobias Scheffel (2nd from right) together with the participants of Kein Kinderspiel! 2011. © AKJ

Translating literature for young readers requires special abilities and deserves high recognition. But quite often translators are not mentioned at all in the work they have translated. Yet they are mediators who open up the world of international literature to our children at an early age.

Kein Kinderspiel! is a workshop for translators of German-language literature for young readers. Its purpose is to enable 15 translators from different countries who translate children's and youth literature from German into their native languages to gather for a one-week, all-expenses-paid workshop. There, supported by German translator Tobias Scheffel, they focused on such issues as youth jargon, comedy and irony, cultural and political taboos and the ethical responsibility of the translator.

Coming from a wide range of nationalities – this summer participants were from Brazil, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, Mongolia, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Thailand and the USA. During the workshop participants discussed these topics from their very diverse perspectives.

Parallel to the main programme, the translators were offered readings by the authors Isabel Abedi and Kirsten Boie, conversations with publishers and booksellers, visits to illustrators and they also met with the group of young readers who were members of the 2011 junior jury of the German Children's Literature Award. In a series of lectures the participants received information on trends in the German book market and on current book reviewing in literary journals and on the Internet. Information about the current conditions for translators of children's and youth literature in Germany and opportunities for financial subsidies completed the programme.

The workshop will be offered again in September 2012, information will be available in March 2012 at www.jugendliteratur.org.

The German Children's Literature Award 2011

On 14 October the Minister of State to the Federal Chancellor Bernd Neumann, Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media, announced the prize winners of the German Children's Literature Award 2011. The Award is the only state-sponsored prize for fiction in Germany and has been awarded since 1956 and is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

Group photo with all award winners and some members of the jurys © José Poblete

Special Award Winner Tobias Scheffel with his Momo
© José Poblete

The 2011 Sonderpreis (special award for the complete work) was given to the translator Tobias Scheffel because of "his sensibility for the rhythm and melody and his passion for an inventive handling of language". The prize is a statue of Momo and 10,000 €.

The jury of adult critics awarded the following books:

  • In the picture book category: Die Geschichte vom Fuchs, der den Verstand verlor (Story of the fox who lost his mind) by Martin Baltscheit;
  • in the children's books category: Anton taucht ab (Anton dives in) by Milena Baisch and Elke Kusche;
  • In the category young adult books: Tschick (Tschick) by Wolfgang Herrndorf;
  • In the non-fiction for children and youth category: Alles Familie (Everyone is family) by Alexandra Maxeiner and Anke Kuhl.
The jury of young readers honoured Erebos (Erebos) by Ursula Poznanski.

All five awards include a prize money of 8,000 € and a Momo.

For more information visit : www.djlp.jugendliteratur.org/preistraeger_bilderbuch-14.html

Members of the Youth Jury present all their nominations and finally their winner on stage © José Poblete

From Russia...

"Obraz Knighi"

The exhibition and the award-giving ceremony for the IV contest for illustrators and book designers Obraz Knighi were held at the recent Moscow book fair (7-12 September 2011).

As Italy was the guest of Honour at the 2011 book fair, Roberta Chinni, director of the Bologna International Children's Book Fair, travelled to Moscow and presented the awards for the children's book illustrations at the prize-giving ceremony.

A view of the exhibition. © IBBY Russia

Roberta Chinni. © IBBY Russia

A view of the audience. © IBBY Russia

From Estonia...

IBBY Estonia is on Facebook!

© Priit Rea

The International Children's Book Day 2011 was sponsored by the Estonian Section of IBBY. On April 2, the Estonian Children's Literature Centre, the Estonian Section of IBBY and children's magazine Täheke (Starlet) organized an elaborate masked parade. There were 600 children from 15 different countries and cities wearing handcrafted masks of literary characters. The parade took place in the historic part of Tallinn, starting at the Children's Literature Centre and accompanied by a marching band, the children walked through the old town. The grand finale took place at the Estonian Puppet and Youth Theatre with a performance of Nukumängu ABC (ABC of Puppetry) and a visit to the Puppet Museum. The event was part of the official programme celebrating Tallinn – European Culture Capital 2011.
In April, a grand exhibition "Fairy tales of the Sea" was opened at the Estonian Children's Literature Centre in the old town of Tallinn. Eighty artists from ten countries bordering the Baltic Sea participated, most of whom had previously taken part in past Tallinn Illustration Triennials, were invited to illustrate old legends and fairy tales of the sea - stories that connect and unite all Baltic Sea nations. The exhibition was directly connected with the main theme of Tallinn – European Culture Capital 2011: "The Stories of the Seashore". The exhibition will travel to all participating countries; in June, it opened in Voujoe, Finland, and in October in Pärnu, Estonia. In 2012, the illustrations will travel to Russia and Poland.

© Jüri Mildeberg

Anu Kehman and Jaanika Palm (Estonia), with Kestutis Urba in centre (Lithuania).

Conference Picture&Text: June 8-10 2011 at Tallinn University.

The conference was organized by the Estonian Reading Association and the Estonian Section of IBBY and was an exiting event, bringing together researchers from different countries who shared ideas about contemporary picture books with the audience of teachers, journalists, publishers and other interested persons. The keynote speakers, Penni Cotton and Petros Panaou introduced the European Picture Book Collection and the current progress of the project EPBCII. Estonian art expert Viive Noor discussed the development of picture books, asking: who is the audience for today's picture books? Other researchers such as Danguole Šakaviciute from Lithuania, addressed the same question. Presenters from Latvia, Ukraine, Portugal, Slovenia, Poland and Sweden also presented overviews of the picture book from their countries. The unforgettable Serge Terwagne gave a lecture and workshop on picture books in education. Boundaries between book, animation and game, between fantasy and reality, between reading of the book and the iPad were discussed. There was an accompanying exhibition of pupils' works and teacher's materials used in reading activities.

On July 24, the annual Jānis Baltvilks Prize was awarded in Riga to Estonian writer Andrus Kivirähk and Latvian translator Guntars Godiņš for Leiutajateküla Lotte (Lotte from Gadgetville, Latvian Lote no Izgudrotāju ciema). The Jānis Baltvilks Prize, given by the Latvian Section of IBBY, is an international children's literature award for the Baltic Sea countries and is awarded to foreign writers and to the translators of their work into Latvian.

From left to right: Andrus Kivirähk and Guntars Godiņš. © Ieva Čīka

In August IBBY Estonia initiated a new project – Library in the Park. In collaboration with the children's museum Miia-Milla-Manda the Library in the Park project is located in the Kadriorg Park - the largest park in the centre of Tallinn - and comprises a unique collection of children's books that is open for everyone to enjoy. The selected books are the ones that have been nominated for the IBBY Honour List by the Estonian Section, as well as those that have been awarded the Tower of Babel Honour Diploma: the annual award given by the Estonian Section of IBBY. The library will open again next summer, not only in Tallinn but also in other cities in Estonia.

From Poland...

The new board of the Polish Section of IBBY continues its activities that support books and reading in Poland and abroad. Thus, in cooperation with DużeKe we began a programme called Czytam tu i tam (I read here and there), engaging publishers and writers – most of them IBBY members – as well as The Book Of The Year Award winners. Details can be found at: http://duzeka.pl

Since September 2011 the Fiction Cafe Foundation in Gdansk has been organizing its project A Ja czytam (I DO read), which aims at popularizing reading among the youngest. The project comprises a list of 20 recommended books with reviews under the title Commendable Bauble. The details are available on the foundation’s site at http://miejsce-dla-kultury.org. The year of Czeslaw Milosz, Polish poet and Nobel Prize winner, has now finished, but the fascination with his work has not gone away, resulting in the literary competition with elements of art that will be held under auspices of IBBY Poland.

The next event for IBBY Poland is the Pomorian Reader’s Marathon: a competition directed at the 2010 grammar school and gymnasium students. The Marathon is an event with a long tradition, you can read about its history at http://www.portalpomorza.pl. The participants of the marathon read Marcin Szczygielski's novel Omega, which was awarded "Book Of The Year 2010”. 

Exhibition In the library In Zielona Góra. © Natalia Korczyc

Our exhibition “Polish Section IBBY Awards” has already visited several cities in Poland, and currently it is being shown in the Warsaw Museum of Literature – a new partner of IBBY.  The exhibition will shortly be presented at the Book Fair in Krakow as an artistic event connected with the 15th anniversary of the fair. IBBY Poland is supporting the fair this year and is taking part in the book crossing, lotteries and other activities for children.

The nominations for the fourth City of Warsaw Awards have been already announced. The award is a brilliant continuation of the awards of the same name, which were granted from 1926 to 1938 just before the outbreak of World War II. The first winner was the eldest son of Adam Mickiewicz –Vladislav, the last one was the poet Leopold Staff.  In the post-war period, there were attempts to restore the prize, but they did not succeed. In August 2008 Warsaw City Council passed a resolution to reactivate this literary award.

The three nominated books in the category "Literature for children and young people” are: Diabełek (The Little Devil) by Maria Ewa Letki, illustrated by Agnieszka Zelewska – is was also awarded a DONG; Asiunia (Little Joan) by Joanna Papuzińska, illustrated by Marcin Szymanowicz (nomination of PS IBBY); Co z ciebie wyrośnie  (What will become of you?) by Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinscy – which received an Honorary Mention at the 2011 Bologna Ragazzi Awards.

IBBY Poland is also a supporting organization of the Open Gardens Festival, which is a beautiful event during which the owners of the old villas in one of the Warsaw neighborhoods organize concerts, exhibitions, excursions and workshops – many of them connected with the books for the youngest readers.

© Maria Kulik

© Maria Kulik

A series of activities for children were organized by the library in Zielona Góra that were based on Eric Carle’s book From Head to Toe. It was the first project in the library. Over four months, for one afternoon a week 4-5 year olds took part in artistic, musical and theatre activities inspired by good literature - From Head to Toe by Eric Carle and Hallo legs, hallo hands by Klaus W. Vopel.

During this year's Biennale of Illustration in Bratislava (BIB'11) the children's jury nominated the book Ottokar, der Elefant aus Sansibar by Polish artists Anita Andrzejewska and Andrzej Pilichowski-Ragno.

From Iceland...

12 year old students at Álfhólfsskóli listening to the story being read.
© IBBY Iceland.

Thousands of Icelanders joined by children's literature

It is 10:15 on a Thursday in March, 42.000 Icelandic students, aged 6-16, all focus on the same project. The gym class is halted, the English lesson pauses, even recess must wait. What are all these school children are doing? They are taking a break to listen to a brand new story!

IBBY Iceland decided to celebrate International Children's Book Day in 2011 in a new way – by giving the nation a story. The section biennially awards the Sögusteinn Children's Literature Prize and it seemed obvious to ask our latest winner, Kristín Helga Gunnarsdóttir, to write the story. The constraints were considerable – it needed to be suitable for children aged 6-16 and it could only take 15 minutes to read out aloud. Kristín Helga accepted the challenge gracefully and delivered a multi-layered story that did indeed speak to audiences of all ages.

The Board of the Icelandic section of IBBY was in regular contact with the principals and school librarians in every single elementary school in the country for several months before the story was to be read out, in order to prepare everyone as fully as possible.

During preparations a member of our board suggested that we contact the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service. The head of broadcasting services loved the idea, so Kristín Helga went to the studio to record the story. As a result the story was broadcast nationwide on the radio simultaneously with the live readings.

When the appointed date and time arrived, everything was ready. Some schools chose to have their students listen to the broadcast, others had a student read the story and some teachers chose to read the story themselves to their students. During the evening news programme a segment was shown from Akureyri in Northern Iceland where the broadcast was put over a swimming pool's loud-speaker system, so everyone swimming could enjoy the short tale.

Probably up to a third of our small nation listened to a brand new children's story together that day!

As ICBD fell on a Saturday in 2011, we decided to have the story read on Thursday 31 March. On the actual day, 2 April, we awarded the Sögusteinn Literature Prize to Ragnheiður Gestsdóttir, who is a well-known children's writer and illustrator.

At that point it was obvious that the event was a roaring success and we immediately asked Ragnheiður to write the 2012 story.

Hopefully this was the first step towards a long tradition of celebrating International Children's Book Day the best way we can – with a story.

Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, former president of Iceland, with the 2011 winner of the biennial Sögusteinn literature Prize, Ragnheiður Gestsdóttir. She will write the story read on April 2nd 2012. © IBBY Iceland.

Kristín Helga Gunnarsdóttir, winner of the 2009 Sögusteinn Children's Literature Prize, who wrote the story read to 42.000 Icelandic students to celebrate ICBD 2011. © Einar Falur Ingólfsson.

From Belgium...

The Libbylit Awards

Since 2006, the French-speaking Branch of IBBY Belgium has selected the best books from among the children's books, novels and picture books published in French, for the Libbylit Awards.

There are two main categories: Libbylit Awards for Picture Books and Libbylit Awards for Novels. In each section, there are three sub-sections: the best Belgian picture book or novel; the best picture book or novel written in French; and then for the picture book category: the best picture book for young children; and for the novel category, the best novel for juniors. It sounds a little complicated, but it isn't really!

The Libbylit Awards 2011 for Picture Books are :

- Best Belgian Picture Book: Hello, Monsieur Hulot [Hello, Mr Hulot] by David Merveille, Ed du Rouergue, 2010
- Best Picture Book for Young Children: Ton histoire [Your story] by Jeanne Ashbé, Ed Pastel, L'école des loisirs, 2010
- Best Picture Book Written in French: Tous à poil ! [Everybody naked!] by Claire Franck and Marc Daniau, Ed. du Rouergue, 2010
- Special Mention: A toi de jouer ! [It 's your turn to play!] by Claire Dé, Ed. Les grandes personnes, 2010

The Libbylit Awards 2011 for Novels are :

- Best Belgian Novel: Onze [Eleven] by Xavier Deutsch, Ed. Mijade, 2011
- Best Novel for Juniors: The Jury decided to give this award to the French author Jo Hoestlandt for three of her remarkable books.
- La Danse de l'éléphante [The dance of the elephant], Ed. Actes Sud Junior, 2010
- Le Prix d'Evelyne [Evelyne's prize], Ed. Escabelle, 2010
- Le Bébé tombé du train ou quand l'amour d'une mère est plus fort que tout [The baby who fell from the train or when a mother's love is stronger than anything], Ed. Oskar Jeunesse, 2011
- Best Novel Written in French: Le Dragon de glace [The ice dragon] by Mikaël Engström, Ed. La Joie de lire, 2010
- Special Mention: Le faire ou mourir [Doing it or dying] by Claire-Lise Marguier, Ed. du Rouergue, 2011.

These awards are always announced at the Children's Book Fair of Namur (Belgium) in presence of the authors and/or the publishers. As we are unable to reward the laureates with a cash prize, we give them a chocolate « Manneken Piss » (a well-known symbol of Brussels) - a gift they really appreciate.

The section creates bookmarks that are sent to schools, librairies and bookshops in order to promote the award and the books.

Next year, the French-speaking Branch of IBBY Belgium will celebrate its 20th anniversary! Many things happened during these twenty years and we are looking forward to celebrate this birthday with some special events. But more about this in the next issue of the European Newsletter.

5 compelling reasons to attend the IBBY Congress in London

Crossing Boundaries: Translations & Migrations
  1. To meet and exchange ideas and experiences about children's literature and reading promotion with colleagues from around the world.

  2. To explore the themes of migration and translation which are so central to the work of IBBY, by listening to a wide range of speakers, engaging in discussions and debates, looking at books and exhibitions and, of course, reading!

  3. To experience the vibrant cultural and linguistic diversity of London, a city in which people from all over the world have settled, at a venue in its cultural heartland.

  4. To discover more about the UK's rich children's literature, past and present, by meeting contemporary authors and illustrators and finding out more about classic authors by attending post congress tours.

  5. To receive a warm welcome from IBBY UK members eager to learn about international children's literature.
    Registration for the congress is now open. Visit the website www.ibbycongress2012.org to register and get updates about the programme.
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Recent publications

"Graphic novels around the world". Bookbird, October 2011

The October 2011 issue of Bookbird is a full-colour examination of graphic novels around the world. It features a fascinating trio of articles by and about author, artist, and filmmaker Shaun Tan, as well as insightful pieces about the history, nature, and power of graphic novels in Iran, India, and Korea, an examination of the groundbreaking work of Raymond Briggs and Dave McKean, a look at the evolving picture book in Australia, and the translation of "sound effects" in one exemplary book, Robot Dreams. Taken together, this issue offers a provocative snapshot of how this innovative crossover genre can bridge barriers of literacy, culture and genre.

To subscribe, please fill out this form. More information on: IBBY's website.

Lire en V.O. Sélection de livres en allemand

With 80 recently published books in German, this selection is an invitation to get acquainted with contemporary German writers and illustrators. The "Lire en v.o." (Read in original version) series, published by IBBY-France, is an indispensable guide to navigate amongst the publications of a country and share the pleasure of reading.

Lire en V.O. Livres pour la jeunesse en allemand. [Read in the original version. Books for children in German]

Coordination Anne-Laure Cognet. BnF - CNLJ-La Joie par les livres - IBBY France, December 2011.

Reference resource for Turkish teachers

Two catalogues of Turkish children's literature books: one introducing books prepared for Pre-School children and the other containing books for Elementary Education, have been published as resource materials for teachers and parents.

These reference books were published for the first time as the outcome of collaborative work carried out and completed by the Union of Educators. The objective of this project was to bring to the public a list of children's books that are presently available on the Turkish market. A team of more than one hundred people related to children's literature took part in the preparations of these two volumes. Teachers read the books to their students and got their reactions. They then submitted reviews and their opinions of the books in question.

In both volumes, the books are classified according to the age group of intended readers. The cover of each book is displayed along with a short summary of its text. Names of author, illustrator and publisher; date of first edition, genre and the number of pages are listed. As an introduction, each volume contains information on the criteria that make children's books children's literature.

It is planned that these two volumes of reference will be updated biennially.


The review Libbylit has a new layout. The paper is of better quality and the cover is now in colour. Issue number 100 has now been released! The compilers of the Review are very proud of this change and are looking forward to making further improvements in the future.

Upcoming events
November 2011

12-20 November
30th international Istanbul Book Fair

Guest of honour: Egypt

For more information: http://www.istanbulbookfair.com/

30 November - 5 December
Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse - Montreuil Book Fair, France.

Theme: Mexican and European literatures

For more information: http://www.salon-livre-presse-jeunesse.net/accueil.html

16-19 March
Salon du livre de Paris - Paris Book Fair, France.

Guests of Honour: Japan, Moscow and its authors.

For more information: http://www.salondulivreparis.com

March 2012

10 March
Children’s Book Week. Flanders, Belgium

Theme: Animals

For more information: http://www.stichtinglezen.be/content.aspx?l=009.003.003

15 - 18 March
Leipziger Buchmesse, Leipzig, Germany

The Leipzig Book Fair is the second largest book fair in Germany. As the first great trade meeting of the year it plays an important role in the market and is often where new publications are first presented. The particular aim of the fair is to be for the public (in contrast to Frankfurt Book Fair, which sees a much larger volume of industry trading) and to emphasize the relationship between authors and visitors. Therefore, Leipzig hosts over 1,800 events during the four-day fair - both in the city and at the fairground - which makes it one of the largest events of its kind in Europe.

For more information: http://www.leipziger-buchmesse.de/

19 - 22 March
International Children's Book Fair, Bologna, Italy

Guest of honour: Portugal.

For more information: http://www.bolognachildrensbookfair.com/en

August 2012
23-26 August
IBBY World Congress, London, UK

33rd IBBY International Congress. "Crossing Boundaries: Translations and Migrations". Imperial College, London.

For more information: IBBY Congress 2012

Anastasia Arkhipova (IBBY Russia)
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Anne-Laure Cognet (IBBY France)
Eva Devos (IBBY Belgium, Flanders Branch)
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Ann Lazim (IBBY UK)
Mare Müürsepp (IBBY Estonia)
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