Dear colleagues from the European sections of IBBY,

The time is passing swiftly and already the autumn is nearly at an end and we are pleased to present the November 2013 Newsletter to you. Our first job is to share the warm greeting sent to you from the IBBY EC during its recent meeting in Istanbul.

It is with great pleasure we can announce the appointment of Dr. Björn Sundmark as incoming Bookbird editor, with effect from 1 January 2015.

The 34th IBBY Congress in Mexico City is not far away anymore. We invite you, your colleagues and friends to join us in Mexico next September and we kindly invite you to visit the Congress website, online registration will be possible very soon.

In the traditional column “3 questions to...” we addressed the questions to María Jesús Gil from IBBY Spain who is the current President of H.C. Andersen Award Jury.

It is a pleasure to share with you important and professionally useful information from the European sections about different events and projects, latest news and meetings in the region. Special words of thanks go to the IBBY sections in Belgium, Turkey, United Kingdom, Estonia, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Italy and Spain for their contributions.

In the column “Recent publications” you can find presentations of the two recent issues of Bookbird; the proceedings of a seminar on “Children in the time of war and youth literature (20th-21st centuries)”, and a selection of 4200 titles for children and young adults, prepared by the French National Centre for Children’s Literature – IBBY France.

Last month IBBY launched an appeal to help IBBY Lebanon bring relief to the Syrian children in Lebanon. Refugees are pouring over the borders in their thousands and by the beginning of September there were estimated to be 723,000 refugees in Lebanon – for a country with a population of just under 4 million people that is a lot of extra people to cope with. By the end of this year the number of Syrian children refugees is expected to reach half a million in Lebanon. The proposed therapeutic programme using books, theatre, and other methods to help children understand their own feelings, express them and recognise those of others was administered to 5,000 children between the ages of 7-14, who were exposed to violence during the war and then the Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006. In both situations the results achieved with children proved successful and rewarding. IBBY Lebanon relies on donations to finance this programme. More information on the project and on how to donate on IBBY's website.

During the European regional meeting in Bologna, in March 2013, a project emerged: to create a website for IBBY Europe, presenting selections of books in languages spoken in Europe. The idea is to promote quality children books and to inform librarians, booksellers, teachers, parents, publishers, and everyone interested in children's literature, about books for children published in languages they may not speak. It was decided, during the meeting in Bologna, that a website would be set up and that every NS in Europe would select 10 fiction books in its own language and add them to the website. The website is now ready and is very easy to use. Guidelines on how to load information onto the website will be sent to every NS in Europe. We hope to be able to show the website in Bologna 2014!

Dear colleagues, please, do not forget about our IBBY Europe Facebook page, posting your news and comments there. We wish you a pleasant European journey through the pages of your November Newsletter!

Many thanks to David Pintor, who designed the beautiful header for our Newsletter, and to Liz Page, who did the proofreading!

Hasmig and Angela

Greetings from Istanbul!

IBBY Executive Committee
From left to right standing: Akoss Ofori-Mensah (Ghana), Liz Page (Switzerland), Junko Yokota (USA), Hasmig Chahinian (France), Timotea Vrablova (Slovakia), Redza Ahmad Khairuddin (Malaysia), Marilar Aleixandre (Spain), Azucena Galindo (Mexico), Angela Lebedeva (Russia) and Ellis Vance (USA).
Sitting from left to right: Valerie Coghlan (Ireland), Gülçin Alpöge, (Turkey), Luzmaria Stauffenegger (Switzerland), María Jesús Gil (Spain) and Kiyoko Matsuoka (Japan).
© Tala Necipoglu. Not in the photo: Linda Pavonetti (USA), Nadia El Kholy (Egypt) and Roxanne Harde (Canada).

IBBY EC meets in Istanbul

The second Executive Committee meeting of the year took place in Istanbul, 27-28 August. IBBY Turkey and the Bogaziçi University were the generous and gracious hosts. The meeting was held at the Department of Education on campus close by to the Bosphorus. The hospitality was splendid and the IBBY EC warmly thanks all those who made its stay so memorable.

Different meetings took place immediately before and after the main meeting, including the Bookbird Inc. Board, the IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award Jury meeting and the project subcommittee meeting. Gulçin Alpöge reported on the progress made towards the organization of the 36th IBBY Congress, that will be held on September 1-4, 2018, in Istanbul, Turkey.


IBBY at the Frankfurt Book Fair October 2013

Thanks to the welcoming generosity of IBBY Germany, IBBY international once again was able to occupy a corner of the stand of the Arbeitskreis für Jugendliteratur (IBBY Germany) in hall 3.0. The stand always becomes a meeting place for IBBY members who attend the fair, and we display IBBY brochures and pamphlets for distribution. On Friday morning, we organized a second panel discussion at the children's forum. The 2012 panel discussed the Hans Christian Andersen Awards and the 2013 panel looked at IBBY and its work around the world. Wally de Doncker led the discussion between Akoss Ofori-Mensah from Ghana, Eva Kaliskami from Greece and Liz Page from the secretariat in Basel. The talk focussed on IBBY sections and the work they do on a national level. Akoss talked about the problems that face literacy in Africa because of the many on going wars and civil unrest in many parts of the continent. Eva talked about the difficulties in Greece due to the financial ruin the country is experiencing, and how IBBY Greece is tackling it. Wally gave a resume of the history of IBBY and Liz gave an overview of the international activities and its projects with children in crisis. A short film has been made of the discussion, which can be viewed on the IBBY website in the news section and on the IBBY International Facebook page.

From left to right: Eva Kaliskami (Greece), Akoss Ofori-Mensah (Ghana), Wally De Doncker (Belgium), Liz Page (Switzerland).

Bookbird has a new editor!

The board of Bookbird, Inc. is delighted to announce the appointment of Björn Sundmark as incoming editor with effect from 2015 until 2018 inclusive. Björn is Associate Professor of English at the Faculty of Education, Malmö University, Sweden. He is currently research editor of Barnboken, an online children's literature journal published by the Swedish Institute of Children's Books and is a former editor of Educare, an educational research journal published by Malmö University. He is on the board of the Swedish National Cultural Council and a member of IBBY Sweden and is currently a member of the advisory editorial board of Bookbird.

Commenting on his appointment, Björn stated his commitment to maintaining the high publication standards of Bookbird, remarking that "my vision for Bookbird begins with what it is: a rare bird combining the academic with the journalistic, a creature both international and regional, a publication for the expert as well as for the interested layperson. Most publications in the field are either oriented towards academia, publishing professionals or book lovers, but Bookbird caters successfully for members of the children's literature community, whatever their perspectives, throughout the world. I would like to keep it that way".

Björn Sundmark will succeed Roxanne Harde, Associate Professor of English, Associate Dean, Research and McCalla University Professor at the University of Alberta, Canada, whose term of office as editor of Bookbird concludes in 2014.

See you in Mexico!

34th IBBY International Congress Mexico City September 10-13, 2014

Do you want to know more about the keynote speakers at the IBBY Congress in Mexico? Or the plenary speakers? Do you want to have information about the discussion panels, the IBBY activities or the social events? Just click here for an update on what's in store for you at the IBBY Congress!


 3 questions to... María Jesús Gil


In this column we address 3 questions to a member of a European Section of IBBY.

In this issue, meet María Jesús Gil from IBBY Spain!

Do you have a name to suggest for the next issue? Send us a mail!

1. You have been the President of the Hans Christian Andersen Award Jury since 2010. What can you tell us about this experience?

The Hans Christian Andersen Award, the most prestigious award in literature and books for children has an international jury led by a president who is elected at the IBBY General Assembly from candidates nominated by the IBBY National sections. The members of the jury are selected by the IBBY Executive Committee from nominations made by the NS.

This way, above political matters and borders, creators from all countries have the opportunity to be considered by the jury. The jury studies very hard in order to select the most talented authors and illustrators in a world that needs, today more than ever, excellence in the stories for children and young adults.

To preside over the selection process for a second time next year is a unique opportunity to me in both the personal and professional aspect. And it is also a great responsibility. To coordinate a group of diverse and talented jurors is a great honor and a great experience that is very inspiring and enriching for me. This year we have ten experts from ten different countries all over the world.  For the 2014 awards, 28 authors and 30 illustrators from 33 countries are candidates for the Hans Christian Andersen Awards. It is a very hard work but at the same time very exciting to study deeply the works of each nominee.

The 2012 Hans Christian Andersen Jury
From left to right, back row: Anastasia Arkhipova (Russia), Ernest Bond (USA), Sabine Fuchs (Austria), Eva Kaliskami (Greece), Liz Page (IBBY, Jury secretary).
Front row: Elda Nogueira (representing IBBY), Sahar Tarhandeh (Iran), María Jesús Gil (Spain, President of the Jury), Regina Zilberman (Brazil), Ayfer Gürdal Ünal (Turkey), Françoise Ballenger (France), Nora Lía Sormani (Argentina).

2. What is the most interesting and exciting IBBY event you participated in?

Generally speaking I enjoy very much IBBY activities, specially attending the IBBY Congresses. Should I choose one, the IBBY Congress at Santiago de Compostela, in September 2010, was very important for the Spanish IBBY Section, mainly for the Galician section (GALIX). It was a great success and all the participants liked very much the programme and the city.


3. If we were in Madrid, and you wanted to take us to a special place, where would that be?

I would like to take you for a nice walk around the Paseo del Prado, and to visit one or two of the several museums we have in this area. And to have some nice pintxos and a cup of wine, of course!

The Cristal Palace in the Retiro Park. © María Jesús Gil

Echoes from the European sections

From Belgium

O Mundo – The World in a Library
An initiative of Stichting Lezen and the Flemish branch of IBBY Belgium

"Many classrooms in Flanders are coloured. With the books of O Mundo – the World in a Library we light up these colours. And if the classes are not coloured? Then colour enters through these books".
Majo de Saedeleer

1. Motivation
On October 12th 2011 Majo de Saedeleer, director of Stichting Lezen and president of the Belgian IBBY section - Flemish branch, received the Filson Steers Mariman Prize for Education. She wished to use the prize money to develop a project for children from abroad who move to Flanders. These youngsters get immersed in the Flemish language, customs and culture and – with luck – also in Flemish books. The cultural richness of their native country is often overlooked.

This is why Majo de Saedeleer decided to use Stichting Lezen's international network (IBBY) to trace the most beautiful books in other cultures, to purchase several copies and to translate them into Dutch. Through Stichting Lezen's national network these books would then be introduced to teachers in multicultural classrooms.

The aim is to select excellent books from all over the world that allow migrant children to share something about themselves and their background and so open the eyes of all children in the class to the value of a multicultural society.

2. Pilot Project
Stichting Lezen identified the top ten countries of origin of foreign children in Flemish primary schools. Through the IBBY-network and its widespread international contacts, Stichting Lezen selected beautiful books from: Portugal, Turkey, Poland, Ghana, Italy, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Iran and Morocco.

  • O Mundo num Segundo (Around the world in one second) / Isabel Minhos Martins and Bernardo Carvalho (Planeta Tangerina, Portugal)
  • Pamietnik Blumki (Blumka's diary) / Iwona Chmielewska (Media Rodzina, Poland)
  • The canoe's story / Asare Meshak (Sub-saharan Publishers, Ghana)
  • Vorrei avere… (I would like to have…) / Giovanna Zoboli and Simona Mulazzani (Topipittori, Italy)
  • Haló, haló, pani Mačka! (Hello Mrs Cat!) / Ľuboslav Paľo (Artforum, Slovakia)
  • Kirmizi Elma (The Red Apple) / Feridun Oral (YKY, Turkey)
  • Ако искаш вярвай (You may not believe but it is true) / Pancho Panchev (Izdatelstvo Janet 45, Bulgaria)
  • Povestea-Lui Harap-Alb / Ion Creanga (Vellant, Romania)
  • Davidam van Davidam (I ran and ran) / (Cheesta Pub, Iran)
  • La maison de Lalla Chama = دار للا شامة (The House of Lalla Chama) / Ahmed Taieb el Alj (Marsam, Morocco)

This final selection was made together with the steering committee of the Flemish branch of IBBY Belgium and a group of primary school teachers who work in a multicultural context.

Foreign publishers offered the books at reduced prize –Stichting Lezen has so far bought 15 copies of each book – and did not charge translation rights. On September 17th the project kicked-off in five pilot schools in Ghent, Brussels, Mechelen, Antwerp and Genk.

Each school was presented with:

  • the 10 books in the original languages
  • a Dutch translation of each book,
  • didactic and philosophical teacher guides for the presentation of the books in the classroom,
  • audiorecordings in the original language of each book
  • supporting material, such as a CD with songs from diverse countries (Didier Jeunesse), the book Atlas (a Polish book, in Dutch at publisher Lannoo), Mirror by Jane Barker (Walker Books),…
  • a Kamishibai (a miniature Japanese storytelling theatre) for three of the ten books
  • a supporting website.

3. In Addition
This is a pilot project. The aim is to fine tune the project during Autumn and Winter 2013 and then offer it more widely during the following school year. The project is receiving wide interest from public libraries that are keen to build up an international collection. It would be nice to accompany this project with research. Researchers at Louvain University are interested , but there is no funding at this stage, and the FSM prize money will not even stretch to a full implementation of the project.

From Turkey

IBBY Turkey is preparing for the 2018 Congress

Following the decision taken during the EC meeting in Bologna (March 2013) to hold the 36th IBBY Congress in Istanbul Turkey, IBBY Turkey set up a committee to work on the preparations of the 2018 Congress. The first step to be taken is to find a suitable congress venue. Thus, negotiations with possible venues have already started. IBBY Turkey members are all excited and are brainstorming for ideas to make the Congress a success!

Turkish authors participate in activities abroad

Author - illustrator Can Göknil went to London for the opening of the Sheffield International Artists Exhibition where her books were among the books chosen from 35 different countries. The exhibition is on untill November 30th. Also, author - illustrator Serpil Ural and author Ayça Nur Kip Akyol went to the Netherlands to participate in the Children's Book Market Day of The Hague on October 13th.

Can Göknil Serpil Ural Ayça Nur Kip Akyol

From the United Kingdom

UK nominated books included in The IBBY Outstanding Books for Children with Disabilities 2013 were Ten Little Ladybirds by Melanie Gerth, published by Gullane Children's Books; The Great Big Book of Families by Mary Hoffman, published by Frances Lincoln; and Me, the Queen and Christopher by Giles Andrae, published by Orchard Books.

UK nominated books for the 2014 IBBY Honour List are: for writing, Frank Cottrell Boyce, The Unforgotten Coat, Walker Books, 2011; for illustration: Sarah Garland, Azzi in Between, Frances Lincoln Children's Books, 2012; and, for translation, Howard Curtis, In The Sea There Are Crocodiles, Random House/David Fickling Books, 2012 (author: Fabio Geda). All three books highlight the lives of asylum seekers and young people coming to terms with life in a new, sometimes alien and often hostile, culture, written from the perspective of the young people themselves.

UK nominations for the 2014 Hans Christian Andersen Awards are: for writing, Dame Jacqueline Wilson; and, for illustration, John Burningham.

IBBY UK has published 3 issues of its journal IBBYLink in 2013. IBBYLink included 36 published papers from the 2012 IBBY/National Centre for Research in Children’s Literature Conference on the theme of Beyond the Book. IBBYLink 37 was on the theme of Irish Children’s Literature; and IBBYLink 38 was about picturebooks for older readers. Our long serving editor, Pat Pinsent, retired in the spring and our new editor is Ferelith Hordon, a retired children’s librarian.

Dame Jacqueline Wilson John Burningham

IBBY UK launches its new website in October. It has the same address as the old website, www.ibby.org.uk, but is redesigned and will offer greater facilities to members than the old website.

IBBY UK has awarded three bursaries for IBBY members to attend the 2014 IBBY World Congress in Mexico. The bursary holders are Sophie Hallam, Beth Cox and Osman Coban.

On September 11, IBBY UK and the online children’s books magazine, Books for Keeps, hosted an evening in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the publication of David Almond’s first children’s book, Skellig, and the publication of a new edition of this ground-breaking book. David, the winner of the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2010, was in conversation with Erica Wagner, the Literary Editor of The Times. The evening was sponsored by Hachette Books, IBBY UK and Books for Keeps.

The 20th annual IBBY UK/NCRCL Conference will be held at the National Centre for Research in Children’s Literature at Roehampton University on November 9. This year’s topic is Feast or Famine: Food and Children’s Literature. Details on the Roehampton University website. Short versions of the papers will appear in IBBYLink 39.

Cambridge Scholars Press will publish the proceedings of last year’s IBBY UK/NCRCL conference: Beyond the Book.

David Almond and his notebook

This year’s IBBY UK Christmas card is designed by illustrator Jackie Morris. This is the first time that an illustrator has designed a card specifically for IBBY. Jackie’s design features the lavender bear from her book The Cat and the Fiddle, with a cart full of books. Jackie has also donated a print of the design to be used to raise funds for IBBY’s work with Syrian refugees in Lebanon. If you are interested in buying cards, please contact John Dunne, IBBY UK Secretary: j.f.dunne@btinternet.com

© Jackie Morris

IBBY UK is sad to announce the death on September 29 2013 of Robert Leeson, one of the leading British children's writers and critics of the late twentieth century, a long standing supporter of IBBY and a former chair of IBBY UK. Bob Leeson wrote many books for children of all ages. He sought to make British children's books more responsive to changes in society and more inclusive and accessible, featuring children from all ethnic groups and social classes, and offering central roles to girls as well as boys. These aims were reflected not only in the books that he wrote for children but also in his works of criticism, including Reading and Righting (1985), a book that was a manifesto for making children's books more relevant and committed to social equality and diversity. He helped set up The Other Award (1975-1987), a children's book award that embodied these values. In 1985 he was awarded the Eleanor Farjeon Award for an outstanding contribution to the world of children's books in Britain.

Robert Lesson

From Estonia


Ilona Martson with Täheke in paper
and in iPad.

The New iPad version of "Täheke" looks to the future

The new iPad version of the oldest and the largest Estonian children’s monthly Täheke (Little Star) is available from September 2013. The main difference between new and traditional form of the magazine is that on the iPad everybody can see the animated illustrations and listen to the author’s original recordings of stories and poems.
"The new iPad version looks to the future – to find new readers among children who like to play worldwide popular computer games. Why not to offer them some more intelligent material?" says Ilona Martson, editor-in-chief of Täheke (published since 1960). Actually, it’s also the oldest children’s monthly in the whole region – we can’t find such an old magazine for children from 5 to 10 either from other Baltic or Scandinavian countries.. Täheke has very rich history – most of Estonian children’s classics were first published here. The tradition of first-publishing stories continues till nowadays: most of stories published here you can find in the Estonian children’s books some years later.
"The idea of Täheke is to offer high-level illustrations, layout and with a totally non-commercial profile," tells Martson. "In the case of the iPad version it’s possible to use our non-traditional so-called “landscape" format. Täheke leads children to the best new original Estonian literature. Now it’s possible to upload it worldwide in App Stores.”



The QR code
of the magazine

Tallinn illustrations triennial "Power of pictures" in November 2013

Every three years in November, beautiful illustrations come together in Tallinn, Estonia. This year, the fourth triennial will take place. The illustrations are from the shores of the Baltic sea, which some of the participants call the Western sea and some the Eastern sea. Artists from ten countries – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark – will send their work to the triennial at Estonian National Library. In addition, there is an exhibition at Estonian Children's Center featuring the previous winner's work, Russian artist Varvara Alay, as well as work by the German artist Judith Clay - a triennial debutant. For the first time, Tallinn City Theatre has partnered with us.  Vera Pavlova from St. Petersburg, the first triennial winner, has her watercolors displayed in the Tallinn City Theatre fireplace room.  The exhibitions will open on November 5th, and  all the works will be on display until November 30th. More information here.

© Vera Pavlova

Snow-White and Rose-Red © Judith Clay

© Varvara Alay

From France

IBBY France nominated Jean-Claude Mourlevat (writing) and François Place (illustration) for the Hans Christian Andersen award 2014.

The books nominated by IBBY France for the IBBY Honour list 2014 are:

  • In the writing category: No pasarán, endgame, Christian Lehmann, L'Ecole des loisirs, Paris, 2012
  • In the illustration category: Brindille, Rémi Courgeon, Milan, Toulouse, 2012
  • In the translation category: L'ours qui aimait le sucre d'érable, Lynd Ward, trad. Catherine Bonhomme, Le Genévrier, Paris, 2012.
Jean-Claude Mourlevat François Place

From Germany

German Children's Literature Award 2013

On October 11th, 2013 parliamentary state secretary Dr. Hermann Kues, Federal Ministry of Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth announced the prizewinners of the German Children's Literature Award 2013. The Award is the only state-sponsored prize for fiction in Germany and has been awarded since 1956.

The 2013 "Sonderpreis" (Special Award for Lifetime Achievement) was given to the author Andreas Steinhöfel in recognition of his books that go beyond common clichés in children's and youth literature. The jury stated that he manages to keep a child's view of the world and portrays young people at the edges of society without ostracizing them or pointing the finger. The prize is a statute of Momo and 10,000 Euro.

The jury of adult critics awarded the following books: in the category picture book Wo ist mein Hut (NordSüd; I want my hat back) by Jon Klassen, translated by Thomas Bodmer; in the category children's books Der unvergessene Mantel (Carlsen; The unforgotten coat) by Frank Cottrell Boyce, Clare Heney (photos), Carl Hunter (photos), translated by Salah Naoura; in the category young adult books Abzählen (Unionsverlag; Counting off) by Tamta Melaschwili, translated by Natia Mikeladse-Bachsoliani; in the category non-fiction for children and youth Der Boxer (Carlsen; The boxer) by Reinhard Kleist. The young adult jury honoured Das Schicksal ist ein mieser Verräter (Hanser; The Fault in Our Stars) by John Green, translated by Sophie Zeitz. The jury of young readers consists of six reading clubs from all over Germany. The concept is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. The winning titles in all categories are awarded with 8,000 Euros and a statue of Momo.

For more information visit this website.

Special Award winner Andreas Steinhöfel © José Poblete
Group photo with all award winners and some members of the juries © José Poblete

From Poland

In the spring IBBY Poland launched a new updated website, which is more user friendly. The logos of all the partners are included, as well as information about activities and interviews.

The Centre for Children’s Literature in Oświecim is further developing, the chair person, Anna Krawczyk, will present its achievements at a special lecture at the Krakow Book Fair. In October IBBY Poland will be again a  partner of this event.  Another lecture will be talking about the library's activity for young adults.

Wrocław, the capital of Lower Silesia, is also a children's books capital. A popular writer, Agnieszka Gil, a member of IBBY, has been running literary events named “GILgotki”, always connected with certain types of books, i.e. "GILgotki with pirates" or "GILgotki on the Wild West". The participants, both children and parents, dress up and enjoy puzzles, quizzes and games.

Forty books were nominated for the 2012 DONG award and the jury announced the winners on May the 14th. The children’s jury gave the first prize to Guus Kuijer (ALMA prizewinner) for Book of everything, and the adults honored Jo Nesbø for the last part of Doctor Proctor.

Publishers and artists awarded with Dong 2012 with a member of the children's jury. © Wieslaw Zaslawski "GILgotki on the Wild West". © Alicja Ozdoba

Our colleagues from the associations "Poza Rozkladem" and "Kamienica 56" have been developing their activities; most interesting are “Book laboratory” and “Butterflies”. IBBY Poland prepared similar activities at the Warsaw Book Fair, where it had a stand and presented the awarded books and provided more information about the section and an IBBY flyer was attached to the Fair Catalogue.

For the first time the fair was organized in a new venue – the modern Euro Championship stadium, which was designed not only for sport events, but also for meeting, concerts etc. The stand was in a very friendly area with partners working in children's literature, so they could meet and share opinions and experiences.

IBBY Poland has nominated the book Wszystko gra for the 2014 IBBY Honour list for the quality of its illustrations by Marta Ignerska
(All tuned up, text by Anna Czerwinska-Rydel; Wytwornia, 2011). The book was also awarded "Book of the Year" in 2012 and was nominated for the Bologna Ragazzi award.

The IBBY Poland nominee for the 2014 IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award is the foundation “Jasne strony / Bright pages” for organizing “All-Poland tactile books library”.

IBBY Poland is involved in an interesting project organized by countries of Visegrad Four Group (V4 is an alliance of four Central European states – Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia): each IBBY Section has recommended three short stories, which will be illustrated by an artist from one of the other V4 countries.

The IBBY Poland contribution to the Nami Concours 2013 was also successful, the exhibition was visited by the Polish ambassador and his wife.

IBBY Poland submitted illustrations for BIB'13, and also prepared a lecture, which was presented by Anita Wincenjusz-Patyna at the BIB'13 seminar. The Polish Institute also took part by presenting an exhibition of the work of well-known Polish illustrator Elzbieta Wasiuczyñska.

© Elzbieta Wasiuczyñska

From Sweden

The Peter Pan-award winner Nanoy Rafael was invited to the Gothenburg Book Fair (26-29 September) to present his book Naku, naku, nakuuu! illustrated by Sergio Bumatay III. The book was chosen by IBBY Sweden as the best children's book in translation of 2012. Nanoy Rafael had a busy schedule at the book fair, talking not only about his own writing, but also about current children's literature from the Philippines. Of course he also received his award from IBBY Sweden's chair Birgitta Alm. IBBY Sweden is proud to promote literature in translation and Nanoy Rafael coming from the Philippines to meet readers at the book fair was a great example of IBBY's motto Books build bridges!

The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award recently released the list of nominated candidates. For the 2014 award 238 candidates from 68 countries are nominated. The full list can be viewed at www.alma.se

The Swedish Arts Council regularly publishes a magazine written by an independent critic who selects the most interesting Swedish children's books. This year's selection was made by Åsa Warnquist and gives a great overview of the most talked about titles in Sweden at the moment. It can be ordered (or downloaded) for free through this link.

From Italy

After the earthquake: the relief project in North Italy continues

After the severe earthquake hit the North of Italy in May 2012, the Italian section of IBBY, the Italian section of IBBY, in collaboration with local schools, libraries and other operators, immediately started working to bring relief through books and storytelling to children.
Thanks to the invaluable support granted by the IBBY Children in Crisis Fund, IBBY Italia could start a specific programme of different initiatives aimed at providing children with activities designed to help them overcome this dreadful experience.
The programme includes high quality activities where books, aloud reading, dramatizations, the language of movies and the active involvement of children are the key elements.

The following activities have been organized:

  • Libri e giochi per ricominciare (Books and toys to start again) a national campaign to collect the best books to help public and school libraries re-create their stocks of books and to guarantee children access to books and reading services: more than 1,000 books have been collected and donated to 7 schools and public libraries.
  • Nitrato d'Argento, a programme of activities to show children the magic of movies and stories linked together by the invaluable experience Cine-Mino, a mini-mobile cinema that reached 320 children in 7 schools.
  • Leggimi forte! (Read me aloud!), a programme of storytelling and reading aloud sessions, to highlight the value of the books collected and donated: 120 children enthusiastically attended the reading sessions organized and carried out by voluntary readers of Nati per Leggere (Born to Read) programme, librarians and IBBY Italia's secretariat. The readers performed picture books, stories and nursery rhymes by authors such as Astrid Lindgren, Roald Dahl, Bianca Pitzorno, Dr Seuss, Julia Donaldson, Pierre Bertrand, Helen Oxembury, Gek Tessaro, which were highly appreciated by the children and teachers.
  • Classroom dramatizations and activities on environmental and scientific issues. The earthquake was a dreadful experience for many children and has probably changed their perception of nature and the environment: thus we tried to give children the opportunity to explore nature's forces and mysteries in a positive and funny way.
Earthquake relief Project. Environmental Workshop.
© Federica Azzanutto
Earthquake Relief Programme. ReadingVolunteers
© Alessandra Zapparoli

Two workshops were organized in the Primary School of Massa Finalese, in collaboration with Tecnoscienza, a no-profit NGO based in Bologna specialized in environmental training: 40 children attended, and became young scientists engaged in original, intriguing and funny experiments based on two children's science books.

Silent Books: from the world to Lampedusa and back

Since 2012, IBBY Italia has been promoting the start-up of a children’s library on the remote island of Lampedusa, in the middle of Mediterranean Sea, where thousands of migrants arrive every year.
The purpose of the project is to guarantee the children living on the island and the young guests of the First Aid Centre the right to books and reading as means of freedom, relief, hope and self-development.

“Lampedusa is the moon where people arrive after suffering so much. Migrants share the same illusion that every traveller has: that everything will be easier from Lampedusa onwards. For this reason, it is so upsetting and traumatic to delude their expectations, to deny them hospitality, to imprison them. And this is far more true as far as children are concerned. To create a library in such a situation is like to offer a helping hand. I think that if children, after such a traumatic journey, could find a book, pictures, and a space to imagine a future, their journey will get better.” (Deborah Soria)

IBBY CAMP for Lampedusa: back to the island for more books and storytelling!

Last June, 15 IBBY volunteers met in Lampedusa to organize reading promotion activities for the children on the island. The first edition of the IBBY holiday campus (22nd-29th June 2013) was successful, beyond expectations: IBBY volunteers managed to awaken the interest of parents, teachers and above all children that enthusiastically attended the activities. Children revealed an authentic hunger of books, illustrations, stories, and experiences linked to narration on broader terms. The volunteer’s reportage is available here.
On this occasion, a copy of the silent books collected with the help of many IBBY national section was brought to the island and donated to the library-to-be.
To learn more about the activities organized so far, an informal report is available.
The building that host the library still needs refurbishment to be ready to open to the public: while raising funds to undertake this essential task, we are also committed to keep on providing children with reading promotion activities. Therefore, the next step of the “Silent books: from the world to Lampedusa and back” project is the second edition of IBBY volunteer campus, from 15th to 22nd of November 2013.

Training Workshop. © Deborah Soria & Rosy Robertazzi

IBBY volunteers In Lampedusa. © IBBY Volunteers

The touring Exhibition “Silent books. Final Destination Lampedusa”

The collection of silent books has recently started its journey throughout the world: it includes 111 wordless picture book, from 23 countries, that we collected thanks to the valuable cooperation of IBBY national sections worldwide.
The exhibition was inaugurated in Rome, at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, on 7th May 2013
Many teachers, researchers and children visited the collection there – including a delegation of US visiting students, guests of the University of Bologna.
After Rome (07th May 2013 – 21st July 2013), the collection is now displayed at the Pubblic Library of Biella where it will be open to the public till the 2nd of November 2013. The books will then be exhibited in Ravenna (28th November 2013 – 4th January 2014), Lido di Ostia (February 2014) and keep on touring Italy till summer 2014.
The international launch of the travelling exhibition will be held in Fall 2014 and we will be coordinating the possible venues and routes with the IBBY secretariat in Basel.
The English catalogue of the exhibition is available here.
For further information, please contact us at ibbyitalia@gmail.com

Silent Books Exhibition, Rome 2013. © Federica Azzanutto

Silent Books Exhibition, Rome 2013. © Federica Azzanutto

Silent Books Exhibition, Biella 2013. © Comune di Biella

Silent Books Exhibition, Rome 2013. © Federica Azzanutto

From Spain

Atrapallibres awards for children's literature

The ClijCAT established the Award for Children's Literature "Atrapallibres" (Catch-a-book) with the aim of stimulating imaginative reading in children.

With this goal, a team of experts in children's literature select three categories of books in Catalan and present them to all primary schools and libraries in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and the region of Valencia.

The selection is taken from books published between July of the previous year and June of the year in which the awards are held.

The objective of the Award for Children's Literature "Atrapallibres" is for as many children as possible to read the selected books. They then form a jury in each school or library where they present and defend the books in front of their peers and the book which seems the best to them is chosen. The idea is for the children's voices to be heard, giving them an opportunity to act as juror with consequences beyond the school and the library.

Award for Literature "Protagonista Jove"

The ClijCAT, in collaboration with the ACALI, has also established the Award for Literature "Protagonista Jove" (Young Protagonist) with the aim of stimulating imaginative reading in children.

With this goal, a team of experts in children's literature select eight books in Catalan, four for each age group, and present them to all secondary education centres and libraries in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and the region of Valencia.

The selection is taken from books published between July of the previous year and June of the year in which the awards are held.

The objective of the Award for Literature ‘Protagonista Jove’ is for as many young adults as possible to read the selected books. They then form a jury in each school or library where they present and defend the books in front of their peers and the book which seems the best to them is chosen. The idea is for the young adults' voices to be heard, giving them an opportunity to act as juror with consequences beyond the school and the library.

From Ukraine

An emphasis on children's literature

In 2013, a well-deserved emphasis has been placed on children’s literature written by many contemporary Ukrainian authors as well as translations of international children’s literature. The IV Lviv Children’s Book Forum and the XX Lviv International Book Fair & Literature Festival as well as the III International Arsenal Book Festival (held in April, May, and September) focused special attention on the art of children’s books and their creators. Together with the organizers, the children’s book publishers arranged a number of meetings with contemporary Ukrainian authors and illustrators as well as authors and illustrators whose books were translated in Ukrainian and were recently published in Ukraine. Therefore, young Ukrainian readers had a good opportunity to communicate with Polish writers Barbara Kosmovska and Joanna Jagiello, English writers Jeremy Strong and Ian Whybrow, a Lithuanian writer and illustrator Sigute Ach, as well as many other book creators from Belarus, Sweden, Poland, and Great Britain. The visiting authors and illustrators participated in many public readings, master-classes, performances, and meetings.
The IV Lviv Children’s Book Forum also held an interactive seminar Book Platform for librarians to promote an interest in reading. In addition, a big display of the children’s books that were included to the White Ravens Catalogue became a special feature of the III International Arsenal Book Festival.

Jeremy Strong.

A New Braille Book for Children

Grandpa Guram's Fairy Tales by a Georgian author Guram Petriashvili, illustrated by Daria Rakova, which was awarded The Ukrainian Best Book Award (UBBA), has been published in Braille. The book was presented to readers at the IX Kiev International Book Fair in May, 2013.  200 copies of the book were sent to special boarding schools and rehabilitation centers in Ivano-Frankivs’k, Lubny, Donetsk, and many other cities in Ukraine. Oleksandr Kinberg, a director of the Republican House of Audio and Print UTOS, comments: “… The Braille books have not been published in Ukraine for almost ten years… The condition of those books that are left as ‘a heritage’ often requires a quality…” (see The Old Lion Publishing House Facebook webpage).

iPad Books

The Ababahalamaha Publishing House and Timecode Company have started publishing iPad books for young readers. The first interactive book, The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, illustrated by Vladyslav Yerko, was created in December, 2012. The iPad book includes seven games, a number of interactive elements, puzzles, and coloring pages. The book is available in three languages, Ukrainian, Russian, and English. In addition, the iPad book was created with the intention of evoking the holiday spirit so that the readers/viewers might not only create a wintry holiday setting for themselves but also listen to the seasonal organ music. For information about this book, see: http://tinyurl.com/kw68bsf

Translated Books

Two Ukrainian folktales The Mitten and The Turnip designed by Art Studio Agrafka (Andriy Lesiv and Romana Romanyshyn) that were included to the White Ravens Catalogue (2012, 2013) were translated into English by Oksana Lushchevska (The University of Georgia) and Michael M. Naydan (The Pennsylvania State University).  The English translations were officially presented by The Navchal’na Knyha – Bohdan Publishing House at the Lviv International Book Fair & Literature Festival in September.
The Teza Publishing House presented two novels for middle grade readers, The Master of Makutsa or the Adventures of the Adder Onysko by Sashko Dermansky and Twenty Three Images of Petryk Pjatochkin by Natalia Guzejeva, in Germany. The books will soon be translated from the Ukrainian language into the German language.


From a Book to a Film

The children’s film Strong Ivan came out October 3, 2013; the trailer for the film was presented at the Cannes Film Festival, 2013. The film is based on Oleksandr Havrosh’s novel for children The Incredible Adventures of Strong Ivan published by The Old Lion Publishing House. This is a story about the Ukrainian circus athlete Ivan Firtsak who was acknowledged as the strongest man in the world in 1928 by the USA mass media. The producers of the film are Victor Andrienko and Ihor Pysmenny. Dmytro Haladzhi, a circus athlete in the USA, is a featured actor in the film. To watch the film trailer visit: http://ivan-film-ua.com/en/video

 Recent publications

Bookbird. Issue 51.3, 2013

A themed issue about multilingual children’s books, guest edited by Dr Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer of the University of Tübingen, Germany. In her introduction, Dr Kümmerling-Meibauer remarks on the importance of creating an ‘awareness that our global societies are more and more determined by heterogeneity, multilingualism, and multiculturalism. As a consequence, an increasing number of students speak different languages and are affected by diverse cultural traditions’. Reflecting such diversity is very much at the forefront of the aims of Bookbird. This issue highlights the variety of languages used within storytelling, written and oral, for children. Articles discuss the ways in which language reinforces identity, the operation of the ‘bilingual’ brain in literacy development, and multilingual and bilingual books from many different cultures and countries. Reflecting the theme of the issue, children’s books reviewed come from Venezuela, Iran, USA, China, Norway, Germany and Iceland. The acceptance speeches of the two winners of the 2012 Hans Christian Andersen Award (Maria Teresa Andruetto and Peter Sís) also in this issue, amply demonstrate the importance of reaching out to children’s literature in many languages, and, as Peter Sís says in his speech, ‘thank you IBBY, for building the bridges [to do this] all over the planet’.

Bookbird. Issue 51.4, 2013

The variety to be found in children’s books is strongly represented in this issue. Articles range from a consideration of ‘death’ in picturebooks by four recent Hans Christian Award recipients, to a discussion focused on a graphic novel adaptation of a 17th-century Dutch explorer’s journal. In between, many issues to do with ethnicity, class and identity are raised in articles dealing with representation of immigrants in Portugese children’s literature, Communist Albanian children’s literature and media, the Black community in Nova Scotia and the role of teachers in mediating the messages concerning values and morals in South African reading books. All of these articles, while focused on specific societies, have international application, as do the practical articles describing specific reading projects in Brazil, the Caribbean and Flanders. Added to this, news from The International Youth Library in Munich features author Joke van Leeuwen, winner of the James Krüss Award, and the very important work of the IBBY Documentation Centre of Books for Disabled for Young People, now moving from Norway to Toronto, is described. There is a substantial review section concerning books about children’s books, and shorter reviews of children’s books from different parts of the world. And, for the record, there is a list of the nominees for the 2014 Hans Christian Andersen Award.

Bookbird can be read on-line through Project Muse.
To subscribe, please fill out this form. More information on: IBBY's website.

Enfants en temps de guerre et littératures de jeunesse (XXe-XXIe siècles) [Children in the time of war and youth literature (20th-21st centuries)]

Proceedings of a seminar on "Children in the time of war and youth literature (20th-21st centuries)", addressing the role and the place of children facing war in children's literature. The seminar was held on 18-19 November 2012, and organized by the French National Centre for Children's literature - IBBY France (French National Library) together with the Blaise Pascal University of Clermont-Ferrand - Research Centre on Literatures et Socio-poetry, and in collaboration with the French Association for Research on books and cultural objects of childhood (AFRELOCE).

The table of contents can be found here.

Enfants en temps de guerre et littératures de jeunesse (XXe-XXIe siècles) [Children in the time of war and youth literature (20th-21st centuries)], BNF/PUBP, 2013. PUBP: ISBN 978-2-35494-051-5, BNF: ISBN 978-2-84516-631-8, 23 €. Can be bought online at www.lcdpu.fr

Escales en littérature de jeunesse [Stopovers in Children's literature]

The French National Centre for Children's literature - IBBY France (French National Library) has put together a selection of 4200 titles for children and young adults, from 6 months to 14 years old. This selection, made of books available on the market, is classified by categories (picture books, novels, comic books, theatre, etc.) and proposes also books in Braille. The books having a digital version are marked by a pictogramme. An publication that will help people navigate between the immense production of books for children and young adults in French, including books published in Africa, the Arab World, the Carribeans and the Indian Ocean. A must have for everyone interested in books for children and young adults in French.

Escales en littérature de jeunesse [Stopovers in Children's literature]. CNLJ - IBBY France, Editions du Cercle de la librairie, 2013. ISBN 978-2-7654-1405-6. 49 €.

Upcoming events

November 2013, March 2014


27 November - 2 December 2013

Montreuil Children's Book Fair, France

Theme: Heroes. Guest of honour: South Africa.

For more information: www.salon-livre-presse-jeunesse.net


21 - 24 March 2014

Paris Book Fair, Porte de Versailles, France

Guests of honour: Argentina and the city of Shanghai

For more information: http://www.salondulivreparis.com

24 - 27 March 2013

Bologna Children's Book Fair, Italy

Guest of honour: Brazil.

For more information: http://www.bookfair.bolognafiere.it


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Clive Barnes (IBBY UK)
Valerie Coghlan (Bookbird)
Majo de Saedeleer (IBBY Belgium)
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Maria Kulik (IBBY Poland)
Oksana Lushchevska (University of Georgia, for IBBY Ukraine)
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Erik Titusson (IBBY Sweden)
Serpil Ural (IBBY Turkey)

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