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Greetings from Bologna!
IBBY Congress 2012
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Dear colleagues from the European sections of IBBY,

We hope you enjoyed the November issue of our Newsletter! This new issue provides information about the European regional meeting in Bologna, pictures from the book fair, the latest news about the London Congress 2012 and echoes from what has been happening in the European national sections.

We also have some exciting news to share: the IBBY Europe Facebook group has been created for you! Find out all about it in the regional meeting's report!

Special thanks to David Pintor who has designed a new header for this issue, as well as the avatar for our Facebook group.

Please don't hesitate to send us your comments and requests - we eagerly await your input! Please send your e.mails to the following addresses: wally.de.doncker@telenet.be and hasmig.chahinian@bnf.fr

All the best!

Wally De Doncker and Hasmig Chahinian

Greetings from Bologna!

A view of the central exhibition
dedicated to Lithuanian illustrators.
© Hasmig Chahinian


IBBY Press Conference
Presentation of the IBBY World Congress London 2012
from left to right: Ahmad Redza Ahmad Khairruddin, Ann Lazim, Kathy Lemaire,
Liz Page. © Wally De Doncker

IBBY Press Conference Bologna 2011,
International Children's Books Day 2011 sponsored by IBBY Estonia.
From left to right: Viive Noor, Kätlin Kaldmaa, Liz Page.
© Wally De Doncker

Frances Plumpton, from New Zealand, is ecstatic:
the 2016 IBBY Congress will be held in New Zealand...
© Hasmig Chahinian

Presentation 'Libri Russi Insiemi' left to right: Nikolai Popov,
Anastasia Arkhipova, Vladimir Semenikhin at the Russian stand.
© Wally De Doncker

The IBBY Italy stand displayed materials
sent by some of the European National sections.
© Hasmig Chahinian

IBBY Congress 2012

The 33rd IBBY World Congress will be held in London 23-26 August 2012 – the first IBBY Congress in the UK since the 18th Congress in Cambridge in 1982. The venue is Imperial College London in the capital's cultural heartland: close to the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Science and Natural History Museums and Hyde Park just a short walk away.

The theme is Crossing Boundaries: Translations and Migrations and the Congress will explore these topics from a variety of angles and viewpoints. Including translations between languages and the migration of people and the stories they carry with them. It will also encompass translations and migrations across media, for example from book to film or theatre.

Speakers so far confirmed are:

1. Shaun Tan, Australian illustrator of The Arrival and The Rabbits both of which deal with themes relating to migration. Recently he has won an Oscar for the Best Short Animated Film for The Lost Thing as well as the 2011 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

2. Patsy Aldana, former President of IBBY, and publisher of Groundwood Books in Canada where she has published many translated and culturally diverse books.

3. Emer O'Sullivan of Lüneberg University in Germany who has written and lectured extensively about children's literature in translation, including Kinderliterarische Komparatistik.

Visit the Congress website www.ibbycongress2012.org for current information about the speakers and register for updates.
In addition to individual plenary speakers, panels and 'in conversation' sessions on a range of relevant topics are planned. There will also be parallel seminar sessions: the call for papers is now live on the Congress website with a deadline for submission of 30 June 2011.

IBBY UK looks forward to welcoming IBBY friends from around the world to London in August 2012!

Echoes from the European sections

From Poland...
Best books from Poland!

More than 200 people gathered in the Central Library Conference Hall for the "Book of the Year 2010 " prize-giving gala. The Polish Section of IBBY organizes this annual competition. The jury examined more than 150 books published in 2010 and nominated 30 in the literature and graphic categories. Four awards and seven honorary mentions were announced. Barbara Gawryluk, writer and journalist received a special award for promoting reading in her radio broadcast. The writer and playwright Maciej Wojtyszko and the illustrator Andrzej Strumiłło received medals from IBBY Poland for their lifelong achievements in the field of Children’s Literature.

The award for "best author" was given to:

  • Maria Ewa Letki for The Enchanted Stories, published by Bajka. Category: Children's books

    Eleven tales about the things which, in everyday life, are usually noticed only by the most sensitive ones: about joy, desire, sadness, indecision – feelings that can't be "seen" with cold, bare eyes observing human beings. Just a little empathy is needed to see this invisible and enchanted world...
Maria Ewa Letki and her publisher
© Dorota Skotnicka
  • Marcin Szczygielski for Omega, published by Latarnik.
    Category: Teenagers' books

    One day the life of 12 years old Omega turns into a computer game. The key to reach the next level of the game is by implementing and solving tasks and commands sent via SMS. Any failure may result in losing her life...
Marcin Szczygielski
© Dorota Skotnicka

The award "best illustrator" was given to:

  • Barbara Dubus for the book Thekla and The Boys, graphic design by Anny Niemierko, text by Barbara and Thekla Dubus, published by Wytwórnia.

    The visual narration is lead in a simple way without unnecessary blathering and communicative noises that would break the reception of the content.

    Motivation of nomination: for elegance and for introducing the reader into a completly different world from the one usually imagined!
  • Monika Hanulak for Pampilio, text by Irena Tuwim, published by Wytwórnia.

    Monika Hanulak uses expressive spots, almost fluorescent colours. She is able to find her way easily in the world of the most modern iconography with its mighty literary references.

    Motivation for nomination: for artistic bravery and consequent implementation of the design’s concept and for artistic maturity".

International Children’s Book Day celebrations in Poland

The ICBD festival was celebrated in Poland during the whole of April this year. The festival started in Gdansk where the local library commemorated Andersen's birthday with the artistic workshop The Magic suitcase and a large quiz for book-readers.

Eneduerabe Publishing House (holder of many IBBY rewards) organized the Book Picnic in Gdynia with author/illustrator Paweł Pawlak, 2005 winner of a BIB Golden Apple.

The Montesorri kindergarten in Łódź organized the exhibition Childhood's Favourite Books with the help of the children's parents inspired by the poster The Book Remembers.

In Łódź the On the Wave. Reading in the boat festival included many schools and kindergartens reading and being told Andersen's fairy tales, some of them simply read on the school playgrounds.

The Lublin exhibition Contest and Rewards of the IBBY Polish Section presented illustrations of Maria Ekier, winner of a BIB Plaque in 2007.

The name of the town "Łódź" means "boat", by being translated into English the play on words is sadly lost.

© Maria Ekier

From Belgium...

Award for the Best Children's Books Teacher of Flanders

The Award for the Best Children's Books Teacher of Flanders pays special attention to the daily efforts of reading promotion teachers. A jury comprising publishers, a former Best Children's Books teacher, reading promoters and authors, greatly appreciates their work with children's books. The Award has been presented for the seventh time.
Presentation of the Award for Best Children's Books Teacher of Flanders 2011. © Wally De Doncker

Three Countries Conference

From 24- 26 February 2011 IBBY Flanders, IBBY Netherlands and the German Friedrich Bödecker Kreis organized the Three Countries Conference in Antwerp. More than 200 participants (authors, illustrators, translators, researchers, reviewers…) were present. There were lectures and panel sessions around the central theme: Childhood Image.
ANTWERP, Three Countries IBBY Conference, February 26, 2011
Andrea Kluitmann (interpreter, D), Illustrators: Carll Cneut (B), Jan Jutte (NL), Rotraut Susanne Berner (D), moderator Annemie Leysen (B). © Wally De Doncker


Libbylit, a publication dedicated to chidren's books and reading
in French-speaking Belgium

In 1992, after creating the French-speaking section of IBBY in Belgium, some 'crazy' people from the French-speaking part of Belgium thought that it would be a good idea to have a publication that described the various activities around children's literature in Belgium every two months.

Now in June 2011, nineteen years later, we are proud to announce that we are about to publish issue number 100 now under the name Libbylit. Throughout all these years this revue has encountered many changes: from a two-page publication at the start, to between 80 and 100 pages, depending of the number of subjects and books that are reviewed, today!

The publication contains many sections:
- the first section is devoted to the activities (seminaries, exhibitions, theatre, cinema, tales...) related youth literature in Belgium, France.

- the second section talks about the professional publications, with short summaries of some of the more interesting articles.

- the third part – the largest – contains the critiques of all the books and albums received by the French branch of Belgian IBBY from the publishers. We actually receive books (only in French) from about 80 publishers (Belgian, French, Swiss, Canadian). With the help of about 20 peoples who read the books and write the critiques, we are able to cover about 250 to 300 books every two months.

This publication is the only one of this kind in the French speaking part of Belgium (including also Brussels).

For information on how to subscribe, please visit Libbylit's page.

Couverture de Libbylit

From Germany...

The German Youth Literature Award

The German Youth Literature Award (Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis) is the only state-sponsored award for literature in Germany, established by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth in 1956. Organized by the Association for Children's and Youth Literature (Arbeitskreis für Jugendliteratur): German IBBY, the prize is awarded annually for outstanding works of literature for young people. The object is to increase the public interest in children's and young people's literature. And, at the same time, to raise awareness of new releases and developments in literature for young people.

The five categories are: Best Picture Book, Best Children's Book, Best Youth Book, Best Non-Fiction Book, as well as Choice of the Youth Jury. The awards are presented during the Frankfurt Book Fair and each winning title receives 8,000 Euros. Since the establishment of the prize, books and their authors from different countries have been recognized, including non-German speakers. In addition, a special annual award for lifetime achievement is given to a German author, illustrator or translator in rotation.

The list of nominated titles for 2011 can be found at: http://www.djlp.jugendliteratur.org/nominierungen_bilderbuch-9.html

From France...

Seminar on children's books from Nordic countries

On 22 March the National Centre for Children's Literature - La Joie par les livres / IBBY France organized a seminar about children's books from the Nordic countries at the Swedish Institute in Paris. As guests of honour of the 2011 Paris Book Fair, the Nordic countries have been widely celebrated. Among the contributors to this seminar were the Norwegian author and illustrator Stian Hole, famous for his character of Garmann; the writers Bodil Bredsdorff, Maria Parr, Seita Parkkola, Magnus Nordin, Ingrid Olsson and Jørn Riel. The French librarians attending the seminar welcomed this rare opportunity to learn more about Nordic countries' literature.

Left to right: Stian Hole and Jean-Baptiste Coursaud, his translator.
© Anne-Laure Cognet

From Finland...

Under the grass roof

© Maija Korhonen and Kaisa Torkki.

IBBY Finland has co-operated for many years with the Kenyan OSBECARF (Osiri Beach Education and Career Forum). The writer and lecturer Adrian Onyando and his wife, pedagogue Beatrice Ogwe Onyando lead this Forum and undertake voluntary work for the poor village Osiri Beach and its numerous children. We met Adrian Onyando for the first time at the IBBY congress in Cape Town in 2004.

In December-January 2010-2011 a group of six members of IBBY Finland, carried out a well-planned programme at Osiri Beach, near Homa Bay, with one of the main objectives being to organize the library of Osiri Beach. For many years IBBY Finland has collected and sent English books for the library. The accompanying art workshop held at the library reinforced the children's identity and initiative in many ways and they created illustrations of great originality for an ABC-book in Luo-language.

The Kenyan-Finnish cookery and baking workshops led to cheerful cultural exchange and the Finnish tent sauna soon ended any remaining prejudices!

Literacy and education are further ways to support the progress at Osiri Beach. Currently IBBY Finland is sponsoring the education of 15 girls so that they have the opportunity to study and learn a profession.

"It was a great joy for us to meet all these girls. Their progress gives hope for the better future of the whole village", says Maija Karjalainen, President of IBBY Finland.

More information on : IBBY Finland's website

© Maija Korhonen and Kaisa Torkki.

From Italy...

ABC Africa Books Children

The ABC Africa Books Children exhibition that was displayed at the Sala Borsa Library in Bologna from 28 March to 15 April, presented a collection of 100 children's books about Africa: picture books, non-fiction books, folktales, novels, all written by African authors or by non-Africans who wish to share their vision of Africa. The exhibition offers a journey through the culture and the imaginative world of Sub-Saharan Africa.
The exhibition was promoted by the Giannino Stoppani cultural co-operative, one of the main founders of the Italian section of IBBY, in collaboration with CEFA, an organization working with African Countries and promoting African literature in Bologna and its region. A catalogue of the exhibition is available. For more information please write to info@gianninostoppani.it
Round tables on children's literature and reading in Africa took place during the Bologna International Children's Books Fair at the Illustrators Café and at the Sala Borsa library in the city; Véronique Tadjo, author, poet and illustrator from the Ivory Coast and Viviana Quiñones from the National Centre for Children's Literature – La Joie par les livres in Paris, were invited to take part in these events.

The project represents a step towards Africa; it aims at opening new partnerships and creating ties with Africa in order to bring us closer to this continent.

Cover ABC Africa Books Children

From The Netherlands...
The Children's Books Museum in The Hague

The totally renovated Children's Books Museum in The Hague was opened by Children's Director Laura van der Eijk (eight years old) attended by hundreds of children's book authors and illustrators during a very festive event. The Museum lets you into the literary lazy-letter-land called 'Papiria' (until December 2016).
THE HAGUE (The Netherlands) Opening New Children's Books Museum, December 8, 2010.
© Wally De Doncker

Upcoming events
June 2011

3-5 June 2011
Children's Book Fair, Krakow, Poland

The aim of the Children's Book Fair is to introduce children to the world of books, and to show parents how colourful and rich in values the Polish children's books market is. The idea behind the event is to create a three-day playground for children; hence toys, games and educational software will be presented alongside new books. At the fair community centres and activity clubs for parents will present alternative ways of using free time for both children and their parents.

More information at Children's Book Fair


8-10 June 2011
International Conference "Picture & Text", Tallinn, Estonia

The conference will be held at Tallinn University. Sub-themes:

  • Picture books
  • Digital books for children
  • Development of children's literature in Eastern Europe
  • Comparative studies in children's literature
  • Childhood influenced by multimedia

More information on: Conference Picture & Text

July 2011
  15-16 July
Conference: "Mervyn Peake and the Fantasy Tradition: A Centenary Conference", Chichester, UK

An international conference hosted by the Department of English and Creative Writing at the University of Chichester, in collaboration with the Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy. Bishop Otter Campus, Chichester, West Sussex, UK.

For more information: Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy

August 2011

August 28 - September 2
"Kein Kinderspiel!" [No child's play!], a workshop for translators, Hamburg, Germany

Organized by the Arbeitskreis für Jugendliteratur (IBBY Germany) in cooperation with Robert Bosch Stiftung, this seminar focuses on contemporary developments of German literature for young readers: the significant challenges of translating processes as well as the roles of translators will be discussed. Furthermore, participants will meet professionals of the German book sector, such as authors, illustrators, editors and publishers. The workshop will be held in German. Professional translators who translate German literature for young people into their native language are invited to apply for participation. All languages are welcome, with special attention to minority languages. Board and lodging during the seminar as well as a travel allowance will be provided.

Deadline for applications: May 2 2011.

For more information: "Kein Kinderspiel!"

September 2011

2 September - 26 October
Bienále Ilustrácií Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia

For more information : http://www.bib-slovakia.sk/

7 - 9 September
IBBY International Executive Committee meeting, Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium
Hosted by IBBY Flanders
March 2012

10 March
Children’s Books Week. Flanders, Belgium

Theme: Animals

For more information: http://www.stichtinglezen.be/content.aspx?l=009.003.003

15 - 18 March
Leipziger Buchmesse, Leipzig, Germany

The Leipzig Book Fair is the second largest book fair in Germany. As the first great trade meeting of the year it plays an important role in the market and is often where new publications are first presented. The particular aim of the fair is to be for the public (in contrast to Frankfurt Book Fair, which sees a much larger volume of industry trading) and to emphasize the relationship between authors and visitors. Therefore, Leipzig hosts over 1,800 events during the four-day fair - both in the city and at the fairground - which makes it one of the largest events of its kind in Europe.

For more information: http://www.leipziger-buchmesse.de/

August 2012
23-26 August
IBBY World Congress, London, UK

33rd IBBY International Congress. "Crossing Boundaries: Translations and Migrations". Imperial College, London.

For more information: IBBY Congress 2012

Kristina Bernd (IBBY Germany)
Anne-Laure Cognet (IBBY France)
Anna Maria Czernow (IBBY Poland)
Ewa Gruda (IBBY Poland)
Maija Karjalainen (IBBY Finland)
Maija Korhonen (IBBY Finland)
Maria Kulik (IBBY Poland)
Ann Lazim (IBBY UK)
Mare Müürsepp (IBBY Estonia)
Robert Schmidt (IBBY Belgium)
Dorota Skotnicka (IBBY Poland)
Marcella Terrusi (IBBY Italy)
Michal Zajac (IBBY Poland)

And special thanks to David Pintor, the designer of the header, and to Liz Page, our very special proof-reader!

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