Our latest Newsletter is packed with news from across Europe, ranging from Armenia to Spain, Iceland to Turkey - and many sections in between; thank you for sending us your articles detailing projects, events and activities. Do encourage your members to keep records - especially photographs - it really does help us feel part of one organisation. It is also much appreciated if you can supply links to your website and Facebook page if appropriate.

It was a great pleasure to meet so many from the European sections at our meeting in Bologna; the report of this meeting is now available. It was particularly pleasing to be able to welcome Hungary, one of our newest members; we send our best wishes to Bosnia and Herzegovina and look forward to meeting you. However, it is with sadness we report that Portugal is no longer one of our family; let us hope this situation will not last for long. The session was friendly and enjoyable enabling sections to exchange views and opinions. You will see that we were able to make decisions that will move the IBBY Europe website on, ensuring it does become the tool we hope for. The group also expressed an ambition to hold a Europe Region conference in the not -too-distant future. This needs more thought but we hope everyone will be able to support this.

Bologna was exciting. The IBBY stand vibrant and welcoming with the displays of the IBBY Honour List Books and the 2015 selection of Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities, as well as Bookbird and the flyers for the 35th Congress in New Zealand. There was great excitement when it was announced that the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award had been given to PRAESA. It was also very satisfying to learn that the wonderful Roger Mello original print auctioned to raise money for Children in Crisis Fund had been won by Nami Island.

Thank you all that have made this newsletter possible - Hasmig Chahinian for her support in creating it; Liz Page who has proofread the material and David Pinter for his attractive, exciting design of the April 2015 header.

Ferelith Hordon and Vagn Plenge

Greetings from Bologna!

 3 questions to... Pam Dix

In this column we address 3 questions to a member of a European Section of IBBY.

In this issue, meet Pam Dix from IBBY UK!

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1. What led you - or, maybe, inspired - you to join IBBY?

Well, I think I have been an IBBY member since the late 1980s. I have always been concerned to reflect a global perspective in my library work and teaching, particularly since I lived in India and Nepal in the 1970s.
I have been an active IBBY UK committee member since 2009, prompted by the excitement of planning the IBBY Congress in London in 2012.
IBBY also fits well alongside the other voluntary work that I do in Kenya, where I am the chair of a small charity involved with libraries and education in Coast Province.

2. What do you see as some major achievements of IBBY UK, and what challenges face the section?

IBBY UK is a survivor – I am not sure when the section was first established but I know that it has been through many iterations during its long history. I recently met an ex-publisher at a party who had been chair back in the 1970s and he had some interesting stories to tell of the organisation in those days.
I think that financial stability is the biggest challenge and this has always been the case. Balancing the income from membership with the dues we pay to IBBY is a constant struggle and we have always to look for ways of generating income. Also the children’s book world in the UK is very busy and full of excellent organisations so we have to work hard to prove our value to potential members. The annual conference at the National Centre for Children’s Literature at Roehampton University is key to this and it certainly now has a well-established place in the UK calendar.
Recently we have focused on developing our website and our social media activities. Our journal IBBYLINK is also very well respected – published three times a year so this is also a big commitment.

Pam Dix, IBBY UK Chair,
with Honour Book illustrator Sarah Garland.

The 2012 Congress in London gave us a great deal of local publicity and we have been trying to build on this to raise our profile and demonstrate that our work reflects all sectors of the children’s book world. We have a regular events programme, have consulted widely with members about the various award nominations and we have a programme to meet with potential partners in the UK. We want to make sure that everyone has the chance to see the work of IBBY so we currently have the 2014 Honours List books for the Illustration category, on tour in the UK and we hope to do the same with the latest Disability Collection.
Diversity and translation are our two key work focus areas currently.

3. How does IBBY UK view the situation of translations of children's books in terms of the range of languages and cultures represented and is it something that an IBBY section should be concerned about, or can do something to improve?

The UK is a particular situation and this has had a lot of publicity recently recently. Unlike most European countries only a very small % (about 2) of children’s books published here are translations from other countries. It is one part of our work programme and has a great boost with two BBC Radio 4 programmes recently, one by  David Almond and one by Daniel Hahn, plus there was  an impassioned plea by Kevin Crossley Holland at the recent Marsh Awards for Children’s Literature in Translation. We have been looking at Mexican Spanish books as Mexico is the market focus at the London Book Fair in April this year. We have some seminars at the LBF and have collaborated with the Guardian children’s books website to showcase some Mexican illustrators from mid April. This could be the start of a country series. It is a wonderful website if you don’t know it.

We are equally concerned about the availability of books in other languages in the UK. We have a very diverse population whose children should be able to read books in their own languages and we want to make sure that libraries and schools have books which allow children to develop or maintain fluency in their home language/s.

Echoes from the European sections

From Sweden

IBBY Sweden – annual meeting

Recently the Swedish section of IBBY held its annual meeting. Ulla Hjorton was selected as new president of the section.

In conjunction with the meeting, the winner of the Peter Pan Award was announced: Guji-Guji by Chih-Yuan Chen (TAIWAN).

The Peter Pan Award is IBBY Sweden's own award presented to the best translated book of the previous year. As part of the award, the writer/illustrator is invited to the Gothenburg Book Fair in September. We are delighted that Chih-Yuan Chen has confirmed that he will be able to come and we look forward to welcoming him to Sweden. The Peter Pan Award is one way that IBBY Sweden promotes literature in translation.

Picture book of the year – Dom som är kvar

Each year the award Snöbollen is presented to the best Swedish picture book of the previous year. This year's winner is Dom som är kvar (rough trans: Those still here) by Karin Saler (text) and Siri Ahmed Backström (illustration). The book is a poetic depiction of a family in mourning.  How those still here search for a new way of living, even though a close relative is not among them. Published by URAX (www.uraxforlag.se).


In April the literary festival LITTERALUND will take place in Lund, in the south of Sweden. Among the many prominent guests is HC ANDERSEN AWARD-recipient David Almond (UK).  For more information and full programme: http://www.litteralund.se/

From Armenia

"Young adults and the environment"contest and workshop

In 2014 IBBY Armenia presented its project “Young adults and the environment” for support from the 2015 IBBY-Yamada Fund. In January 2015 the successful projects were announced, amongst which was the project of IBBY Armenia.  In the frame of the project there will be a contest and master-classes for the young writers and illustrators given by a well-known writer and an illustrator from aboard.  The aim of the project is to develop the professional skills of our young writers and illustrators. The project will be implemented in phases and will take place over the year. The end prize will be the publication of a book based on the best three works in each category.

The 11th Yerevan Children's Book Fair

Book Giving Day has been celebrated on 19th January since 2008 and it has become the tradition among Armenians to give each other books on this day. In 2015, IBBY Armenia, the National Children’s Library of Armenia, and the Armenian Publishers Association, with support of the Ministry of Culture, organized and implemented the 11th Yerevan Children’s Book Fair.  The Fair was held 19-21 February. Within the frame of this annual cultural event Armenian publishers presented their best works of recent years. The Fair hosted many writers, intellectuals, school children, teachers, students and guests from various cultural and other organizations.

Armenia participated in the 17th International Storytelling Festival in Iran

The 17th International Storytelling Festival organized by the Iranian Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA), was held February 15-20 in the western city of Kermanshah in the cultural centre of KANOON.  Among the 12 foreign storytellers was a participant from Armenia: the storyteller from the National Children’s Library, Iskuhi Avetisyan.  During the festival she presented two sententious tales. All the participants took part in the master classes and meetings focussed on storytelling.

Children's book and music week

Since 1997, International Children’s Book Day has been celebrated on 2 April to celebrate the birth of Hans Christian Andersen. In 2015 IBBY Armenia with the National Children’s Library, organized the Children’s Book and Music week from 26 March to 2 April.

The opening ceremony was held at the National Children’s Library after Khnko Aper. At the opening an exhibition of works by the pupils of the Library’s art group was launched.  Various events were held in the library during the week, such as book presentations and discussions, musical performances, contests, storytelling and other interesting events. On ICBD - 2 April, the closing day of the week, an event devoted to the 75th anniversary of the Armenian children’s writer Ervand Petrosyan as well as a meeting of writers.

IBBY Armenia "Storytelling days"

Within the framework of IBBY Armenia’s activities, various events for children and young people were organized. One of the favourites among the children are the “Storytelling Days”, which are regularly organized during the month in the hall of the Fairy-tales of the National Children’s Library of Armenia.

During the event Ambassadors to the Republic of Armenia, Armenian writers, and the storytellers of the National Children’s Library of Armenia read different fairy tales to the children. During these days the children can hear fairy tales from various countries and culture in different languages. The storytellers also told the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen.

From France

Discovering Brazilian children's literature

IBBY France's seminar “Reading in the original language” dedicated this year to Brazil, the guest of honour of the Paris Book Fair 2015, was held on March 24, at the Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian, in Paris. An opportunity to embark on a journey to Brazil, to discover its literature for children through the works of renown authors, such as Ana Maria Machado (Hans Christian Andersen award winner in 2000) or Daniel Munduruku, and of famous illustrators, such as Roger Mello (Hans Christian Andersen award winner in 2014). The question of children's access to books in the Favelas and of the presence of Brazilian books in France was also addressed.

The seminar was a great opportunity for two IBBY sections to work together : Elizabeth Serra, from Fundação Nacional do Livro Infantil e Juvenil - IBBY Brazil, was IBBY France's major partner in this respect. She contributed to the organization of the event and her presentation, during the seminar, introduced the audience to the long-term work of IBBY Brazil and its positive impact on Brazilian children's literature. The programme can be downloaded here.

IBBY Brazil was also of a major help in putting together Cap sur le Brésil, the issue of La Revue des livres pour enfants focused on children's literature and reading in Brazil (n° 281, February 2015). The table of contents and the editorial can be downloaded here.

Hasmig Chahinian (IBBY France) interviews Ana Maria Machado.
© Joel-Franz Rosell
  Elizabeth Serra (IBBY Brazil) presents a panorama of children's
literature in Brazil. © Ioanna Kouki

IBBY France's candidates for the 2016 Hans Christian Andersen Award

Timothée de Fombelle (writing) and François Place (illustration) are IBBY France's candidates for the 2016 Hans Christian Andersen Award. François Place was shortlisted for the 2014 HCA Award.

It's maybe not a coincidence that these two men have already worked together: François Place has illustrated the two volumes of Tobie Lolness as well as Victoria rêve, written by Timothée de Fombelle. They both have a unique talent in storytelling, in words or images; they embark the reader on a journey to unknown lands, unseen times, yet their stories feel real, authentic, profundly human. Their works, translated into several languages, are enthusiasticly loved by readers worldwide.
Timothée de Fombelle. © Marc Ollivier   François Place. © Claire Place

IBBY France invited to Sharjah Children's Reading Festival by UAEBBY

The UAE Board on Books for Young People (UAEBBY) hosted representatives from the French section of IBBY as its guests of honour during the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival and several school visits from April 25th to April 30th. The French guests were Hasmig Chahinian (IBBY France), Claire Ubac, a prize-winning children's book author, and Antoine Guilloppé, a well-known illustrator of children's literature.

Through this initiative, UAEBBY and IBBY France sought to encourage reading among French-speaking students in the UAE and introduce quality children's literature. Speaking about the visit, Marwa Al Aqroubi, President of the UAEBBY, remarked: "Providing high quality children's books for young people in the region and beyond in order to inspire a love of reading is our main goal. As there is a diverse community of French speakers in the UAE, we want to ensure French children's books and young adult novels are available in all our French schools and educational institutions. The visit from Hasmig Chahinian and some talented members of the French literary community was an effective way stimulating young minds and feeding students' imaginations in Sharjah and Dubai."


The French National Centre for Children's Literature (IBBY France) is organizing an international seminar dedicated to criticism in children's literature, its actors in the XX and XXI centuries, the diversity of its forms and the means it uses, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of "La Revue des livres pour enfants", the critical journal on children's literature.
The deadline for submissions is May 15, 2015.
Download the call for contributions at: http://bit.ly/1crS19p

From Iceland

International Children's Book Day in Iceland

It took us here at the Icelandic IBBY headquarters a few years to figure out how we could celebrate the International Children's Book Day in a manner that would really capture the attention of the nation. In 2011 we found the answer - we commissioned a respected and much-read author to pen a short story for readers aged 6-16 years old. We then asked the schools to set aside time for a national storytime - and at 9:10 every schoolchild aged 6-16 sat down to listen to a brand new short story. Some of them listened to a teacher or a classmate read the story, but most of them listened to a radio broadcast, since the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service joined the project. That way we managed to capture the attention of adult listeners as well, and it is fair to say that most homes in Iceland had at least heard of the story - if not heard it itself - by the end of the day.

In 2015 the fifth story was read to the students and this year Gunnar Helgason penned a hilarious story that featured both awkward romance and cringe worthy episodes of flatulence, much to the delight of the audience. 

Gunnar Helgason, author of Liquorice - Or: Crime and Punishment,
and Guðni Kolbeinsson, author, translator and winner of
the Sögusteinn award 2015. © Rósa Harðardóttir.

The project has grown since we began - we've found a new collaborator: an independent provider of educational materials donates a bundle of projects and worksheets for teachers to use in the classroom after the story has been read.

As April 2nd fell on the Easter Holiday this year, we chose to celebrate the day a week later, on April 9th. The festivities ended at the City Library where we held an award ceremony where one of Iceland's best translators was given our highest honour: Sögusteinn.

We are, of course, hard at work at all our regular events, but what occupies most of our thoughts now that the ICBD is over is the publication of a new anthology of Icelandic children's literature that we'll give to children starting their schooling this autumn. We've found several supporters for the project and hope to be, in this manner, able to ensure the continued rememberance of some of Iceland's best out-of-print classics. We've secured funding to be able to give the book to all Icelandic children born in 2009 and 2010. The book will also be available for sale in most bookshops.

From Cyprus

Cyprus IBBY organized many events this season, celebrating its 40 years of existence and contribution.  Events were organized to promote children’s literature in various ways, addressing to a wide range of audiences:


Words, thoughts... Come and play with us! (Lexeis, skepseis... Ela gia na paixeis!)

A creative writing seminar for senior elementary school children in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Pedagogical Institute and many prominent authors of Cyprus. Authors and children united to play with words and thoughts and create stories, fairy tales and poetry entering the paths of literature and creativity.

The authors and organizers of the "Words, thoughts... Come and play with us!" seminar.

Illustration presentation and workshop for teachers

A Bookmind workshop meeting for teachers: The Psychosocial Health of Children and Teenagers

Using the books of Child and Teenager Psychosocial Health Corporation, the Cyprus Assosiation on Books for Young People organized a series of workshops for teachers and educators with Greek and Cypriot authors and illustrators to promote the utilization of books that can provide psychological support to youngsters.


The three Hierarchs – Saints of Education:
Authors – Illustrators and children meet in schools, libraries, bookstores and publishing houses to celebrate the bright minds of wisdom, education, literature and kindness (January 30th) by reading stories, illustrating pictures, learning how to create a book or making crafts - having fun with literary books.

Woman's Day and literature: May I have some tea with my book please?
Every year in March, Cyprus IBBY honours the Cypriot ladies of literature, on Woman's Day (March 8th),  by organizing a beautiful tea-event and presenting the works of women – authors who offered a great deal in Cyprus children’s literature. This year Nitsa Anastasiou Solomonidou, Lefi koupepidou and Maroula Anastasiou Makariou were honoured. In this ceremony the IBBY Honour List diplomas 2014 were also presented to Eleni Artemiou Fotiadou (Author) and Frixos Michaelides (illustrator).

International Poetry Day: Literature, men and poetry
Cyprus IBBY could not leave men of literature out of the picture. So we organized an event to honour and presented three male poets of Cyprus: Antreas Constantinides, Antonis Pillas and Nicos Pentaras, celebrating  the Poetry Day  (March 21st).

Cyprus IBBY seminar: My country’s ABCs
A seminar for teachers, entitled “The language books of elementary schools from the creation of the Greek state until today. The parallel story of the books and the country”,  with Dr Yiannis Bartzis, School advisor and author, in cooperation with the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus.

From Turkey

20th anniversary dinner

Turkish IBBY (CGYD) members celebrated their 20th anniversary. The celebrations took place during the first day of Istanbul Book Fair.  The party started with a vibrant cocktail, during which interviews were held with the members.  These interviews were turned into a short video to be used for the campaign to create awareness for CGYD.  Musicians who are students of Göknil Genc (musician and children's book author) gave a short concert.  After the concert, a storyteller took stage.  The party concluded with the 20th anniversary cake.  Another video of a metaphorical story about the preparation of the cake, symbolizing the establishment of CGYD, was prepared to raise funds for the association.

Cem Gülgel (viola) and Sinancan Caglar (violin)

Stone painting breakfast

With the sponsorship of Redhouse Kidz Publishing, Turkish IBBY (CGYD) organized a "Stone Painting Breakfast".  Illustrators, writers and editors gathered and painted the most creative and colourful stones along with coffee, tea, sandwiches and a lot of laughter.  The painted stones were exhibited and sold during the association's 20th Anniversary Celebration Dinner.  The funds raised will be used for various activities of CGYD.  

Getting ready for two major events

While CGYD was getting ready for the 36th IBBY Congress which will be held in Istanbul in 2018,  the members were delighted with the news that Turkey will be the Guest of Honour in 2020 in Bologna Children's Book Fair.  Apparently Turkish children's book industry will be quite busy for the next five years. 

From Austria

Österreichische Gesellschaft für Kinder- und Jugendliteraturforschung (ÖG-KJL)

The Austrian Society for Children’s and Youth Literature Research (ÖG-KJLF) is a platform whose purpose it is to initiate and promote research in the field of children’s and youth literature. The Society sees itself as a scholarly-oriented extension to the established institutions promoting children’s literature and serves as an intermediary between the relevant teaching and research activities at Austrian universities and teacher education schools.

Special publications:

Libri liberorum was launched in July 2000 as the newsletter of the Austrian Society for Children’s and Youth Literature Research (ÖG-KJLF) and became a scholarly journal in 2010 with the aim of promoting and coordinating research into historical and contemporary children’s literature at various Austrian institutions of higher learning. This includes scholarly contributions, reports on research projects and conferences, abstracts of relevant theses written at universities, bibliographies and book reviews as well as information on the activities of the society itself.

The journal Libri liberorum also serves as the basis for communication with international institutions in the field of children’s and youth literature research as well as among scholars from various disciplines at home and abroad. Its aim is to promote research within the scientific community.

To be mentioned:

Blumesberger, Susanne: Handbuch der österreichischen Kinder- und Jugendbuchautorinnen. Wien [u.a.]: Böhlau 2014.
This handbook is based on the project "Österreichische Kinder- und Jugendbuchautorinnen" (Austrian Women Writers of children's literature), which was defined as part of the project "biografiA. datenbank und lexicon österreichischer frauen" (database of Austrian women), localised on the Institute for Science and Art in Vienna. In the years 1999 to 2002 more than 800 women writers were described biographically. Among them are many women who wrote only one book for children, there are some illustrators who decided to write also the text for their books and there are also some well-known writers for children's books, such as Christine Nöstlinger, Renate Welsh, Friederike Mayröcker and many others.
Open Access: http://phaidra.univie.ac.at/o:368988

Another activity in the autumn was the big exhibition “I AM ME. MIRA LOBE AND SUSI WEIGEL” from 6 November 2014 to 1 March 2015 in Vienna Museum. In commemoration of the 100th birthdays of Mira Lobe (1913–1995) and Susi Weigel (1914–1990), Wien Museum is dedicating an exhibition to these two creators of much-loved children's literature. Mira Lobe, one of the leading narrative writers of the 20th century, and graphic artist Susi Weigel worked together for more than fifty years, during which they published a large number of widely popular children's books, including such classics as Little I am Me and The Grandma in the Apple Tree.

The author-illustrator duo brought novel ideas and approaches to literature for children and young people and worked on very diverse themes, all of which they tackled with poetic imagination, a gift for word-play and wonderful pictures. Their stories teach humanistic values – tolerance, solidarity and freedom – without lecturing or finger-wagging, and are sometimes also critical of authority. In them, Lobe and Weigel always side with the children, with those who are weaker or marginalised. Their books won several awards and have been translated into many languages. They are still widely popular in countries across the globe and continue to inspire generations of children and grown-ups who enjoy them to this day.

All activities and  further informations of the ÖG-KJLF can be found on the homepage.

STUBE – Studien- und Beratungsstelle für Kinder- und Jugendliteratur

6th Distance Learning Course Children Literature

In fall 2014 the 6th Distance Learning Course Children Literature started with 190 participants from different countries. From now on the Bundesverband für Leseförderung will accept this Course as part of the professional training Lese- und Literaturpädagogik. This is a striking success for this unique project from Austria.

New booklet - Fibi, Franz und Fridolin

The new booklet on the theme First Reading is addressed to all who teach children how to read in order to give them inspiration for independent reading. It offers recommendations of picturebooks, primers, first books, lyrics and multilingual books. Each of the 61 recommended books is annotated and with pictures.

STUBE-Friday – the serial event for agents

These events are focused on picture books (illustration), children films, presentation of new books and religious books. Beside this it is an opportunity to meet artists and agents. In 2015 the young illustrator Julie Völk and the authors Sarah Orlovský, Holly-Jane Rahlens and Antje Damm will be guests.
Further information: www.stube.at

From Estonia

Hello from IBBY Estonia!

In December 2014, IBBY Estonia awarded the Tower ofBabel Honour Diploma – a diploma that is given to a foreign author for an outstanding children’s book published in a foreign language and translated into Estonian. The award went to French author Jean-Claude Mourlevat for his book Ookeani kutse (L'enfant Océan), translator Indrek Koff and the publishing house Draakon & Kuu. Ookeani kutse tells a story of seven brothers who escape an abusive father and set out on a journey toward the ocean. The aim of the award is to encourage the translation of outstanding foreign children’s books into Estonian.


On the left: Translator Indrek Koff accepting the Tower of Babel Honour Diploma. © Anu Kehman. On the right: Ookeani kutse by Jean-Claude Mourlevat

While IBBY Estonia selects the best translated books for children, The Cultural Endowment of Estonia selects the best children’s books by Estonian authors. The Cultural Endowment Annual Award 2014 was announced in February 2015 and it went to Contra for his playful collection of poems Kõik on kõige targemad, illustrated by the young and talented Ulla Saar (Tallinna Keskraamatukogu, 2014).
Kõik on kõige targemad by Contra and Ulla Saar
On April 2, IBBY Estonia announced our candidate for H. C. Andersen Award 2016 – author Piret Raud. Piret Raud (1971) is one of the most outstanding authors of modern-day Estonian children’s literature, both in terms of diversity and recognition. Piret Raud’s fantasy deals very clearly with contemporary real-life issues in a fairy-tale form. Her latest nonsensical playful short stories are written with warm humour, and observe life’s unexpected facets, and are suitable reading for children of all ages. Her books have been translated into many languages including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Latvian. Piret Raud is also an outstanding illustrator and she has illustrated her own books.
Piret Raud. Photo © Ingrid Maasik Emily et tout un tas de choses, Piret Raud’s most recent title

IBBY Estonia Library in the Park
will open again in May, where children will have opportunity to read good books – IBBY Honour List titles and the books awarded with the Tower of Babel Honour Diploma – while visiting Kadrioru Park in Tallinn during the summer months.

Happy Spring to all from IBBY Estonia!

From Germany


Der Arbeitskreis für Jugendliteratur (German IBBY Section) is celebrating its 60th Anniversary

60 years ago, on 22 January 1955, the Arbeitskreis für Jugendliteratur (Association for Children's and Youth Literature, originally called the Arbeitskreis für Jugendschrifttum) was founded in Munich by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and representatives from the field of children's literature, among them Erich Kästner and Jella Lepman.

As a nationwide lobby it promotes children's literature and the literary education of young people. Since its founding, the Arbeitskreis für Jugendliteratur has been the German Section of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY). It publishes publications, runs seminars and symposiums and supports reading promotion projects and programmes for authors and translators.

One of the main tasks of the Arbeitskreis für Jugendliteratur is the administration of the German Children's Literature Award (Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis). The Award has been given annually since 1956. Since 1959 the Arbeitskreis für Jugendliteratur and the Award have been financially supported by the German Federal Ministry for Families, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

The Arbeitskreis für Jugendliteratur currently has 44 organizations from the field of libraries, research, education and publishing as members, as well as about 200 individual members.

To celebrate this anniversary, the seminar "Grenzüberschreitungen?!" ("Crossing Boundaries?!") will take place 13-15 November 2015 in Würzburg. The seminar will be on the topic of recent and trend-setting developments in children's and youth literature, such as the crossing of genres, cross-media products and the importance of translation. In 2016 an anthology with stories by Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis winners will be published to mark the 60th anniversary of the Award. For more information see: www.jugendliteratur.org

New executive committee

The Arbeitskreis für Jugendliteratur (Association for Children's and Youth Literature/IBBY Germany) has a new executive committee. It was elected by the general assembly at the Leipzig Book Fair on 13 March 2015. The new president for 2015 to 2018 is Dr. Susanne Helene Becker (center of the picture). The other members of the committee are (from left to right): Marit Kunis-Michel, Dr. Alexandra Ritter, Walter Mirbeth and Lina Brockhaus.

For more information see: www.jugendliteratur.org


2015 German Children’s Literature Award (Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis)

The German Children’s Literature Award (Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis) is a state-sponsored prize and has been given annually since 1956. It has always been an international award, thus books from languages other than German are also eligible – provided that they have been translated and published in German. At the same time the German Children’s Literature Award has become a symbol of quality for German children’s literature abroad. The nominated books and prize winners are an important source of recommendable titles used by cultural institutions as well as foreign publishing houses looking to buy licenses of German titles.

A jury of literature specialists and critics is responsible for four categories: picture book, children's book, young adult book and non-fiction. In addition, since 2003 an independent young adult jury gives its own award. Furthermore, a special annual award for lifetime achievement is given alternately to a German author, German illustrator or German translator.

The 2015 nominations were announced on 12 March 2015 at the Leipzig Book Fair. The award ceremony will be held on 16 October 2015 at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

The list of nominations for 2015 may be obtained from www.djlp.jugendliteratur.org

Motif by Belgian illustrator Claude Dubois (2014 prize winner)


2015 Kranichstein Youth Literature Grants (Kranichsteiner Jugendliteratur-Stipendien)

Corinna Antelmann and Martin Kordić were awarded the Kranichstein Youth Literature Grants (Kranichsteiner Jugendliteratur-Stipendien) at the Leipzig Book Fair in March 2015.
The awards are annually given by the Arbeitskreis für Jugendliteratur/IBBY Germany and the German Literature Fund (Deutscher Literaturfonds) to two authors of books for young adults whose first works are very promising, but who have not yet acclaimed recognition for them. The scholarships are endowed with 12,000 Euro each (paid over the duration of six months) and are meant to enable the authors to freely work on a book project. An independent jury chooses the winners on the basis of the books in German submitted for the German Children’s Literature Award.

For more information see: www.jugendliteratur.org

Corinna Antelmann. © Ulli Engleder Martin Kordić.
© Sabine Lohmüller

Call for applications: Workshop for translators from German of children’s and youth literature in August 2015

2015 Workshop (© Kathrin Erbe)

On 23-28 August 2015 the Arbeitskreis für Jugendliteratur e.V. (IBBY Germany) and the Robert Bosch Stiftung will host the sixth annual workshop on the translation of German literature for children and young people entitled ‘Kein Kinderspiel!’ It will take place in Hamburg/Germany and will be held in German. The five-day workshop offers 15 translators of children’s and youth literature the opportunity to tackle specific problems of the genre and discuss current trends. Participants will have the chance to meet authors, critics and publishing representatives, and find information on grants and residencies as well as on existing networks. Above all, the workshop aims to be a centre for encounters, inspiration and exchange of ideas. Though professional translators into all languages are welcome, the focus will be on translators into ‘small’ languages from Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, North Africa and Turkey.

Participants can apply for a travel allowance. Accommodation and meals for the duration of the workshop will be free of charge. Applications should be sent by 2 May 2015 at the latest. Further details may be obtained from www.jugendliteratur.org and www.bosch-stiftung.de/brueckenbauer.

From Ukraine

Bologna New Horizons Award, 2015

The picturebook The War that Changed Rondo (2015) created by Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv and published by the Old Lion Publishing House was listed in the section of “Special Mentions” of the Bologna New Horizons Award 2015!

Three friends Danko, Star, and Fabian narrate the story of their peaceful life in a small town of Rondo, The War that Changed Rondo provides a strong basis for setting up a dialogue between readers about the devastating consequences of war in general and specifically the war in Ukraine. How do people live during war time? What does their daily routine look like? What are the major consequences of the war for people? What are their inner and outer wounds? The War that Changed Rondo reflects the ambiguity of war and is a definite tribute to peace. It also puts a great emphasis on humankind’s global similarities and interconnections.

Ukraine at Bologna Children's Book Fair

Ukrainian children's literature was presented at Bologna Children's Book Fair 2015 by The Old Lion Publishing House and Fountain of Fairy Tales Publishing House. This was the third year that Ukrainian children’s literature was officially presented at Bologna!

Go, Dragons!

The BBC Ukrainian Children’s Book of the Year 2014

A middle-grade novel Go, Dragons! written and illustrated by Katia Shtanko and published by the A-ba-ba-ha-la-ma-ha Publishing House won the BBC Ukrainian Children’s Book of the Year 2014 award. Go, Dragons! tells a story of the complexities of one boy growing up and finding a place in his family and community. The novel engages readers with many mysterious adventures and in this way reflects a variety of geographical areas of Ukraine.

“Critic’s Rating:” Top-10 Children’s Books
In November, a group of children’s literature experts and enthusiasts established an independent children’s literature rating. “Critic’s Rating” aims to evaluate Ukrainian children’s books that are widely available in the Ukrainian mainstream book market, and draw up a top-10 list of the highest quality children’s books. The goal of “Critic’s Rating” is to bring the best quality books to the attention of educators, librarians, and parents as well as a wide reading audience. The jury members of 2014 were: Valentyna Vzdulska, Iryna Baturevych, Oksana Hmelovsla, Olha Kuprian, Tetiana Shcherbachenko, Mariia Semenchenko, Volodymyr Cherneshenko, Iryna Komarenets, and Mira Kyivska.


Best fiction children’s books of 2014:
Dushnytsia by Volodymyr Arieniev, illustrated by Oleksandr Prodan, Kyiv-Mohyla Publishing House. Ages 12+.
Where the Sea Disappeared by Mariana Prokhasko and Taras Prokhasko, The Old Lion Publishing House. Ages 4+.
The Evening Stores of Volytska Street by Halyna Tkachuk, illustrated by Nataliia Pastushenko, Tempora Publishers. Ages 9+.
Go, Dragons!  by Katia Shtanko, The A-ba-ba-ha-la-ma-ha Publishing House. Ages 8+.
The Fairy Tales of Sashko, the Lyrist, illustrated by Inokentii Korshunov, Green Pes Publishers. Ages 9+.
A Pumpkin Year by Kateryna Babkina, illustrated by Juliia Pylupchatina, The Old Lion Publishing House. Ages 8+.

Best poetry picturebooks of 2014:
About a Whale by Oksana Lushchevska, illustrated by Violetta Borigard, The Old Lion Publishing House. Ages 3+.
Скільки? / How many? by Halyna Kyrpa, illustrated by Olha Havrylova, Bratske Publishers. Ages 3+.

Best prose picturebooks:
Ukrainian Proverbs by Anastasiia Stefurak, The Old Lion Publishing House. Ages 4+.
Antomimes by Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv, the Old Lion Publishing House. Ages 3+.

An International Collaboration: From the I-Book to the Picturebook

The Osnovy Publishing House recently published a picturebook based on the popular i-book Mirror Me created by Bradin Farnworth and Yuliya Sobotyuk. This picturebook is an international collaboration between the author and illustrator, which adds a definite diverse perspective to the themes of self-identity and self-realization as well as to the format of picturebooks, which is a fast developing format in Ukraine.

A Bilingual Picturebook

As the result of a fundraising project “A Step Ahead: Becoming Global with Bilingual Ukrainian-English Picturebooks,” the second bilingual picturebook  Монетка/A Coin by Ania Khromova and Anna Sarvira was published (Bratske Publishers). The aim of this project is to bring about possibilities and provide advantages to learn from/about Ukrainian children’s literature, to familiarize readers with the Ukrainian language, to use bilingual literature in educational settings and Ukrainian immigrant communities, and to assist Ukrainian readers in learning the English language.


From Spain

The illustrator Jon Zabaleta receives the 2014 Dabilen Elea Prize at the Basque Book Night

Every year Galtzagorri Elkartea, the Basque Branch of Spanish IBBY, and other four associations working in the different fields of Basque Literature award a person whose career has been relevant in the development of Basque Literature. The Prize named Dabilen Elea Saria is given to a creator, a publisher, a translator, etc. in a ceremony that takes place every Autumn in Donostia-San Sebastian. This event, organized by EIZIE, EIE, EEE, Galtzagorri and APIE-EIEP has been christened Euskal Liburuaren Gaua (Basque Book Night).

This year this Night took place on December 18th. It was the seventh edition, and the illustrator Jon Zabaleta was the awardee. In the previous editions the prize has gone to the illustrator Antton Olariaga, the writer and Basque Literature expert Joan Mari Torrealdai, the historic print Itxaropena argitaletxea, the writers Mariasun Landa and Joxe Azurmendi and the translator and the editor Xabier Olarra. This is the second time that this prize goes to an illustrator. And four of the awarded people write and illustrate children and Young Adult Literature. Two of them have been in the IBBY’s Honour List: Xabier Olarra, translator of “Hobbita”; and Mariasun Landa, the well-known Basque writer.

The prize is given to a person who has made an important effort in the development of Basque books, in whatever aspect: illustration, investigation, writing, translating, publishing… by the five Associations of the Basque Literature (EIZIE- The association of translators; EIE, the association of writers; EEE, the Association of publishers; Galtzagorri, the Basque Children Literature Association, Basque Branch of Spanish IBBY; and APIE-EIEP, the Association of Illustrators. Giving more visibility to Basque books and to the creators and publishers of this Literature is the main goal of this annual event.

Jon Zabaleta Larburu

Jon Zabaleta has had a long career. He was born in Hernani (Guipúzcoa) in 1950. He studied delineation and after working some time in graphic art he completed his studies at the Experimentation Art School in Deba (Guipúzcoa).

He started illustrating in 1973, and since then he has illustrated more than 100 books. He has always been very close to Children's Literature. He is member of Galtzagorri Elkartea and collaborates in many of its programmes and campaigns.

However, he has not only worked in Children's Literature, he has also made comics, experimental cinema and mime spectacles. He has also collaborated in some magazines making strip charts and has created music album covers too. It has been a deserved recognition and Galtzagorri Elkartea and the other associations are especially happy with the 2014 winner.

That is why the Basque Book Night was very warm this year. Jon was surrounded by his family and friends. But not only by them, because during the Night other illustrators (Ainara Azpiazu), publishers (Miel Elustondo and Xabier Olarra), writers (Bernardo Atxaga) and even a mime (Peter Roberts) paid tribute to this great illustrator.

Jon Zabaleta also in the illustrator corner

Meanwhile the Illustrator Corner opened its doors to Jon Zabaleta last December 17th. The day before the Basque Book Night the Cultur Center of Aiete, in Donostia-San Sebastian, opened the new exhibition dedicated to the illustrations of Jon Zabaleta.

The Illustrator Corner is a project shared by the Council of Donostia-San Sebastian and Galtzagorri Elkartea, Basque Branch of Spanish IBBY. The goal of this project is to exhibit the work of the Basque illustrators. Each illustrator chooses which illustrations, books, films, objects, video recordings, etc., they want to show in a cabinet made by the illustrator Aitziber Alonso. The exhibitions will last for 3-4 months.

You can visit Jon Zabaleta’s exhibition in the Illustrator Corner till March the 22nd. Belen Lucas and Leire Urbeltz will be the next illustrators in the Illustrator’s Corner, this year. The Council of Donostia-San Sebastián has made this video of Jon Zabaleta.

«Atrapallibres» and «Protagonista jove» literature awards

395 school groups and libraries have officially registered for the reading promotion awards held by the Catalan Council for Children's and Young Adults' Books (ClijCAT), the Catalan branch of the Spanish IBBY. More than 6,000 young Catalan readers, aged 9 to 16, will act as jurors, reading the works selected by a committee of experts in children’s and young adults’ literature before voting for the best book in each category.

The list of the books nominated for the 10th edition of «Atrapallibres» (2014-15) is available here.

The list of the books nominated for the 19th edition of «Protagonista jove» (2014-15) is available here.


Booktrailers competition for young people aged 14 to 18

The ClijCAT has collaborated with the Catalonia Generalitat Department for Culture and Book Movies to organise the Second Booktrailers Competition for young people aged 14 to 18.

The winners were presented the awards at a ceremony open to the public, held at the Catalonia Film Library in Barcelona.

In order to participate, the youngsters had to form a group of at least 4 people, choose a library book, read it, write a script and produce a video.

The recording could be done with a mobile or a camera and could not be longer than 90 seconds. Another essential condition was that the physical book and/or an e-book reader or tablet had to appear alone or in a library. Finally, contestants had to post the video on YouTube or Vimeo. The winning and finalists' videos can be seen here.

From Italy

The travelling exhibition “Silent Books. Final Destination Lampedusa“

Exhibit in Milan. © Anna Pisapia

The travelling exhibition Silent books. Final Destination Lampedusa is part of the IBBY Italia project Silent Books: From The World to Lampedusa and Back, launched in 2012 at the 33rd IBBY Congress in London.

The project is an international cultural initiative that aims at highlighting the specific features of wordless books while supporting the start-up of a children’s library on the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa.

The international selection includes 111 wordless picture books, from 23 countries, collected thanks to cooperation of IBBY national sections worldwide.

The travelling exhibition was inaugurated in Rome, at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni on 7th May 2013. Since then it has been successfully exhibited in libraries, theaters, parks and historical buildings all over Italy and abroad:

  • Roma (Italy) 07/05/2013 - 21/07/2013
  • Biella (Italy) 21/09/2013 - 03/11/2013
  • Ravenna (Italy) 28/11/2013 - 04/01/2014
  • Lido di Ostia (Italy) 01/02/2014 - 19/02/2014
  • Napoli (Italy) 13/03/2014 – 27/04/2014
  • Macerata (Italy) 02/05/2014 - 15/05/2014
  • Brescia (Italy) 26/05/2014 - 15/06/2014
  • Anversa degli Abruzzi (Italy) 09/08/2014 – 24/08/2014
  • Milano (Italy), 14/11/2014-14/12/2014

Exhibit in Macerate. © Laura Corrado

In September 2014, it was also exhibited in Mexico City, at the Italian Cultural Institute (Italian Embassy) during the 34th IBBY Congress.

In 2015, the collection will be dispalyed in Graz and Klagenfurt (Austria) and then it will cross the ocean to travel in Canada. 
The hosting institutions organized many events to make children, teachers and parents familiar with wordless books and help them discover their potentialities as tools for inclusion, discovery and competence building.

The collection is available upon request for IBBY NS. For information, please contact the IBBY Secretariat.

Silent Books. Final Destination Lampedusa – second edition. The honour list

Thanks to the enthusiastic collaboration of many national sections, we received about 60 books for the second edition of the collection Silent Books. Final destination Lampedusa, a selection of the best-illustrated wordless picture books published worldwide in the last three years.
Among the books collected, an international jury comprising  illustrator Carll Cneut, Junko Yokota (Director of the Center for Teaching through Children’s Books), Deborah Soria (IBBY Italia EC member), Cristina Paterlini (Biblioteche di Roma), and Paola Vassalli (art and children's literature expert) selected five outstanding works. The honour list of wordless books was presented on 1st April 2015 at the Bologna Children's Bookfair, in the presence of IBBY President Wally de Doncker, and includes:

  1. Ronan Badel, L’ami paresseux (The lazy friend), Autrement/Gecko Press, 2014
  2. Emmi Jormalainen, Puu (The tree), Studio Panama, 2013
  3. Su-yeon Kim, Eoneu Badatgaeui Haru, (A Day at the beach), Borim Press, 2012
  4. Eva Macková, 12 Hodin s Oksarem (12 hours with Oscar), Baobab, 2012
  5. Fanette Mellier, Dans la lune (In the moon), Editions du Livre, 2013
L’ami paresseux Puu Eoneu Badatgaeui Haru 12 Hodin s Oksarem Dans la lune

Two honorable mentions were also assigned.

Palazzo delle Esposizioni honorable mention goes to:

  • Song Myeong-jiin, Sumeo inneun geurimchaek (Hidden Letters Picture Book), Borim Press, 2002

Autorità Garante per l'Infanzia e l'Adolescenza (Italian Ombudsperson for Children)

  • Patti Kim, Sonia Sánchez, Neoneun jigeum eodie inni (Where are you? Here I am), Must B Publishing Co., 2014

Another honorable mention, awarded by Amnesty International, will be announced during the inauguration ceremony of the travelling exhibition that is to take place in Rome in June.

The complete list of selected books will be sent to the IBBY National Section worldwide and made available online.

After the inauguration, the travelling exhibition will travel throughout Italy and the rest of the world; a twin collection will be sent to Lampedusa to enrich the collection of books at the planned children's library.

IBBY CAMP for Lampedusa, 3rd edition

IBBY Camp 3. © Silvia De Luca

Since 2012, IBBY Italy has been collaborating with the City Council of Lampedusa to create a children’s library on the island.  Lampedusa lies in the heart of the Mediterranean, and is where 1,000 young people live without a library or any access to books and thousands of young migrants arrive every year.

So far, IBBY Italia has organized three major reading promotion campaigns on the island (June 2013, November 2013 and November 2014).

The third IBBY Camp in Lampedusa was hard work, but very rewarding: 20 IBBY volunteers came on the island from 20 to 26 November 2014 to meet 1,000 children and young people. Among the volunteers there were librarians, teachers, promoters of reading, storytellers, illustrators coming from all Italy and distant Canada. With their invaluable help and passionate enthusiasm, we could organize over 40 events, readings and training for children and adults as well.

IBBY Camp 3. © Silvia De Luca

The kids were all happy to see us again. They were eager to read their books. Their enthusiastic participation was infectious and the awareness about the right and need to have a place for books on the island soon spread among the community.
We trained a group of high-school boys and girls on how a library works and on basic techniques of reading aloud. At the end of the camp, we left the books in their hands; with the help of some adults and a few teachers, they keep some activities going: thanks to them, the building that will host the library is now provisionally open on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons and children can keep on enjoying their books.

We are very happy about this achievement and hope to send some volunteers on the island soon to support these young "librarians" and boost their enthusiasm. Meanwhile we keep on working hard on institutions and call their attention on the need to have a place for books on the island.

 Recent publications

Bookbird. Issue 53.1, 2015

On the cover of Bookbird 53.1 readers can see Andrea Offerman’s illustration of a man and woman standing back to back, joined by bolts and wheels and machinery. The one is intently reading; the other is gleefully holding a man on a bike in his hand. At the same time they seem to be manipulated themselves by dolls (or is the other way round?) standing above them like miniature puppet masters. This image encapsulates the special theme of the issue – “Machines, Monsters and Animals: Posthuman Children’s Literature.” As guest editor Dr Zoe Jaques points out in her scholarly intro­duction, Posthuman children’s literature is concer­ned with human and animal ethics, utopia/dys­topia, anthro­pomorphism, and ecocriti­cism. Five articles follow. We go from “Uglies” to “Gracelings” via the human-simian Eva. And the articles range from the “(post)human animal body” in Harry Potter to the early posthumanism in Elizabeth Stuart Phelps’s writings. In the Letter-section we find a description of “Strange creatures and me­chani­­cal marvels from Canada,” which coinciden­tally fits the special theme perfectly too. But we of course also find texts that go well beyond the theme in the Letter and Postcard-sections, as well as in the reviews found in Books on Books. In the Focus IBBY section we get the most important news with a bearing on our organization. Finally, in the Children and Their Books-section we find an article on the Bolivian “Biblioteca Th’uru­chapitas,” re­mind­ing us of the hard hands-on work for litera­cy that is being carried out all over the world.

Bookbird. Issue 53.2, 2015

The articles featured in this issue of BOOKBIRD span a great many topics, approaches, genres and locations. Geographically, two of the articles concern children’s literature of the West Indies. There are also two articles with Australian settings. A New Zealand perspective is provided in one article. There is also one article on South African Youth Literature. But there is also great variety when it comes to the kinds of books being discussed.  Two of the articles, for instance, focus specifically on the picture book, including one concerning Anthony Browne’s Little Beauty. (Gorilla, from that book, can be seen swinging through a room on the cover of this Bookbird.) In this issue you will also find an entirely new feature: “Authors and Illustrators and their Books.” Here, the Swedish author Monica Zak shares her experience with The Ostrich Boy, an adventure that takes her to the refugee camps in Western Sahara. The Ostrich Boy, as she tells it, turns out to be a true “bookbird.” Culturally and linguistically it flits and flies between languages and nations. It is a story that the author picks up in Africa, writes about in Swedish, then returns it in a third language (Arabic), and takes it back to its source. There it acquires new meaning in the building and affirmation of identity and culture. And in the Letter-section we find a text that connects to Zak’s article in interesting ways: Hala Bizri’s Letter “The Children’s Literature of the Arab Countries,” and that is that both of these texts deal with the central, but also complex role, that Arabic plays in many countries when it comes to children’s books.

Bookbird can be read on-line through Project Muse.
To subscribe, please fill out this form. More information on: IBBY's website.

Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities 2015

Every two years the IBBY National Sections nominate books for young people with disabilities to be added to the Collection. A selection of Outstanding Books (approximately 50) is then made and this selection is summarized in a catalogue. Print copies of the annotated catalogues, past and present, can be ordered from the IBBY Secretariat. The catalogue of Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities 2015 is available online (PDF 1.9MB). Earlier catalogues can be found online at the IBBY Archives at ALO.

« Max et les Maximonstres a 50 ans » Réception et influence des œuvres de Maurice Sendak en France et en Europe (Where the wild things are is 50 years old. Reception and influence of Maurice Sendak's work in France and in Europe)

Where the Wild Things Are (Max et les Maximonstres), published in the United States of America in 1963, is part of our common culture. The international seminar that took place on 12-13 December 2013 was an opportunity for researchers and specialists from various academic fields to present their findings regarding the reception of Maurice Sendak's work in Europe, from the early days to the present day.

This seminar was organized by the Bibliothèque nationale de France / Centre national de la littérature pour la jeunesse and the Université d'Artois, with the collaboration of l'Association française de recherche sur les livres et objets culturels de l'enfance (Afreloce) et le soutien de l'Ecole normale supérieure (Afreloce) and the support of the Ecole normale supérieure (Paris). The proceedings have been published, the table of contents is available here.

« Max et les Maximonstres a 50 ans » Réception et influence des œuvres de Maurice Sendak en France et en Europe, BnF/CNLJ, Paris, 2015, 200 p., ISBN 978-2-35494-060-7, 23 €.

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