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Kalindimya, Jackson

Mkola Atembelea Mbuga za Wanyama

Mkola Visits Game Parks

Nairobi, Kenya: East African Educational Publishers, 2005. 26 p. ISBN: 9966-25-434-X. Ages 8-12.

In this story a young schoolgirl, Mkola, is eager to visit animal reserves in order to learn more about wildlife. When the head teacher announces that students who excel in their studies, particularly on an examination designed for that purpose, will have the opportunity to tour some animal parks, Mkola vows to work hard to be selected. Because of her excitement and anxiety over the impending trip, she fails the first examination. Her classmate and friend, Rebecca, realises that Mkola is dejected and decides to assist by studying with her and seeking assistance from their teacher when needed. Mkola passes the second examination on the second try, and this is the beginning of her happiness and expectations. However, she also has to satisfy her parents by behaving well at home and doing her household chores before they permit her to go. The tour is an educational experience, and Mkola and her schoolmates learn about the characteristics and behaviour of wild animals.

This remarkable book provides information on animal reserves, as well as captures and sustains the imaginations of children. Furthermore, the author’s use of children’s songs makes the narrative engaging.

Children's Fiction


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