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Klopper, Corrin-del

The Rain Dance

Illustrated by Michael Mansfield. Windhoek, Namibia: Out of Africa, 2003. No pag. ISBN 99916-2-274-8. Ages 4-8.

This is a cheerful, almost cartoon-style book that tells the story of children trudging thirstily home from school. “If only it would rain.” So they perform an impromptu rain dance and, amazingly, it works! “The first drops tasted sweet on the children’s tongues” (no pag.). They cross the suddenly rising river before it is too deep to be dangerous, and they arrive home safe and wet.

For many European children, the coming of rain is no shattering event; however, in Namibia it is. Indeed, there are children in some parts of Africa who have not encountered rain during the first seven years of their lives due to drought. So this happy little story may seem trivial, but it encompasses much local reality. The illustrations portray accurately the countryside and its wildlife, even if the human beings are stylised. This book was produced by the Upgrading African Languages Project (AfriLa) in Namibia.

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