Bookbird contents 4 / 2008



Illustration beyond the Ordinary

by Binette Schroeder

Screams and Smiles: On Some Possible Human Universals in Chidren's Book Illustration

by Jeffrey Garrett

The Hans Christian Andersen Jury 2008: How it Worked

by Zohreh Ghaeni

Roberto Innocenti: HCA Illustrator Medallist 2008

by Lindsay Myers

Jürg Schubiger: HCA Author Medallist 2008

by Elisabeth Stuck and Christine Lötscher

Children's Literature Awards around the World

15: The Big Picture

by Viv Bird and Katherine Solomon

16: The Israel Museum Ben-Yitzhak Award for Illustration

by Nurit Shilo-Cohen

Focus IBBY:

  • Disabled exhibition in Jakarta
  • CBBY donation in Sichuan Province
  • New Honorary Members: Carmen Diana Dearden, Tayo Shima and Katherine Paterson

Postcards from around the World: reviews

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