Brazilian Section of IBBY

Fundação Nacional do Livro

Infantil e Juvenil (FNLIJ)

c/o Casa da Leitura

Rua Pereira da Silva, 83 – Laranjeiras 

22221-140  Rio de Janeiro RJ

Tel. [int. +55] 21 22 62 91 30


Facebook: @FNLIJ 

Instagram: fnlij

Twitter: @fnlij


Secretary General

Ms Elizabeth D'Angelo Serra

(address of the section)



Mr Amir Piedade

(address of the section)


Bookbird Correspondent

Ms Elizabeth D'Angelo Serra

(address of the section)

The Brazilian Section of IBBY - Fundação Nacional do Livro Infantil e Juvenil – FNLIJ, created in 1968, is a private non-profit organization. In 1974, FNLIJ organized the 14th IBBY International Congress in Rio de Janeiro. It was the first IBBY Congress to be held outside Europe. 

In order to stimulate reading throughout Brazil, FNLIJ has created different projects, such as:

  • Concurso Os Melhores Programas de Incentivo à Leitura – created in 1994, inspired by the IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award. On its 10th anniversary, the project received the support of Petrobras (Brazilian Oil Company) and serves as database for Reading Promotion Projects throughout the country.
  • Ciranda de Livros (1982/1985) is a book distribution project in Brazilian public schools, which received an Honorable Mention from the Literacy Award – UNESCO in 1984.

The most important current projects are:

  • Salão FNLIJ do Livro para Crianças e Jovens, organized since 1999, with support from Petrobras.
  • Bibliotecas Comunitárias Ler é Preciso in a partnership with Instituto Ecofuturo – Cia Suzano de Papel e Celulose, started in 2002, it aims at the creation of community libraries. 40 libraries have been created up to now in deprived areas.
  • Since 1997, in a partnership with Associação de Leitura do Brasil (Brazilian Reading Association), the Section biennially organizes the Children’s Literature Seminar at the Congresso de Leitura – COLE (National Reading Congress).

At FNLIJ’s Documentation Center there are 41.000 Brazilian children’s books and 11.000 foreign books. There are also 15.000 Brazilian and foreign journals, that specialize in children’s literature, reading, education and related areas, dissertations, catalogues, reports, manuals, articles, videos, posters, photographs and iconography material.

Every year the section organizes the Brazilian participation at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, in Italy, with the support of Fundação Biblioteca Nacional/Departamento Nacional do Livro (National Library/National Book Department) Ministério da Cultura (Culture Ministry), Sindicato Nacional dos Editores de Livros –(Publishers Union) and Câmara Brasileira do Livro (Brazilian Book Chamber).

The FNLIJ Award has been organized since 1974, now incorporating 16 categories. The FNLIJ Award has three levels:

  • Basic Books Collection: annual list of books to be used by schools and libraries as a guide as when buying book collections.
  • Highly Recommended Books: the ten best books from the Basic Books Collection are selected in 14 categories. Writers, illustrators, translators and publishers receive the diploma “Highly Commended by FNLIJ”.
  • The FNLIJ Award: the highest distinction given to the best books for children and young people published in Brazil in 16 categories. The 33 jury members represent twelve states in the five Brazilian regions.

Noticias is the section's monthly newsletter. It is distributed to the section's associate members and disseminates information about events in the area of children's literature.