Cambodian Section of IBBY

SIPAR / IBBY Cambodia
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Norodom Blvd
Phnom Penh 
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Ms Socheata Huot


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Liaison Officer

Ms Sodany Ouch


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IBBY Cambodia was newly established by a small group of members from NGOs - SIPAR, SVA (Shani Volunteer Association), Room To Read, Damrei Sar, Tam Tam – publishers (Reading Book, Comic Art, Boeng Tonle Sap) as well as a representative from UNESCO. We gratefuly acknowledge the support of IBBY Netherlands with the membership of IBBY.

IBBY Cambodia hopes to build bridges between the reading communities in Cambodia and the wider world. This also provides a good opportunity for Cambodia to learn from other countries at a similar stage in their development, producing children’s books of high artistic and literacy merit, and to promote reading and access to books for young people in Cambodia.

To reach IBBY Cambodia’s goal of promoting writing, illustration and publishing for young people in Cambodia, we are committed to: provide support to individuals and organizations working in the area of children’s books, education and other relevant fields, promote the exchange of relevant expertise and knowledge relating to children’s books at a national and international level, and encourage the development of links between Cambodia and other countries in the areas of children’s books.

Main projects

The National Section has had several projects, including: creating a database for writers and illustrators for children working in Cambodia; creating a database of publications for children and contact details of writers, illustrators, editors, translators, publishers; organising the first competition of authors, illustrators in Cambodia; nominating books for the Honour List; organizing a round table discussion for sharing of experiences in connection to children’s book production, publishing, distribution, and retailing, as well as reading promotion in Cambodia; organizing a book fair in coordination with a Cambodian products fair and organizing a workshop or training seminar for writers.