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Mexico City

Tel. [int. +52] 55 5563 1435 / 5211 9545 / 5211 0492 / 5211 0427


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Mr Bruno José Newman Flores

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Executive Director & Liaison Officer

José Ángel Quintanilla D’Acosta


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The IBBY Mexico catalogue, Libros recomendados para niños y jóvenes, contains reviews, bibliographies and directories for books for children and young people.

IBBY Mexico is a non-profit organization that works to encourage joyful encounters between children and good books. Since it was established in 1979, its work has been enhanced thanks to the generous effort of an ever-growing number of people and institutions interested in children’s books.

The main activities include: courses and workshops around children’s literature intended for parents, teachers and librarians;  diplomas in reading promotion and literary text appreciation; publications including Recommended Books Guide (published annually or biennially), Leer de la Mano (Reading Hand in Hand) I y II and Rumbo a la Lectura (Towards Reading); Bunkos, little community libraries intended for recreational reading with children and young adults; a specialized library in children and youth literature to serve educators and researchers; partnerships with other organizations in Mexico and internationally on special projects.

IBBY Mexico A Leer, Banamex and partners conduct the First National Survey on Consumption of Digital Media and Reading November 2015. Read the complete report and interesting conclusions here.