Moldovan Section of IBBY

National Children's Library

"Ion Creanga"

Sciusev Street 65

2012 Chisinau

Tel. [int. +373] 22 22 95 56

Fax [int. +373] 22 22 95 09




Ms Eugenia Bejan

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Mr Vasile Romanciuc

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Ms Tamara Croitoru

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The Moldovian Section of IBBY was founded in 1996 at the “Ion Creanga” National Children’s Library. It became a member of IBBY in 1997 thanks to the recommendation of the Lithuanian Section of IBBY. The membership includes about 60 collective members: libraries, publishing houses, professional associations of writers and illustrators and educational organizations.

The main activity of the Section is the International Children’s Book Fair in Chisinau that has been organized since 1997. Publishing houses from Moldova Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, USA, Sweden and other countries participate. Annually, the jury of the Fair awards the following prizes: Best Children’s Book of the Year, Book – Sympathy of Children, Best Science Book for Children, Best Collection for Children, Best Graphic Presentation of a Book, Best Translation of Books for Children and other prizes.

The Section also organizes symposiums, conferences, and seminars on different topics related to children’s books, electronic publication for children, children’s libraries etc.

The Section does not produce its own publication, but all materials about its activities are published in the journal “Book. Library. Reader” issued by “Ion Creanga” National Children Library.

From 1997 the Section has organized the participation of Moldovian children book illustrators in BIB and since 2002 the Moldovian Section of IBBY has nominated its representative titles for the IBBY Honour List.

The Moldovian Section of IBBY has collaborated with the Albanian Section of IBBY, USBBY, the Swedish Institute, the National Commission of UNESCO and other organizations.