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The catalog, 2020 Korean Books for Young Readers, presents the Korean nominees of the Hans Christian Andersen Awards, who have made a lasting impact on children’s literature not only at home but also to the world at large. Also included is a collection of the Korean children’s books recommended by the book selection committee of KBBY: Korean nominations for the IBBY Honour List, BIB, Silent Books; recent picture books, chapter books and novels, and non-fiction books.

KBBY(Korean Board on Books for Young People) was founded in 1995 as the Korea national section of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY).

To fulfill IBBY’s mission, KBBY works as a network of professionals from both home and abroad, collecting and sharing information on children’s and juvenile literature. KBBY also works in close partnership with the other national sections of IBBY to contribute to promoting cross-cultural exchange in children’s literature.

KBBY organizes international book exhibitions in collaboration with library networks, in efforts to share with the Korean audience the in- formation on global books generated through the awards and activities of IBBY. Moreover, KBBY is committed to providing information on outstanding Korean children’s and juvenile literature with readers across the world.

A message (in Korean) in honour of the 2020 International Children's Book Day can be read here

The 2020 KBBY Reading Promotion Poster with artwork by Lee Uk-bae, KBBY nominee to the 2020 Hans Christian Andersen Award.