Thai Section of IBBY

Books for Children Foundation (ThaiBBY)

73 Phutthamonthon Sai 1

Bangduan, Pasicharoen

Bangkok 10160

Tel. [int. +66] 2 805 0202

Fax [int. +66] 2 805 1308

E-mail: books4childrenhotmail.LÖ




Ms Suthathib Thajchayapong

(address of the section)


Secretary General

Ms Pornanong Niyomka Horikawa

158/147 Phayathai Road


Bangkok 10400

Tel. [int. +66] 2 612 01 85

Fax [int. +66] 2 612 01 84

E-mail: bookbridgeshotmail.LÖ

The Thai Section of IBBY was first founded in1979 by a small group of lecturers at the Srinakarinwirot University under the name of "The Children's Reading Development Association"(CREDA). A project of the section was the Portable Library Project of Thailand, which won the IBBY-ASAHI Reading Promotion Award in 1989. The Section lost its membership in 1999, but was re-established in 2001 under the name of "Books for Children Foundation" (ThaiBBY) with the support of the Publishers and Booksellers Association of Thailand (PUBAT).

ThaiBBY is very active, its main activities are: supporting libraries for street children, for children in custody, for children in the rural areas and for children with disabilities; organizing the children's book fair "Book Festival for Young People" every July and organizing children's activities for National and International Book Fair; participating in IBBY international activities: IBBY Honour List, ICBD; producing the first ThaiBBY's ICBD posters and distributing them to schools and libraries in Thailand; in 2003 initiated the Bookstart project in Thailand; publishing the ThaiBBY Journal, 3 volumes per year; organizing reading promotion programme: Tales in the Garden, every Saturday from December to February 2004 (this will become an annual event); publishing the first "Twin Book" a picture book in Braille in March 2005; co-operating with other NGOs and international friends to help relief Tsunami affected children and schools with books and related activities; organizing seminars and training for writers, illustrators, translators of children's books and storytelling for teachers.

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