Winners of the 2012 HCA Awards

The medals were presented to the winners at the 33rd IBBY World Congress in London, UK on Saturday, 25 August 2012.

To read the speeches from the ceremony click below:

Laudacio given by Jury President María Jesús Gil
Acceptance speech by Maria Teresa Andruetto
Acceptance speech by Peter Sís

Photographs from the Award ceremony can be viewed on the Congress picture gallery under: Saturday, 25.08.2012

IBBY Announces the Short List for the 2012 Hans Christian Andersen Awards.

The five short-listed authors in alphabetical order are:
María Teresa Andruetto (Argentina)
Paul Fleischman (USA)
Bart Moeyaert (Belgium)
Jean-Claude Mourlevat (France)
Bianca Pitzorno (Italy). 

The five short-listed illustrators in alphabetical order are:
Mohammad Ali Beniasadi (Iran)
John Burningham (UK)
Roger Mello (Brazil)
Peter Sís (Czech Republic)
Javier Zabala (Spain). 

Download the full press release here

2012 HCA Award candidates

Information about all the 2012 candidates for the Awards can be found on a dedicated page here.

Pronunication guide to 2012 nominees

In the spirit of IBBY’s mission to foster global connections to great books and stories, TeachingBooks.net has developed a digital collection of recordings and websites. This archive introduces fans of children’s and young adult books to the authors and illustrators that have been nominated for the 2012 Hans Christian Andersen Award. 

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Hans Christian Andersen Award 2012 Nominees

IBBY Announces Nominees for the Hans Christian Andersen Awards 2012

The Hans Christian Andersen Awards are presented every two years by IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) to an author and an illustrator whose complete works have made an important and lasting contribution to children's literature. IBBY National Sections from 32 countries have made their selections, submitting the following 27 authors and 30 illustrators as candidates for the 2012 Hans Christian Andersen Awards:

  • Argentina: Author: María Teresa Andruetto; Illustrator: Pablo Bernasconi
  • Australia: Author: Christobel Mattingley; Illustrator: Bob Graham
  • Austria: Author: Monika Pelz; Illustrator: Renate Habinger
  • Belgium: Author: Bart Moeyaert; Illustrator: Louis Joos
  • Brazil: Author: Bartolomeu Campos de Queirós; Illustrator: Roger Mello
  • Canada: Author: Tim Wynne-Jones; Illustrator: Stéphane Jorisch
  • Cyprus: Author: Elli Peonidou
  • Czech Republic: Illustrator: Peter Sís
  • Denmark: Author: Lene Kaaberbøl; Illustrator: Charlotte Pardi
  • Finland: Author: Sinikka Nopola/Tiina Nopola; Illustrator: Virpi Talvitie
  • France: Author: Jean-Claude Mourlevat; Illustrator: Henri Galeron
  • Germany: Author: Paul Maar; Illustrator: Rotraut Susanne Berner
  • Greece: Author: Christos Boulotis; Illustrator: Effie Lada
  • Iran: Illustrator: Mohammad Ali Baniasadi
  • Ireland: Author: Eoin Colfer
  • Italy: Author: Bianca Pitzorno; Illustrator: Francesco Tullio-Altan
  • Japan: Author: Masamoto Nasu; Illustrator: Satoshi Kako
  • Republic of Korea: Author: Hwang Sun-mi; Illustrator: Hong Seong-Chan
  • Latvia: Illustrator: Anita Paegle
  • Netherlands: Author: Tonke Dragt; Illustrator: Annemarie van Haeringen
  • Norway: Author: Bjørn Sortland; Illustrator: Øyvind Torseter
  • Romania: Author: Silvia Kerim; Illustrator: Valeria Moldovan
  • Russia: Illustrator: Gennadij Spirin
  • Serbia: Author: Ljubivoje Ršumoviċ; Illustrator: Dobrosav Živkoviċ
  • Slovenia: Author: Tone Pavček; Illustrator: Alenka Sottler
  • Spain: Author: Agustín Fernández Paz; Illustrator: Javier Zabala Herrero
  • Sweden: Author: Lennart Hellsing; Illustrator: Anna-Clara Tidholm
  • Switzerland: Author: Franz Hohler; Illustrator: Kathrin Schärer
  • Turkey: Author: Sevim Ak; Illustrator: Feridun Oral
  • United Kingdom: Author: Philip Pullman; Illustrator: John Burningham
  • USA: Author: Paul Fleischman; Illustrator: Chris Raschka
  • Venezuela: Illustrator: Arnal Ballester

The elected Chair of the International Hans Christian Andersen Award Jury, María Jesús Gil (Spain) and Jury members from Argentina, Austria, Brazil, France, Greece, Iran, Russia, Sweden, Turkey and the United States of America, will meet on 10-11 March 2012 and the shortlist will be disseminated immediately.

The winners will be announced at the IBBY Press Conference at the Bologna Children's Book Fair on Monday, 19 March 2012.IBBY Announces Nominees

2012 Hans Christian Andersen Award Jury

IBBY Announces the 2012 Hans Christian Andersen Award Jury

We are proud to announce the 2012 Jury for the Hans Christian Andersen Awards. The ten distinguished members from across the globe join Jury President María Jesús Gil (Madrid, Spain) to select the winners of the 2012 Hans Christian Andersen Awards. 

Former IBBY Vice President Elda Nogueira (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and IBBY Executive Director Liz Page are ex officio Jury members. The Jury President will guide the process and preside at the jury meeting in March 2012.

The 2012 Jury, selected by IBBY’s Executive Committee from nominations made by its national sections, comprises the following ten members:

  • Anastasia Arkhipova Illustrator, chair of the board of the Association of Moscow Book Illustrators and Designers, Moscow, Russia.
  • Françoise Ballanger Former manager of the publishing department of La Joie par les livres, Paris, France.
  • Ernest Bond Professor of Children's and Young Adult Literature at Salisbury University, Maryland, USA.
  • Sabine Fuchs University lecturer in children's literature, and secondary school teacher, Graz, Austria.
  • Ayfer Gürdal Ünal Writer and critic, Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Jan Hansson Director of the Swedish Institute for Children's Books, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Eva Kaliskami Translator and teacher, Athens, Greece.
  • Nora Lía Sormani Writer and journalist, critic and researcher, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Sahar Tarhandeh Independent researcher in children's literature, freelance graphic designer and art director, Tehran, Iran.
  • Regina Zilberman Children's literature specialist and former director of the Instituto Estadual do Livro, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

The candidates for the 2012 Awards will be made public shortly and the shortlist will be disseminated immediately following the Jury meeting. Winners will be announced at the IBBY Press Conference at the Bologna Children's Book Fair on Monday, 19 March 2012.