Danish Section of IBBY

c/o Ms Birgitte Reindel  

Sophie Magdelenes Vej 1a,  

3460 Birkerød


Facebook: @ibbydenmark



Ms Birgitte Reindel  


(address of the section)



Ms Janne Hejgaard

Hallssti 37, 1 th.

8000 Aarhus C

Tel. [int. +45] 40 328 327


IBBY Denmark works under the name Selskabet for børnelitteratur (Society for Children’s Books). It was founded in 1964. The board has nine members who represent different aspects of children’s literature. The chairperson is elected directly by the general assembly. IBBY Denmark has private as well as institutional members. The board meets about ten times a year and the section is an integrated part of the children’s book scene in Denmark. It nominates jurors members for the Ministry of Culture awards in the field. The membership meets at least once a year, and the general assembly is always an enlightening and entertaining event!

The work of IBBY Denmark is subsided by the government with a fixed sum every year. Being part of an international network is a very important aspect and responsibility of the work of the Section. IBBY Denmark is closely linked to the other Nordic IBBY sections: Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

IBBY Denmark publishes the quarterly magazine Klods Hans (Simple Simon). This colourful magazine gives information about the international work as well as stories from the Danish scene. For many years the journal has included a series where writers, illustrators and others write about their work and working habits, and usually a well-known illustrator is asked to add illustrations to the text.

IBBY Denmark presents the Klods Hans Award, named after Simple Simon. It is the only prize in this country that is given to a person who is spreading the message: the prize goes to ‘souls on fire’.

IBBY Denmark hosted the IBBY World Congress in Copenhagen in 2008. For transcripts of speeches, and lectures from the Congress click here.