2008 Thailand

Books enlighten; knowledge delights

The quest for knowledge through reading needs to be given a high priority and nurtured from childhood.

In my view, Thai children have been long inculcated with a desire for knowledge through reading, based on a sublime culture and tradition.

Parents are their first teachers and the clergy are their principle mentors in guiding and educating young people intellectually and mentally, in both worldly and spiritual matters.

I found inspiration for this painting from Thailand's long recorded traditions, through the telling of stories to children to the learning by reading inscriptions on palm leaves placed on small folding tables exclusively designed for the purpose of reading.

Stories written on palm leaves usually come fro Buddhism. They tell of Buddha's life and recount tales from the jatakas with noble intention of cultivating young minds and instilling in them faith, imagination and morality.


Written and illustrated by Chakrabhand Posayakrit
December 14, 2006

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