Evangeline Ledi Barongo

Acceptance Speech Macau, 21 September 2006

Dear Guest of Honour

The President of IBBY

Distinguished Guests

Fellow Friends of IBBY

Ladies and Gentlemen


Good Afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen

On behalf of all of us who have been awarded diplomas today in honour of our work in writing and illustrating children’s books, I would like to extend our appreciation to IBBY President, his team and the entire community of IBBY for this recognition. Thank you very much.

This recognition and honour to us, is at the same time a demand and an added responsibility. It is a demand not only to continue writing and illustrating books for young people but also to encourage others to join the club of writing so that every child and young person around the world has a book to read. I believe, as do my colleagues whose works have been honoured today, that this is the vision of IBBY.And this is the vision which the founding mother of IBBY, Jella Lepman, had for the world.

By encouraging other Writers and Illustrators the number of children’s books will increase in volume and this would mean that more books would be available for young readers Subsequently, the young reader around the world will have an opportunity to choose what to read for the purposes of enjoyment and entertainment, the drive to search for knowledge and information.

We all know that as a child grows, they are eager to discover and uncover the mysteries of our world. Our responsibility as writers, illustrators, parents, guardians and child bearers is to make this path of discovery and enjoyable experience and one that can positively influence their lives.

Our children are the future and it is this sole reason that I maintain the drive to write and illustrate for children. I am sure I speak for all of us that the satisfaction at the end of the day is seeing a child’s face light up with happiness and joy when they finish reading a new book.

So, on behalf of all the Children’s Writers and Illustrators from across our world, thank you for this honour and hope we all return to our various countries to continue the job we try to do best which is,

"Making Reading an Enjoyable Experience for Children"

Long Live IBBY!