Zhan Xini

Speaking Time and Room No.?2006-9-22 14:00-15:30 Room I

Speaker: Zhang Xini (China)

Zhang Xini: Join in The International Board On Books For Young People (IBBY) 30th World Convention invitation & My Opinion

If I’m Helen Keller

——Young People Literature & Ethic

Zhang Xini

Dear Mrs. Zhang Xiaolan,

Mr. Yu Youxian,

The Procurator of Macau, Mr. He Houhua,

The IBBY Chairman of This Convention, Mr. Peter Shinark,

The IBBY Chairman of This Convention in China, Mr. Hai Fei,


Young Peoples:


I’m Zhang Xini, A girl, Cancer, I love my motherland, and I love my family. I have father and mother in my family. I’m in Shenzhen High School at Shenzhen of China. I’m in Class 11 Grade 2 in my school.

I’ll consecrate my book to international young reader: [If I’m Helen Keller], [The Flowering Season], [Joking for: Three Kingdoms], [Joking for: The Hubble-bubble Dog], [Joking for: Antoine de Saint-Exupery] and my poesy, essay, stage, archives…

I like “Gump Forrest”, I like “Andersen”, I like “The Story of the Stone”

Today, we get together in Fishing Dock International Conference Centre in Macau, Join in The International Board On Books For Young People (IBBY) 30th World Convention invitation. So, I hope this convention to be consummation!

I know this topic of this conference is: Young People’s Literature & Social Development.

In the past, I often thought about these questions: What’s Young People Literature? Why is it? How is it? Where’s it from? Where will it go?

Later, I knew: Young People Literature is written by all these authors, who love the life and children. They can to be corporeal, or to be bodiless immateriality bequest. I felt their exist from my parents’ teaching when I was a child.

So, the Young People Literature is advanced without the development of curiosity.

[If I’m Helen Keller], It is a novel about my autobiography. It lets me know Young People Literature can write down a truth thing. Read myself in this book [If I’m Helen Keller] make me to understand for ethic.

Young People Literature is linked to ethic, I think. Too, Young People Literature is linked to my ideal world and Children’ free space. Young People Book and Multimedia Ages inundated ours world, Young People’s Painting Books develop is more and more, “Harry Potter” phenomena——Brings more simplicity. Well, the handicapped children’ reading will become charities focus——I’ll contribute books to them to read. The Questions were discussed by Young People Literature and The International children print pinnacle forum. It is Young People’s Books root, Young People Literature’s new wish.

The reason for all these is because, we live in the world, and we love life, we love our parents, we observe everything around, and we pursue beauty and rules.

So, I knew what moral is, what criterion is, what free space is from my parents directly.

I have ever said, cicada is deaf, it heaved its thoraces. I’m deaf too, I raise my cause. Ideal being deaf will not stop us singing. Being deaf, cannot stop us yearning. So, we “heave our thoraces”. So, we “raise our causes”, exert all our strength to sing!

Now?I’m not only a student, I’m a member of Shenzhen Writer Consortium, an academician of Shenzhen youth academy of sciences, the chairman of Zhang Xini Entrepreneurship Consortium. I won the design of excellence the China youth pacemaker in Shenzhen, two award s of “Five one project” and China “New Person of culture”, Guangdong “New Person and New writing” And…The Writer Consortium of China and the People’s Literature Publishing House celebrated Zhang Xini’s Production Conference. People called me “Helen Keller of China” and “The Literature thousand hand Kwan-yin”

My knack for writing is: I must write what I feel, what I see, what I think about. I won’t write any artificial thing. My hand write down my mouth, my mouth said my heart. My heart knew my ideal, my ideal expressed my reins.

I have three principles: God way, Terra way, Humanism, these namely, “three way for hard work”.

First, “diligent” namely, “Respecting Parents” It means you must respect your parents, and communicate with them.

Second, “diligent” namely, “Diligent to politics” It means you must think hard and hard, innovate, composition, updating your brain continually.

Third, “diligent” namely “Hard work” It means you must work hard every day, work hard to make your value, for respect to your parents and feed yourself. Do not forget your duty to your parents! Example, I just bring the 1+3+X study pattern; help other schoolmates and net friends for improve their result in study. Continue to contrive and innovating technology.

I think, hardworking can get wealthy, the time is a valuable resource for human, so you must not lose a second for doing anything, cherish time. Demotic’ advantage is forever. You must consider somebody’s advantage to do anything. Being kind is comity. Comity can make developed.

I think: Human being is a kind and evil two-faced critter. Speak highly of being kind but say no to “evil” is the urgent affair in the world every days.

We cannot live without song or music. With the help of my teachers and schoolmates, I wrote and completed a song. This song name is “My world”. This song is in my heart. I’ll consecrate it to my school, to my principal, to my teacher and my schoolmates. I too consecrate it to this convention, and to you!

My world view is: people are ignorant originally, world is knowable, resource is limited.

My philosophy is: Active, Optimistic, Up. The Attitude is all.

My value view is: Work makes all. Respect parents, Diligent to politics, Hard work, these are all value’s source.

My develop view is: Treasure yourself, Treasure others, and develop harmoniously.

My honor or disgrace view is: To be a kind person.

I was deaf at 3 years old because the doctor used unsuitable medicine. After that, my mother fiddled my tongue for I learning speaking; in the soundless world finally I knew how to read and write. So I knocked life’s door with writing!

I learned computer while I was 5 years old. And I found 1+3+X study pattern until I went to school. This study pattern means “bring the computer and Internet for interesting study.” And this pattern helped other schoolmates and net friends.

I was 9 years old then I began to publish my articles. My first essay name is——“Who am I”. So far, I have published 200 articles. At 14 years old, I printed first saga novel——“Joking For: Three kingdoms history” But I don’t like be a gloomy hostage in exist. I think Helen Keller is an example to me, so I wrote down a saga novel about my autobiography——“If I’m Helen Keller” and it has been published in the People’s Literature Publishing House.

Now, I am 16 years old and I have two inventions. One is: The car safe technology (AES), the other is: New Light DC Lamp Technology (SEE), it no any high frequency glints, no any eradiate and prevented myopia.

The fate bereaved my audition, but I never give up. I love the life, never move back.

Today is my happy time!

Because we are in the same earth, we have the same dream——initiatively develop, grow up together and exceed continually!

When I was child, I don’t know what the word “clever” mean is.

Then I asked to my mother, “What does clever mean?”

“Clever is bright!” My mother said. “So am I clever, mom?” Unwillingly, my mother’s face lost her smile.

“Is my question wrong, mom?” I asked.

“Ask your father.” My mother said.

“You are bright. But you must know, you are different from other children, your ears are deaf!” my father said.

“Clever originally mean is: the healthy ears and eyes!”

“Well, I understand now; ‘deaf’ means ‘Lose the sense of hearing’, ‘blind’ means ‘Lose the sense of seeing’!”

From then on, I know ear is eye’s helper and eye is ear’s helper too. Hear and see, for difference right and wrong, so human is “clever”. But I lacked Halflings sense, likely to my mother’s pain. So I envy you have a pair of healthy ears!

I thirst for hearing anything in the world! I want to get free in listening & speaking world! I envy your ears, I want to talk to you, and I want to write and create! I want to help those who need my help!

I know, you have “brilliant selfhood”, “self-trust”, “dare to conscientious”. We have “contemplative faculties”, “leadership”, “creativity”. We are “brave”, “brightness”, “industrious”. Whenever we are of each other, we can our respect the nature and take care of others.

Modesty helps one to go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind.

I know, we never betray our motherland, family and parents’ trust. We must extend ours wing, chase our dream, to win honor for you and me!

Before this meeting, someone asked me: “What does your topic ‘If I’m Helen Keller’ mean?”

I said, “If I’m Helen Keller”, means I’m not Helen Keller. Helen is Helen, me is me. I mean whether you are Helen, or Helen is me, If Helen is an example for ours, you will be happy, feel beauty and as kind as the “sunshine”! This is “If I’m Helen Keller” the meaning. For example, my good exemplar is Helen Keller, so I can self-help, self-discipline and become stronger. In truth, if I can, so you can, too!

This is my view about The Young People Literature & Ethic. And this is my thought to read me in [If I’m Helen Keller].

Do you think so?

Now, I feel very happy! And the world is very beautiful too!

I hope you are happy forever!

Thank you!