IBBY-Yamada 2021: Argentina

IBBY Argentina: Los Favoritos de los Lectores - workshops on using books in schools.

Readers’ favourite books/Los Favoritos de los Lectores was a program established in 2018 to encourage the development of children and youth as readers through teachers and schools throughout Argentina. After successful programs in 2018 and 2019 despite severe economic difficulties, it was not possible to continue the program during 2020, the first year of the pandemic. It continued in 2021 during the school year March to November focussing on students of three different ages: primary 3rd (7-8 years old), primary 6th (10-11 years old) and secondary 2nd (14-15 years old). The training was for teachers and librarians and, in the case of rural areas, other members of the community involved in reading. The training for teachers included introducing new books, improving the way books are chosen and updating ideas about childhood; training for schools is directed at developing better reading environments; and the training for readers emphasizes distinguishing between reading genres, experimenting with different types of materials, expressing thoughts about the readings (orally, in writing and digitally) and getting to know authors. The target population was 50 teachers and about 750-1000 students, receiving 100-120 books (for primary schools) and 25-35 books (for secondary schools). The project was also supported by the Biblioteca del Congreso which covered the costs of travel.

A wonderful film of the 2021 Los Favoritos de los Lectores project is available on request.