IBBY-Yamada 2021: Ukraine

IBBY Ukraine: “Green wave of eco-reading”: events and workshops to promote environmental reading for everyone with no limits

According to the World Health Organization, life expectancy is 60% determined by lifestyle. The rest is due to human factors which include heredity, ecology, medicine. Today, the number of global environmental disasters are rising at a furious pace. To bring awareness of our role in halting this cycle, IBBY Ukraine conceived this project to convey information to young people to make them aware of the environmental problems that are currently facing everyone.

In recent years, the slogan "Green ... " has been adopted by many organizations, including businesses and universities, and naturally, publishers and libraries support this mission. We see that many libraries are striving to "go green" by designing green libraries, using a holistic approach to sustainable development through practical measures.

The project was successfully held during March, April and May 2021 at the National Library of Ukraine for Children in Kyiv, the home of IBBY Ukraine. The project included several talks for children on books about the environment, as a fairy-tale show and many other creative activities for the children. A drawing competition for children about ecology, also was a great success and attracted more than 2,600 entries from children across Ukraine. A two-day seminar was also held with the objective of introducing librarians and other professionals to environmental books and their use in book therapy.

This ambitious IBBY-Yamada project has been a huge success and was covered by several media outlets. Congratulations to IBBY Ukraine and the National Library of Ukraine for Children!




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