IBBY-Yamada 2022: Pakistan

The Camel Caravan - bringing books where there were none, including training sessions, equipping a new camel library, purchasing new books for the existing six libraries, monitoring and evaluation

Pakistan’s first camel library was launched in October 2020 in Kech, Mand, Balochistan and has had great success in bringing books to children in remote villages. IBBY Pakistan’s first camel library was called Roshan (Bright) and more were established thereafter. Each camel library has one pocket library of 500 books, a set of puppets and props along with a portable hanging puppet theatre, rugs and cushions for children to sit on. Two of the six camel libraries have “tech bags” with four tablets and solar panels for screening audio/video.

In May 2022, an additional camel library was set up: the Estaal Camel Library in various villages of Gwadar. This unique initiative aims to bring the joy of reading and learning to children living in remote areas with limited access to books and educational resources. The camel library, named Estaal, has become a beloved friend and source of inspiration for the children, fostering a love for reading and promoting education in these underserved communities in Gwadar, and it has successfully made a difference in the lives of children of the region. By bringing books, storytelling, and interactive activities to these underserved communities, the library has sparked curiosity, promoted literacy, and fostered a love for learning. The program's unique approach, combining the use of camels, puppets, and native culture, has created a truly immersive and transformative experience for the children. 

Keywords: Reading promotion through storybooks; Target audience: children – remote or rural communities