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IBBY Greece is the official sponsor of ICBD 2023. The chosen theme is ‘I am a book, read me’

The poster is the result of a collaboration between author Vagelis Iliopoulos and illustrator Photini Stephanidi. Together, they wanted to celebrate the power of children’s books in promoting values of equality, diversity and inclusion, as well as connecting people through tolerance and understanding.


Photini Stephanidi

Vagelis Iliopoulos

Author Vagelis Iliopoulos

Illustrator Photini Stephanidi

2023 ICBD message - English translation

I am a book, read me.

by Vagelis Iliopoulos


I am a book.

You are a book.

We are all books.


My soul is the story I tell.

Every book tells its own story.


We can look quite different –

some big, some small,

some colourful, some black and white,

some with a few pages, some with many.


We may say similar or completely different things,

but that’s our beauty.

It would be boring to be all the same.


Each of us is unique.

And each of us has the right to be respected,

to be read without prejudice,

to be given space in your library.


You may have opinions about me.

You may choose to question or comment on what you read.

You can put me back in the library

or hold me close and travel with me a long way.  




But never let someone throw me away

or send me to another shelf.

Never ask for my destruction, nor allow anyone else to do.


And if a book ever comes from another shelf,

because someone or something drove it away,

make room.

It fits next to you.


Try to feel as it feels.

Understand it. Protect it.

You may be in its place tomorrow.


Because you are a book too.

We all are books.


Come on, say it loud so everyone can hear you.

«I am a book, read me.»   

Original text in Greek and translations