Congress 2006

30st IBBY World Congress Macau 2006

Children’s Books and Social Development was the theme of the 30th IBBY Congress, which took place in Macau, 20-24 September 2006. The Chinese section of IBBY – CBBY – prepared a full and spectacular IBBY Congress.

The themes of the Congress were:

- Literature of Ours – Children’s Forum

- Children’s Literature and Ethics

- Children’s Literature and the Ideal World

- Children’s Freedom and Space

- Children’s Books and the Multimedia Era

- Development Trends in Children’s Picture Books

- Reflection on the Phenomenon of Harry Potter

- Reading of the Underprivileged Children

The Congress also celebrated the 20th anniversary of CBBY. There are 367 million young readers in China, making IBBY China’s task one of the widest reaching in IBBY!

The programme included:

- the presentation of the Hans Christian Andersen Awards 2006

- the IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award 2006

- the IBBY Honour List 2006

- an exhibition of children's books by the Chinese Diaspora

- the Books for Africa. Books from Africa exhibition

- representative books selected by the Asian Sections of IBBY

- a selection of books included in the Motorbike Libraries from Indonesia

- an exhibition of current Chinese Publishers

For the first time at an IBBY Congress, an international children’s forum was held where children talked about reading.


Detailed Programme and Speeches