IBBY-Yamada 2018: Peru

IBBY Peru: Creation of a children's library

IBBY Peru will establish a children’s library for the rural community of Obrajillo and mobile reading spaces for the communities in Acochaca and San Miguel in the district of Canta. The aim is to provide books and other educational materials for the library as well as develop the reading habits of the children and train parents, teachers and volunteers in reading promotion and craft making.

Following a planning phase that included all adults in the community (elders, teachers and parents), the library premises were painted and repaired and furniture acquired. The books and materials were bought in Lima and transported to Orajillo. Two schools in Lima organised book donations and the Mexican Embassy in Lima donated the collection of books exhibited at the 2017 Book Fair. Volunteer librarians catalogued, covered and labeled the books. The library opened on 18 June 2018 with the participation of children and teachers, communal leaders and a representative from the Province. There was storytelling and local dances by children of the elementary school. Since the opening there have been several reading promotion activities led by a teacher from Lima, a reading animator, a librarian and a volunteer. An English translation of the project report  can be read here, the original report in Spanish can be read here.