IBBY-Yamada 2019: Uganda

IBBY Uganda: Reading camp with visits to the Wildlife Centre

To promote a reading culture IBBY Uganda organised a three-day reading camp at Mirembe Junior School for children from 5 to 14 years old from different schools in Kampala City. Children participated in different activities such as reading, story writing, moulding with clay and craft and beads work. They rotated so that all of them got the opportunity to try out all the activities. The number of participants kept increasing day by day. On the second day, some of the older children visited the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (zoo) in Entebbe. On return, some of the children moulded the animals that they had seen at the zoo. They named their zoo, the Mirembe Junior School Wild Life Centre and very ably acted as zoo guides as to the parents and visitors that came at the closing of the camp. Other children wrote stories about that visit to the zoo. The final day included a closing ceremony with special guests and where the children presented a song, thanking the organizers of the event.

A report on the project can be viewed here and a photo of the opening day of the reading camp is shown below.