IBBY regularly seeks donations for projects under its Children in Crisis Fund to provide support for children whose lives have been disrupted by war, civil disorder or natural disaster. IBBY believes that children who are suffering from natural disaster, displacement, war and its aftermath, desperately need books and stories as well as food, shelter, clothing and medicines. These are all necessities and are not mutually exclusive.

Projects have been supported in the wake of natural disasters in Indonesia (2005 to 2009, tsunami), Peru (earthquake, 2007), China (2008, earthquake) Haiti (2009, hurricane and 2010, earthquake), Pakistan (2010, floods) and Japan (2011, earthquake). 

War and conflict has given rise to projects in Afghanistan (2009), Colombia (2008 to 2010), and Lebanon (2007) and in Gaza, Palestine (2008) as well as the current appeals for funding for the reconstruction of libraries in Gaza and for programmes for Syrian children in Lebanon. Children who are fleeing violence and poverty in Central America are being helped by IBBY working with REFORMA. The latest appeal is for funds in aid of children in Lebanon following the 2020 explosion.

Whatever the cause for children in crisis, the two main activities that are supported by the Fund are the therapeutic use of books and storytelling in the form of bibliotherapy, and the creation or replacement of collections of selected, appropriate books.

In addition, IBBY operates a Solidarity Fund to help IBBY Sections experiencing financial difficulties in less-developed or economically depressed countries.

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IBBY Lebanon Appeal

The enormous warehouse explosion on 4 August 2020 caused catastrophic damage throughout Beirut, affecting schools and libraries. IBBY Lebanon (LBBY), with its years of experience in helping traumatized children and re-building libraries, will work with local schools to help them rebuild their libraries. Specifically, the schools were contacted by representatives from LBBY to assess the damage and to take note of the needs perceived by the school administration. It is proposed to offer books for the elementary level and repair some of the damage, such as replacing broken glass and furniture in the school library. The number of books bought and the number of repairs done will depend on the need and the availability of funding. IBBY Lebanon will also approach publishers for reasonable discounts on books selected from their lists. 

LBBY with the assistance of UNESCO has been able to begin repairing and rebuilding libraries in five schools. They have sourced appropriate books in French and English with the help of IBBY France and IBBY UK. For more information go to IBBY Children in Crisis. Photos of the libraries right after the explosion, the renovation and an example of a bright and welcoming library now can be found here.

The project will depend on the generosity and dedication of IBBY friends across the world.

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