IBBY-Yamada 2018: Zimbabwe

IBBY Zimbabwe: Workshops for reading, writing and planning a library for schools in vulnerable communities

With a focus on displaced and vulnerable communities, IBBY Zimbabwe will hold workshops for reading, writing and planning a library in schools in Caledonia Estate, an informal settlements outside Harare. Given the resources available, the aim will be to provide a variety of reading material to these schools, which include not only books but also magazines, old newspapers, any materials that will help the children improve their reading skills and vocabulary. 

Workshops were held for volunteers, which are usually retired teachers, other professionals and parents and the activities were held at community centres, church premises and sometimes the home of the volunteers.

The main activities for the children were story telling - the favourite stories being adventures in both urban and rural settings - and reading, with an emphasis on material different from what the children use in class to demonstrate the range and depth of what is available to improve reading skills as well as develop a general liking for books.