IBBY-Yamada 2019: Cuba

IBBY Cuba: We Work for the Children reading promotion workshop emphasising works of the Hans Christian Andersen Award winners

The We Work for the Children workshop had the theme: “Hans Christian Andersen Award, living legacy: literature, paradigm and transcendence in the books for children and young people”. Three workshops took place in Chile, Uruguay and Mexico. The workshop attendees were mediators in the promotion and animation of reading: teachers and librarians; final year students in Pedagogy, Communication, Linguistics and Library Science, as well as professors of these areas, editors, writers, designers and illustrators, and officials of the different involved levels. The two main themes were: to study the works of the Hans Christian Andersen Award Author Winners of Latin American and the Caribbean, Ana María Machado (Brazil), Lygia Bojunga (Brazil) and María Teresa Andruetto (Argentina); and to update and deepen the conceptual apparatus of literary theory and criticism. The project included the design of a logo and page on Facebook, a survey to the mediators and an extensive bibliography of theoretical texts and suggested fiction texts. The workshops in Chile were held in Talca in October 2019 and included a visit to Puertas Negras rural school and visit to the Library of Chillán. The workshops in Uruguay were held in Montevideo in October 2019 and the workshops in Mexico were held in Mexico City in December 2019. Around three hundred individuals (including students, specialists, teachers, professors and officials) participated, led by eighteen specialists.

The programme for the workshop in Chile can be viewed here. The photos below show the visit to a rural school in Chile and the workshops in Uruguay and Mexico.