IBBY-Yamada 2021: Ecuador

IBBY Ecuador: I love to Read /Yo Amo Leer- library extension in indigenous communities in Tungurahua.

Pasa is a rural parish of the city of Ambato in Tungurahua Province, an agricultural region located 2500 above sea level. The population is 80% indigenous and 20% mestizos. The first community libraries in Pasa were founded in 2019 with the support of GirĂ¡ndula IBBY Ecuador and BISEE Books, an English non-profit organisation. The aim of this project is to strengthen these libraries through library extension services in schools (oral narration, reading aloud and creative writing in schools) and workshops for teachers. In addition, it is planned to equip the libraries to be a multiplier of knowledge, through the acquisition of 100 high-quality books for each of the three libraries and through meetings with parents and grandparents.