IBBY-Yamada 2021: International

IBBY International: Support for IBBY Regional Meeting - Latin American and Caribbean.

The Latin American and Caribbean Regional Meeting was held online on 28 September 2021 with the theme of Seminar Mediation of Reading and Identities in Early Childhood. The presentations looked at the ways children bond with language and words in their first years of life, specifically the oral tradition in Latin America and Caribbean of lullabies, poems and narrations. Over 1,800 online participants registered for the meeting with over 80% participating the whole day. Yamada funding was used to manage and produce the event, including the live streaming on YouTube and a dedicated website: https://www.ibbychile.cl/seminario-mediacion-de-lecturas-e-identidades-en-la-primera-infancia-ibby-latinoamerica-y-el-caribe/.

Seminario MediciĆ³n de lecturas e identidades en la Primer Infancia  project report (pdf) here.