Bookbird 1 / 2020

Special Issue: School in Children’s Literature and Children’s Literature in School

Even though large numbers of young people are still denied access to education, schooling is a relatively common experience for children and adolescents across the world. As such, it is often depicted, visually and verbally, in children’s and young adult fiction and nonfiction. At the same time, children’s and young adult literature has, or ought to have, an important place in classrooms and school or class libraries. The texts published in this special “School in Children’s Literature and Children’s Literature in School” issue explore widely varied subthemes, from teachers exploring sadness and grief with their students through picturebooks, to the textual and visual depiction of immigrant children in school settings, to how parents respond to lesbian and/or gay (LG) picturebooks and their potential use in elementary classrooms, to dual-language picturebooks intended to enhance the visibility and learning of indigenous languages.

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