Bookbird 3 / 2020

2020 Hans Christian Andersen Award Winners and Finalists


Celebrating International Children’s Literature and Reading Globally, through a Special Issue
on This Year’s Hans Christian Andersen Winners and Finalists
by Petros Panaou and Janelle Mathis | 1

Jacqueline Woodson (USA) 2020 Hans Christian Andersen Author Award Winner
Black Girlhood, Representation, Place, and Relationships in Jacqueline Woodson’s Work
by Krystal Howard | 3
An Interview with Jacqueline Woodson: Black Childhood, Telling the Truth, and Writing
as Activism 
by Krystal Howard | 11

Albertine (Switzerland) 2020 Hans Christian Andersen Illustrator Award Winner
Albertine’s Unexpected Encounters: A Commitment to Diversity
by Loreto Núñez |  18
“I Am an Author Who Draws”: An Interview with Albertine, Winner of the 2020 Hans Christian
Andersen Award for Illustration
Sylvie Neeman – translated by Loreto Núñez | 25


2020 Hans Christian Andersen Author Finalists

María Cristina Ramos’s Poetry: How to Build a House in the Air (and Dare to Live in It)
by María José Troglia – translated by Márgara Averbach | 32
Bart Moeyaert as Writer, Author, Performer, and Public Figure: “That’s Also What Literature
Can Be” 
by Vanessa Joosen | 38
Marie-Aude Murail: A Perpetually Questioning Author
by Nathalie Beau – translated by Evanthia Christoforou | 45
Representation of Youth in the Young Adult Fiction of Farhad Hasanzadeh
by Farzaneh Aghapour and Farideh Pourgiv | 48
The Diverse and Communicative Nature of Peter Svetina’s Children’s Literature
by Igor Saksida | 54


2020 Hans Christian Andersen Illustrator Finalists

The Color of Emotions in Isabelle Arsenault’s Illustrations 
by Perry Nodelman | 59
The Picturebooks of Seizo Tashima: Life in Ongoing Metamorphosis
by Yukiko Hiromatsu | 64
Sylvia Weve: The Perfection of Simplicity
by Ted van Lieshout – translated by Emma Rault | 69
Ethical Engagement in Iwona Chmielewska's Picturebooks
by Magdalena Sikorska and Katarzyna Smyczyńska | 72
Elena Odriozola and the Constant Search for New Paths
by Pep Molist | 77

Children’s Covid-19 Literature
by Björn Sundmark | 84

by Liz Page | 86

edited by Jutta Reusch—International Youth Library

The Land of Story-Books. Scottish Children’s Literature in the Long Nineteenth Century (Review)
by Devika Mehra | 92

Figuring Korean Futures. Children's Literature in Modern Korea (Review)
by Bae Eun Choi | 93

Norsk Barnelitteraturhistorie. 3. utvida utgåve [History of Norwegian Children’s Literature,
3rd augmented edition] (Review) 
by Ines Galling – translated by Nikola von Merveldt | 94

Why Was Billy Bunter Never Really Expelled? And Another Twenty-Five Mysteries of Children’s
Literature (Review) 
by Jutta Reusch – translated by Nikola von Merveldt | 96

Doppelinterpretationen Religion in der Kinder- und Jugendliteratur [Double Interpretations
Religion in Children’s and Youth Literature] (Review)
by Jutta Reusch – translated by Nikola von Merveldt | 97

Big Themes in Children’s Books: Selected Articles (Review)
by Marin Bodakov | 99

edited by Barbara Lehman | 31, 37, 53, 58, 68, 81, & 83


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