Bookbird 4 / 2016

Bookbird 54.4

A new and very exciting issue of Bookbird will soon be flying around the world. Here, you can read full-length articles about Hans Christian Andersen Award winners for 2016: illustrator Rotraut Susanne Berner from Germany (the cover illustration is her work), and writer Cao Wenxuan from China. Other articles feature the finalists: Louis Jensen, Ted van Lieshout, Suzy Lee, Lois Lowry, Pejman Rahimizadeh, Marit Törnqvist, Mirjam Pressler, and Alessandro Sanna.

This packed issue includes a feature on the International Youth Library’s poignant exhibition about children affected by war, ‘Hello, Dear Enemy! Picture Books for Peace and Humanity’, and also shorter articles about Pamela Travers’s mysterious Moscow book, and on a very special children’s literature collection in Turin.  

And you can read news from IBBY, including an account of the 2016 Andersen Jury process.

To keep in touch with international children’s books, you must read Bookbird.