Bookbird contents 1 / 2013

Editorial by Roxanne Harde

Introduction by Alice Curry and Lydia Kokkola

Our Common Earth: The Local and Global Flow of Narrative in A River of Stories: by Alice Curry

Heal the World, Make It a Better Place: Social and Individual Hope in Indian Children's Cinema by Jayashree Rajagopalan

“She flings her elfin dreams of mystery”: The Child-Poet Gwen Cope in the Land of “Australian Faery,” 1931–1939 by Nicole Anae

The Mountain and the Devil: Fake Lore or Folklore? A Wonder of the World in South African Children’s Literature by Tanya Barben

Paranoid Prizing: Mapping Australia’s Eve Pownall Award for Information Books, 2001-2010 by Erica Hateley

Children & Their Books

The Power of Caribbean Poetry: Word and Sound by Morag Styles

Flying to Pick Blueberries: Two Preschoolers’ Literary Encounters with Other Cultures by Virginia Lowe

Developing a Literacy Program Using Children’s Literature by Joyce Armstrong


Belonging and Differentiating: Aspects of New Zealand National Identity Reflected in the New Zealand Picture Book Collection (NZPBC) by Nicola Daly

The Triumphant Return of the Dodo: Emergent Children’s Literature in Mauritius by Sandra Williams

The Growth towards a Truly African Quality in South African Children’s Literature by Jean Williams and Jay Heale


A Made-Up Place by Anna Jackson, Geoffrey Miles, Harry Ricketts, Tatjana Schaefer and Kathryn Walls

Young Irelands: Studies in Children’s Literature by Mary Shine Thompson

Seedlings: English Children’s Reading and Writers in South Africa by Elwyn Jenkins

Racial Innocence: Performing American Childhood from Slavery to Civil Rights by Robin Bernstein


Dogodogo: Tanzanian Street Children Tell Their Stories by Kasia Parham

Τo chamogelo tis Semelis [Semeli’s smile] by Marina Michaelidou–Kadi, illus. by Constanze von Kitzing

The People from the Sea by J.O. de Graft Hanson

Adventure at Brimstone Hill by Carol Ottley-Mitchell

That Boy Red by Rachna Gilmore

Focus IBBY

International Children's Book Day 2013

Report from the IBBY World Congress, London 2012

IBBY Executive Committee 2012-2014

Margaret Mahy 1936-2012

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